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    TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a hypocritical dilemma every time I see a truck with 22" wheels and enough backspacing that the calipers are clearly visible and the tires are 3/4 of the way outside of the fenders. Of course they are straight piped and very tons of fuel. I ask myself why would they do that?????? Then I think about 1/10 of the stuff have done to my own and others trucks and remember why they do it. Cause the chicks dig it! 🤣 Humans as whole have spent our entire existence as young people trying to find ways to piss off the older generation. We have all gotten very good at it. Now this whole rolling coal thing???? That I will never understand! Why would someone make a truck smoke like that???????
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    Howdy All, Thought I would update this thread, we left from Arizona a couple of days ago and arrived back home in Washington yesterday the 26th. First I want to THANK all the folks who made this trip so enjoyable, Chad who did our solar install it worked GREAT Donna loved having power all the time whenever we needed it with out being plugged in, next Jim, Aaron and John, our main slide was not working but with the help of our above camping friends we muscled that darn slide in and out when needed. We had a wonderful time some days just doing nothing but soaking up the sun and the warmth, other days disturbing the environment with the SxS, others working on my truck or trailer, helping my campmates when I could. However all good things must come to an end and so it was that after nearly three months away from the gloom of the NorWet it came time to return to the land of WET, gloom and now this Coronavirus crude. The trip home was an adventure first driving through torrential rain, sleet and then SNOW, this was to happen in Utah, Idaho and while crossing the Blue Mountains in Oregon, some misty rain in Washington and very light snow when crossing Snoqulmie Pass our last high mountain pass just a 100 miles from home. Oh, I almost forgot the rear passenger side rearmost spring mount on the trailer broke allowing the rear axle on the trailer to move forward about 4 inches. Luckily this happened 8 miles from a small rural welding shop, I used a bunji cord to hold a piece of 4x4 on top of the spring and then used a large ratchet strap to pull the axle back into position, this allowed me to drive slowly to the shop where a good repair job was done to not only the side that broke but also the other side which upon inspection was cracked, both sides were reinforced. Small shop run by good people total cost 125 bucks a darn good deal that I was happy to pay. And so we are home, it’s cold, gloomy and wet, sometimes a person just has to do things they would rather not, it’s called life. Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
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    2 slightly used rolls of toilet paper. $150 each. Price is firm. Don't low ball me. Take that somewhere else.
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    Just for fun...... I am not a fan of drama reality, and I dont care for this show. But people are a bit hipocritical and you know it. I have been at the Bomb parties where we have tuned, deleted and done crap they dont even know how to do and no one was worried back then about "rollin coal". Heck we couldnt wait to see someone do a crazy larry tune or the newest stuff from MADS. And frankly folks are doing it to TDI's right now, Malone makes a living at it. If you want to have some fun, go back and read threads from 10 plus years ago up to the time when the first DEF trucks came to this group and others and were deleted and remind yourselves of all the crap people did/do. I am not advocating anything, just kinda irk's me how social media and TV jump all over this stuff when we know the guy running the camera for the news channel has a deleted RAM with 7 inch stacks 🤣 The only difference is someone figured out a way to make a bunch of $$$ doing a TV show, even if its really just a advertisement for a truck dealership.
