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    Maiden voyage with camper. Jackson hole Yellowstone then spending weekend in island park Idaho good trip long couple days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I bought a 2001 f150. Let’s me get into the woods, haul trash and the occasional stinky crab pot. Cooling jets is very satisfying.
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    Fuel pin and governor spring first. Advance timing. Look at supply pressure. Replace both soft fuel lines at back of block. Drive it and enjoy 20 mpg.
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    I wasn't sure about the Aisin, but the truck on the lot had it, it was deeply discounted, and the dealer did a great deal on the trade to move it. Now I love this truck and the trans. The combo of that trans/tow haul and the Exh brake makes it so I hardly use the brakes while towing. And my wife asked me on our first drive "is this a stick - it feels like a manual". Our '18 tows better than any truck I've ever owned. I don't use the dually for daily driver duty, but on the days where I've had to drive it to work, it does get out of its way just fine. I drifted it around a corner with the boys in the cab with me, and they thought that was awesome... LOL
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    Nice setup. This past weekend was my first trip in truck camper loved the flexibility could park and go anywhere so nice.
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    Did a test run to twisp before we head down to California for a c10 show in a couple weeks. Love it and realized we still need a few things like dust pan and broom hahaha the things you forget. Dont worry about me shoving food in my face... Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    I have a line on a 24 valve block and head cheap. It has a hurt cylinder (no it's not mine) so it would need to be bored .020 over but it's a solid stock block.
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    Have a ball , watch out for the Buffalo.. I hear they can tear up a door pretty easily lol
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    Thank God you found it!!!!! A guy cant have truck problems cutting into his fishing time! I own too many of those tee shirts!
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    I recomend weighing it after you get it all loaded up to camp with everyone in it. You will be heaverier thsn you think. The ONLY reason I say this is so you can make sure the tires have adequate capacity. The other thing I have found with a truck camper is limited storage. Things like chairs, bikes, grills, tools, and spair parts take up lots of room. I had to downsize a lot of things, and we have a 12' tripple slide camper. You will love that you can park anywhere and fit into just about anywhere for the night. Congrats and have fun.
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    if you get a edge insite monitor for gauges you can use plug the camera to it
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    Very nice!!!! That is the brand new version of my camper. I added airbags to my 2014 3500 Ram to help with leveling it while towing. here is what I bought Air Lift 88295 LoadLifter 5000 AIR LIFT 72000 Wireless Air Leveling Compressor It helps a lot with eliminating sway.
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    Signing papers this week.... This aisin trans better be legit!!😎
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    Here is Gary's truck. Scotty sent the pictures to me
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    Well I was planning on heading to the Port Angeles boat races but I talked to Bob Grenzo and he is going to pull at Sublimity this weekend and I changed my plans. I am heading over Friday after work and watching the Friday night pulls and then again on Saturday and running from there to visit Mark Smith and family Saturday late afternoon and hanging out with them on Sunday. Then a nice leisurely drive home! Gonna be a busy weekend! The last time I was at Sublimity I drove the 02 with the camper on it and took the car.per off pulled all weekend and won first looser in my class then put the camper back on and drove home.
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    That’s a beauty! There’s a certain charm about these first gen’s. Even my wife wants one [emoji2369]. I had an ‘89 way back when. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got the new aux switch kit in the mail today. Might have time in the next 2 days to install it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Very nice! We love the freedom of our camper. You can park in a regular parking spot and fit just about anywhere. There really isn’t much to it. You just need to get out there and see what works for you. I have done a ton of modifications to ours, solar panel, inverter, integrated DVD player and now a wireless back up camera. I could imagine the newer campers have a lot of this already. Mine is a 2013 Arctic Fox. The one one thing I will say, if you don’t have covered storage for it, I would highly recommend getting a cover for it. I bought one formour camper after I had to replace the slide out awning due to sun rot. The cover is a PITA but it helps.
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    Artic fox 990. Mostly hook ups. Occasional dry camp. We plan to tow our "fun truck" behind and will remain legal but barely. Srw limits but it's okay for now. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    Love the white!!! Looks great!!! Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    I finally got it finished.... Still need to cut and fold my 2 upper corners.
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    I have welded on MANY vehicles. If I were doing some major structural stuff. I would disconnect the batteries. For this, I would have no issue putting the ground clamp on the nut directly and adding a very small tack. We weld next to very sensitive electronics at the power plant and at others all the time. Like Dave said, it’s all about where you put the ground clamp. Electricity follows the path of least resistance. Most electronics are shielded these days. I am much more concerned about flashing bearings. Cutting, or breaking a small surface tack is no issue at all. I do it all the time. Loc-time will work. But a small tack weld wouldn’t require any checking over time. Also there would not be enough heat to effect metallurgy of the components. Just my humble opinion. I would be doing it myself. No way I would let a dealer touch any truck of mine if I could avoid it.