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#652122 Well, I got me Peterbilt..................

Posted by mr. cob on 23 December 2017 - 06:18 PM

Get rid of the compound turbos and it will be a much more reliable engine. Nice looking truck.

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Howdy Austin,


This truck is a 2001, it's a 6nz engine it does NOT have the twin turbo's, its original horse power rating was 490, it has the official Cat 550 horse tune, I had this verified by ECM reading before I bought the truck.



#652113 Well, I got me Peterbilt..................

Posted by mr. cob on 23 December 2017 - 03:57 PM

Dave, would it be economical to go to super singles on the back? Seem to see more and more of those these days, all I know is they look cool.

Howdy Woodenhead,


It costs quite a bit to change over to super singles, everyone has their idea of what looks cool, I am old school and like the look of duals.  The truck came with new tires so with luck they will still have usable tread on them when I hang up the keys.



#646547 Truck Camper/Hauling question

Posted by mr. cob on 31 July 2017 - 10:51 AM

^yup! What also gets me is the people that go buy the huge RV/Bus and be exempt from having a CDL or atleast from what I have been told. If I am incorrect on this please let me know.

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Howdy Austin,


In the State of Washington, where I live and in some others States Oregon for one that I know of that is close, you do NOT have to have anything other then a regular drivers license to drive an RV regardless of what it is or how big it is.  I drive my 19,000 pound truck towing a 22,000 pound trailer with a regular drivers license, however in the past I have driven over the road truck and had what at that time was called a "Chauffeurs" license this was BEFORE the CDL came into existence.  I feel fully qualified to drive SAFELY my "RV" others who don't have such experience jumping into my setup and taking it down the road in my opinion would be a tragedy waiting to happen.  In California for example, if I lived there, I would have to have the equivalent of a CDL but not be licensed to drive commercial to legally drive my present RV.  I would support some thing along those lines to drive the large RV's that are now so common on the roads in our country.



#646539 Truck Camper/Hauling question

Posted by mr. cob on 30 July 2017 - 09:52 PM

Howdy All,


Yes, I know, I am old, get off my lawn the damned music is too loud.


That said, its down right scary being on the road with some of the folks who think just cuzz their truck can haul or tow whatever it is their hauling or towing that its safe to do so.  Case in point, when I bought my 3500 Ram in 03, it had the highest ratings of the big three when it came to one ton dually trucks, so I went out and bought a huge BigFoot camper, drove it to the scales, with a half a tank of fuel a whooping 19 gallons, and with NOTHING in the camper as far as clothing, food water, propane and just the normal stuff you need to go camping I was already 257 pounds over the rated GVW.  At least if I lost a rear tire I stood a good chance of not loosing the whole package.


So I started to spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ those who know me and my Ram know that I did it right but in the end it was still not enough truck for what I was doing with it, having the 16,000 pound toy hauler PUSH the truck around the corner in an emergency stop situation was the final straw before looking for a truck that was truly suitable for my use and SAFE for myself and others on the road.


Mark my word on this, the Country is BROKE, the States are BROKE, politicians are looking any excuse to take MORE $$$$$$$$$$ out of your pocket, there will come a time when the government WILL start to look at the rolling carnage waiting to happen on our nations Hwy's.  The ONLY thing that is keeping this from happening NOW is the amount of money being poured into the pockets of politicians by the RV industry itself and all the other type of businesses that depend on it like camp grounds etc.  All its going to take is for some serious multi life taking wreak of a grossly over loaded RV of any type to make the news in a manner that allows some do-gooder politicians to make it a crusade in the interest of public safety to make it mandatory for RV's to pull into weight stations.  Along with this will come greatly increased insurance rates, license fees and the need for some sort of graded drivers license in order to drive an RV which is already in place in many States.


Bottom line, just cuzz you can load without the tires blowing out or you can tow it doesn't mean you should be doing so.  I travel all over the western and midwestern States, spend a lot of time going up and down mountains, I hate laws, rules or regulations as much or more then the next guy but if I had the power in the interest of my personal safety and that of others on the road I would DEADLINE at least 30 probably 50% of the RV's now on the road.




