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    280,000 Glad some here has good eyes.
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    I made up the intermediate exhaust pipe with the waste gate bypass. Welded together and installed in the truck. Put the top turbo together and started calculating options and obstacles for the final and intermediate boost tubes. Made up the intermediate boost tube. With a bung, to install a pressure sensor, between the turbos. It looks like it will fit, in the truck.
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    My new neighbor sees me turning wrenches, and figures its time to introduce himself. As I am venting about design engineers, he has a funny look on his face. Yup, design engineer. Still friends after 26years.
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    It's alive!!! She fired right up and runs great! Just need to bleed the brakes and the power steering and fill the A/C system and get after it
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    Shaped, clocked and tack welded the stand off elbow for the waste gate actuator. Then bolted them together. This camera angle makes it look closer to the exhaust manifold than it really is. I checked and double checked that there is room to get wrenches on all the mounting and adjusting bolts, where it is now located. Next I have to cut, shape and weld in a short piece of pipe and a flange that will bolt to the waste gate and return the "wasted" exhaust back into the intermediate pipe on the inside of the bend.
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    I use a box knife. That’s all I got.🤣
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    I had a few parts show up and got the plugs in ($14.00 a piece for NKG Lazer Platinum) but when you have to remove the intake to change the plugs I would rather buy quality than save a few bucks. The I take it on and the bee thermostat and radiator hoses are on.
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    Rolled pipes are little help once you cross the excessive boost line. You know you have finally locked them on good when they explode lengthwise the entire length of the boot.
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    My home on the road every spring... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Me three. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I hate to wait... patients is not my strength.....but I will try.......
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    Yeah that is so irritating, I didn't miss it by very much..... Liz was even closer at 4 1 55
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    I think the big thing everyone is missing is Dan is towing his boat 🚣 with this car. pancakes all around my job is done here.
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    Ok, I won't be over for a while so if you can put it together sooner you should. I know I have to work this weekend and odds say the next one also.
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    This truck won't go far from home without two trucks going. The only time this truck will go more then 50 miles from home I will be following it with my truck and the fifth wheel. I don't intend to dump a bunch of money in to a transmission on a truck I didn't really intend to buy. It just kind of happened. Engine is bone stock. I'll service the transmission and just see how it goes. It has no exhaust brake and I won't be adding one to it. My other two trucks have one and they do all the really heavy lifting around here.
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    I might be able to help you fix the trailer when I get back home Joe. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I just saw that it is closed. When I get to Renton I'll look at the cameras and WSDOT site. If it looks bad I'm just going to cruise back to Portland and go I-84. It adds some seat time but the road will be clear and I can maintain 65-70 on those roads. It's better to add an hour or two then get stuck in a mess on the pass.
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    Not a problem. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
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    I got a Henckel pro chef 7” for Christmas but that probably doesn’t count against those brands. Sadness 😔
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    That looks awesome Dan! I’m always impressed when guys build these sets themselves. I think I’ve also see where guys have had the suck side of the top turbo machined to give it a lip something like a big hose barb. I lost mine a couple times, then double clamped it with hair spray which has worked fine for me, I’m only making 60psi though. If I ever take it apart again I’ll try and get it machined.
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    sound advise .. especially if your planning on very high boost .... the old double clamp job doesn't work well at 50 lbs boost and on up I'm sure Hoss is the master of re-installing boots LOL the Red Rocket blew the off at a fast rate even with the rudimentary hold tabs that were there when he bought the truck .... to say he got barn yard work would be a huge understatement LOL after a few blow off the boots get interior wear at the clamp areas and then don't hold well at all , and those darn things are expensive to replace.
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    this was the cheapest i could find one..bought it today https://www.ebay.com/itm/172513933587
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    It was good seeing you both again. I always wish we had more time. I just walked in the door from the down and ack Idaho. I need a nap.
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    Some day, Ol Blue body will become a 4x4 12 valve or 24 valve p-pimped 4 door or quad cab auto. LOL lots of options!
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    Well it is now titled to me. I forget how much the state wants to do this. I still don't get the whole sales tax on something that has alread been sold several times. After a while the state makes more money in tax than the original cost of the car.........