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    Emergency rolls
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    Months of waiting paid off! Nitto Ridge Grapplers 285/75-17 off of Craigslist with 3500 miles. No TPMS on the 3500 also helped the cost. The +18mm offset is just about right too. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Today’s adventure hauling home an 12x14 shed it’s insulated and drywall inside for $3500 I think smoking deal. Going to be office for the misses to do Botox and who knows what else. Don’t even wanna think about how many laws I broke today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I grew up in Upstate New York and most of our vacations were to Canada. Our Boy Scout troop took several trips up to Algonquin Park. We did canoe trips through various lakes. A lot of it was still pretty wild as this was around 1969. We also did a family trip to Quebec near Mont Tremblant. We had a little cottage on a sparsely populated lake. Fishing was great. Trying to communicate with the French speaking locals was not so easy. But it was fun and memorable. Our whole family, mom, dad and 7 kids in the station wagon hauling the homemade cargo trailer with a week's worth of provisions. Not too funny when Canadian Customs wanted to inspect everything in the trailer. The wrath of a mother with 7 kids standing around at the border while they nitpick their way through the carefully packed contents sure made their day a lot more difficult. But the fun we had that week still comes out when we're together 50 years later. Doug
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    Where I live we can watch our dog run away for two days its so flat lol in Saskatchewan we have a desert area with Cactus, flat prairie with hidden lakes, forests and tundra. I lived at a lake for several years as a kid. Fishing every morning at 4 am, walking the fields picking wild mushrooms, rose hips and roots. When deer season opened, we would be done in 15 min. ice fishing and netting under the ice was also a lot of fun. When the tracks were still in we’d take one of those pump cars down the tracks to the tressel and fish all day then take it back. Shoot rabbits along the way. I knew several native elders and several European(hungarian and ukrainian) settlers that taught me invaluable skills. I share this with my daughter as much as possible. Well before cell phones we would go ice fishing for days. Stay in our shack in the ice. Cook some of what we caught and sometimes be caught in blizzards out there. We would ride it out in the shack
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    Great post Shawn. I grew up in SW Ontario (Woodstock) and spent a lot of time around North Bay and Deep River/Chalk River. In high school we used to do 5 day canoe trips in Algonquin and Killarney parks. You’d paddle, portage and camp through the wilderness for 5 days and never see a sole, I loved it. When I was going to North Bay all the time I’d get up early in the morning, take a little 12’ Aluminum boat with a 6hp Johnson in the back of my ‘85 D100 Ram, head down the road a few miles and launch it into a little lake called 4 mile lake. There I’d fish for a few hours and catch some respectable Northern Pike, then head back for breakfast. I never saw another boat on that lake, total solitude, fresh air and good for the mind.. Another time a buddy and I did a fishing trip up into Quebec. We loaded a 14’ Aluminum boat into my ‘89 W250 CTD Power Ram left from Deep River and drove North into Quebec for about 5hrs down logging roads. Eventually launched, motored up the lake for an hr and camped on an island for 3 nights. The walleye fishing was incredible. Up there the only other people you saw came in on a float plane, no one was crazy enough to drive up there. I remember a huge steep sandy hill to get down to the lake, the old goat impressed the heck out of my Ford buddy. Like you said, it’s so sparsely populated and there so much wilderness and water. It was always a dream of mine to live up in northern Ontario and have a house with a dock on a little lake. Swimming and fishing in the summer, sleds and skates in the winter, right in your back yard. I’m good with where I’m at now though, thanks for triggering the memories.
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    On a positive note, the O2J does come apart fairly easy. You will need to heat up the OD gear and use a puller to get the gear off the output shaft. Other than that it's a pretty simple trans.
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    Home in my own bed tonight. Nice drive,crappy sleep. Oh well,can’t have everything. Gonna stay home now and keep wifie company . No more being out in the germ laden virus air!
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    Thanks, now I have to put wheels on this one...
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    Just got of the phone with him, he's good! The airbags didnt inflate but the radiator core was pushed into the engine possibly cracking the timing case. Thank God for miracles... It was a big cow and he was doing 70mph...
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    A while back I did a bunch of thinking about this when us 4x4 guys were having issues with the tie rod ends breaking before the updated steering. I thought, if this happened while driving down the road you would be in big trouble. Everyone I saw break, happened at very low speed maneuvering. The reality is that there is way more stress on ball joints and steering components when maneuvering in a parking lot at low speeds/ no speed, than at high speeds. I don’t understand why the shock of a pothole or bumb doesn’t break them, but most all failure of this type appear to be at low speeds. Just my theory of course. Could have been much worse.
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    Yeah it would have been a crap storm at 60 .... Or even 6mph.... Someone was looking after me for sure [emoji846] Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
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    Wow! Lucky timing on that one. Sucks that it happened at all though. If it was going to break though, at least it probably did as little damage as could be. Breaking at 60mph would have sucked reeeeaally bad.
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    It waited until a safe time for you!
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    My 01 Denali had the 6.0 and the AWD transfer case. I had it for 12 years and put over 100k miles on it. I replaced the front wheel bearings twice, all of the front suspension wear items, and 2 Ujoints. I think the trans and the rear diff will end up being an issue down the road. The ABS module on the driver's side frame rails tends to fail because of bad solder joints, it is an easy fix. Besides normal wear items you should see another 50-75k miles before the engine gets tired and the lifters eat themselves.
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    Morning all, The time as come to make the interior of Ugly Betty less ugly. The dash has large holes and the instrument bezel is broken, blower motor is making noise and only works on 2 settings, radio hardly works. The headliner is gross. Parts are ordered: New dash and instrument bezel from LMC Door Pins LMC Stereo and install bezel Door Speakers Black headliner material I will take pictures as I go.