#646406 Truck camper or 5th wheel

Posted by mr. cob on 27 July 2017 - 01:15 PM

Howdy All,


The type of RV you will end up liking is pretty much based on what you will do with it.  When I started out I had the Ram 3500, huge BigFoot camper and towed an enclosed tandem axle trailer for the toys.  My thinking was and its true that this would give me the maximum versatility per dollar invested; use the truck as a stand alone truck, use the truck and the camper, use the truck and the trailer, use them all together.


However in my case I found that 98% of the time I used the truck with camper in-place and towed the trailer.  This was OK, but even with the huge camper and a slide it was very cramped.  I figured as long as I was towing a trailer nearly all the time, why not sell the camper and get a toy hauler, everything in one package, much more living room and this left the truck free to use for sight seeing and allowed installing a 100 gallon fuel tank in the box to make it easier to travel without constantly looking for fuel.


Which leads me to this piece of advice, THINK about what will be your main use for the RV and buy accordingly.  The new slide-in campers with two or three slides sure are nice but the price you will pay for one is in my opinion outrages, unless you step up to a 4500-5500 series truck your going to be over loaded and the camper can't be used unless the slides are out this can be a bit of a problem if when you travel you take advantage of spending the night at Walmarts until you reach your destination such as I do.  Again just my opinion but I think the new multi-slide campers are way over priced and if you later decide to go to another type of RV they will be hard to sell as most folks won't have a truck that can safely carry them.  I am not an RV dealer but talking to many people I have met in my years of RV'ing these are things I have heard from those who have paid the big bucks the new multi-slide campers.



#646240 When towing, having the power to climb the hill makes EVERYONE happy

Posted by mr. cob on 21 July 2017 - 05:30 PM

Howdy All,


We are now in John Day OR, will be here for a few days while on our summer vacation trip.  On the way here from Bend we drove on State Hwy number 26, great road, scenic but  loaded with steep grades and lots of curves.  Anyway we are cruising along at or a bit above the speed limit when we come up on a rolling road block no not a bunch of Harley riders that can't ride but some guy in a converted bus made into an RV.  Pull outs or places to pass on this road are very few and many miles in-between, there were three cars, a truck and two other RV's stacked up behind this a$$ hole, the convoy was making barely 15mph and this #### head would NOT pull over to let others get by.


When ever I see traffic build up behind me I do my best to pull over as soon as possible to let other folks go on about their lives-business, it drives me right up the freakin wall to see anyone especially RV'ers pull this crap its as bad as a 62mph truck drag racing a 62.2mph truck for MILES before being able to complete the pass.  OK, just needed to vent a bit, I laid on the air horn as I passed that ###### think I scared the crap out of him. :lol:



#644674 What a shine.

Posted by mr. cob on 06 June 2017 - 10:51 PM

Howdy All,


Just wanted to throw a post up here thanking Paul for his help in selling my Dodge, I'll miss it but as I had no real use for it selling it was the only reasonable action to take.  THANK YOU Paul, I appreciate your work and the work of the others who helped make the sale possible. :rk: :beer2: :thumbup2:



#643426 What a shine.

Posted by mr. cob on 11 May 2017 - 10:16 AM

LOL. Dave he sent in the message, level 5 and 6 can be tough on injectors.


Guess he was cutting your risk in half... :lol:

Howdy Paul,


I usually just left it on setting 3, I rarely used 5, didn't know about 6, probably a good thing.



#643417 What a shine.

Posted by mr. cob on 11 May 2017 - 09:52 AM

Howdy All,


In my opinion, if you tow heavy in mountainous terrain and don't have an exhaust brake your no only endangering yourself but everyone else on the road.  Not trying to sound like an ass just stating what should be an acknowledged fact.



#636292 truck bed Camper advice for traveling?

Posted by mr. cob on 23 January 2017 - 11:18 AM

Ahhh gotcha lol.

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And don't forget the "Mr." :lol:

#636288 truck bed Camper advice for traveling?

Posted by mr. cob on 23 January 2017 - 11:11 AM

No, I do not.