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    As a young kid I grew up,spending a lot of time at my gramma’s waterfront cabin near Gibson’s B.C. When my Dad finally finished his university courses we bought a tent trailer and spent that entire summer on the road in northern B.C. on every off the beaten path road. Had a blast and saw many amazing sites and spent very little time on paved roads. Dont think we saw many flush toilets or had clothes that didn’t smell like campfire smoke for 2 months. There is a lot of vast unsettled land in northern BC even now.
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    Well, the spider gears are weak, the bolt that holds the cross shaft in place will break and the cross shaft will take out the case. Also reverse gear itself likes to shead teeth. And last but not least, the output shaft can push itself through/crack the case and dump oil. It's a weak spot on the 02J.
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    Just bring all 4 with you... That way your always matching.
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    Let go of the michelins their quality has dropped dramatically overpriced and over rated Do more yoga so grabbing your ankles isn’t as difficult anymore lol I’ll add that I’ve seen the rapid wearing tires firsthand at the dealership. our own 3500 had 42,000 kilometers on Michelins and we swapped for Coopers. all even but fast wear
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    It needs much bigger brakes now!!! 😎
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    The car is stripped of the old and the rears have been replaced. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    It takes 30 seconds to uncouple the mower deck.There are 25 different attachments if you talk to the right people.
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    Yea ☹️ I'm using it as a learning experience. Next is going to be my fuel system, rear springs and rock lights. Then I may rewire my auxiliary electrical system since I have it split into three sections and it's kind of a mess. Plus I am going to have time since my Moab trip just got pushed out to September.
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    I installed the Airlift bags and compresser system with wireless remote as soon as I got my new truck in Feb 2019. been hauling a travel,trailer and heavy utility with gravel(5000 lbs) .Works flawlessly. The bags were great hauling the Caddy CTS on a flatdeck(total trailer with car was 6150 lbs) from northern Alberta last month on crappy roads with more potholes than smooth surfaces. The ability to balance side to side is a good thing for me some times. We tried a camper a few years back but went back to a travel trailer after my wife found she couldn’t get far enough away from my snoring in an 8 foot camper!🧐🤨
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    Okay update, we picked up lower overload stable loads at the rv show in feb. Just loaded up the camper for the first time after installing. Definitely made a difference started the bags at 15 seems like 35 is the happy place. Thanks guys for mentioning these!!! Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    That show hasn't built anything over its entire time worth that fine. If the fine was for disappointing the diesel public it wasn't enough... People on this board know more than those guys. They do a good job on making money on Raffles though...
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    👍 looking good Rob
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    Sometimes you just get lucky on timing. I bought one of those big packs from Costco at the end of January. Like I did the January before... So I'd say I'm good...
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    Gotta like a good deal for an upgrade!
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    Talked to him for about 40 minutes last night - Still sounds like the same Juice... He's looking for a new truck He sounds like he's doing well, I need to call him more often.
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    o.k., some of you have seen this truck if you were at the bomb party. It is very clean. I bought it, spent 9K at Plateau sorting things out, and then sold it to my Dad. He has decided to sell it and has it priced attractively at $14,500. The final issue that it has is a slight shudder that I am about 90% sure is the springs in the torque converter dampening plate. Other than that, its clean, straight, nice, and loaded with extras. Auto, 165K miles.
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    The inner headlights are hollow and along with the hoodscoop the driver's side provides ramair to the airbox. I always liked the look of the old muscle cars where they would remove the inner headlight and make a ramair scoop to the air cleaner. So I wanted to try that on mine. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.
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    Might put the Golf in storage and drive the CTS for a while, not sure yet. The Golf has 480,000 on it... Pretty cool story about the body man at John’s shop here in Kelowna who worked on the CTS. He came from Jamaica 10 years ago after a hurricane and was sponsored to go to the local Vocational college in the Autobody Technology program. He is a very sharp guy and just blossomed in the trade.John’s company hired 5 of the Jamaican guys and they are all still valued employees who put their heart and soul into perfection and detail in their work. Its a pretty nice story to hear after what they all came from. My bro in law John is sneaking off soon for a day of light skiing with his daughter. he has hip replacement surgery on April 6th.. No more skiing for him for at least 2 years they say.
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    I check the ball joints every time I jack up the front for any reason.
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    Looks like it may be done. We we’re laughing last night. Bro in law John programmed the lights to all go off in the repair bay yesterday. So when we had a look at the spy cams couldn’t see much,but it did look like the bumper was on.. will see when everybody gets up soon. Im just enjoying a peaceful coffee in quietness..
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    I wouldn't say this sucks, if it happened at a different time your truck could be on its roof and that I have seen before.....
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