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"Cob" stands for Crabby old ba$tard, but I have mellowed a bit just a bit mind you.  Seriously we all have our dislikes and likes, mine have changed over the years as the miles have rolled by and the toys have gotten bigger.   The dream truck I wrote of earlier is just that a dream, totally worthless for my present use, would be hell to get into most camp grounds but they just look so damned GOOD.  My Freightliner turns in a smaller radius then my Ram, was a LOT cheaper to buy and run down the road while going up and down mountains with ease. 


I am giving serious thought to looking around for a pop up camper to put on the back of the Ram, there are times when I'd like to just go out in the woods for a few days rather then camp in comfort as with the big rig.  I know NOTHING of pop up campers so I guess I should go out and start looking at them.

#636209 truck bed Camper advice for traveling?

Posted by mr. cob on 22 January 2017 - 06:35 PM

Howdy All,


Back when I had the HUGE BigFoot camper in the bed of the Ram and towed a tandem axle enclosed trailer I build some bump stops for the rear springs so that when the camper was loaded onto the truck there was some of the weight supported by the over load springs, this cut down the side sway DRAMATICALLY.   I also build some wooden guides that went inside the bed to not only guide the camper into the proper position but held it in place rather then having it move side to side depending on wind or crown of the road.




And when it comes to pulling a trailer, well make sure you have enough truck.  I wish I had gone this route many years ago as it is I am enjoying the hell out of my trips with this setup.





#626293 15th anniversary party! Aug 20th

Posted by mr. cob on 16 August 2016 - 02:06 PM

That truck makes the massive 5th wheel look much less huge.



Hows life towing @ 30% capacity vs 100+% capacity?

Howdy Mark,


I don't want to derail this thread so I'll keep the answer to your question really short, its a HOOT, wish I had done it YEARS ago, the trailer is almost 45 feet long and when loaded a tad over 20,000 pounds, I am averaging 8.2mpg. :rk:



#599923 A new addition to the pack..........found me a Smart Car.

Posted by mr. cob on 14 May 2015 - 02:26 PM

Hey Dave, I never really looked at toy haulers much. Your setup is very cool!

How far in can you park the vehicles? I'd guess that your 5th wheel is a triple axle? does the smart car set right over the RV's wheels, or even forward of them at all? if you also took your other bikes/bike-sidecar. would you load them forward or aft of the smart car? Just wondering about weight distribution. Maybe it doesn't matter with a 5th wheel??

Howdy Exqqqme,


My toy hauler is 45 feet long, the garage is 18 feet long, its a triple axle with  17.5 wheels and commercial grade tires, it grosses out at 20,000 pounds.  I would load the Smart Car first, putting the bikes or sidecar rig in last, the Smart Car only weighs 1,800 pounds, my trailer is setup to carry 4,700 pounds of cargo.  Putting the Smart Car in first will put all of its weight over the tries, so the cars weight and its weight distribution is not a problem.


When I attended the National HDT rally last October they offered to give a print out your entire rig, truck, trailer, each axle and each wheel assembly, for 60 bucks this is a great deal cuss then you KNOW how much weight is where and you can adjust accordingly, the way I normally haul stuff I am well within the limits of the trailer, the truck is capable of much more then the trailer can hold.  To haul the Smart Car, I'll travel with 50 gallons of fresh water rather then the tanks capacity of 165 gallons, that way even with the Smart Car in the box I'll still be under capacity.  Put a lot of thought and research into this when I decided to go BIG, doing so has made it easy to do what I want to do SAFELY.


Heres a photo of the truck and trailer.




#599907 A new addition to the pack..........found me a Smart Car.

Posted by mr. cob on 14 May 2015 - 10:43 AM

Howdy All,


Yes I think the setup is now complete, a vehicle to cover all of my needs that can be transported in one package.  As to camping, sadly many of the nice older camp grounds just aren't big enough for me, no way I can get into most of the older State Parks which were built 50 or more years ago when a large RV was a station wagon pulling a small pop-up trailer.  I do a lot of walmart camping on the way to a destination, when I get where I am going I'll stay at one of the large camp ground chains which have sites large enough for my rig or many of the places I go like Death Valley have HUGE open camp grounds that don't have any services but have plenty of room to park.