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    Drove it to work today. Took a couple guys at work for a little spin around the block. 45psi, boots held, tires didn't I'll admit, its hard to wipe the grin off my face when I'm behind the wheel! Thank you to everyone that helped me get this thing together!!!
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    I gave the stock steel trans pan a chance to seal with a new gasket but it didn't. In the trash it goes. Put this on last night.
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    finally towed the toy hauler with the geo tracker inside. all i can say is WOW. went over chinook pass (hwy410) and the truck didnt even break a sweat. Im very happy with the towing performance. so a couple weeks ago i installed a set of torklift stableloads. the lower ones, NOT the bumpstop spacers. i had them engaged when i hooked up to the trailer, got everything loaded and truck was still ass high. so i dis-engaged them truck sits level with trailer and overloads werent touching yet.. the tork lift stableloads are not neccesary for my needs. the AISIN trans is great,seems to know what gear i need. although coming down the pass i manually put it in the gear i wanted and it stayed there, i set the exhaust brake to AUTO and it would hold what ever speed i wanted going down. when the exhaust brake is not in auto mode, i found it would downshift the trans and slow me down to much. in comparison to my 2005 5.9 the 6.7 pulls at a much lower RPM and that took a bit to get used to.the 3.42 gears in my truck do not seem to be an issue getting things up to speed.The trip home was heavier than going over, had half a truck bed full of firewood. truck didnt care. dash said i got 11MPG while towing. and my clutch leg isnt sore!!!!
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    Yup you sure have the view to die for , enjoy that place my friend , you deserve it !!
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    While replacing the NOX sensor in my truck I had to remove the passenger side front tire, when I took the tire off I noticed what looked like a quarter stuck to the tread right in the middle of the tire. It wasn't a quarter it was what is left of the head of a huge bolt or screw stuck in my tire! I came to Les Schwab after work and when they removed it they said they can't plug it the hole is too big ( yeah I know the story of my life) [emoji1787] So a new set of 285 75R 18 Toyo AT2's are going on right now. My feelers are not badly hurt I hate those highway tires that were on it anyway.
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    Been wanting to permently mount an electric fireplace in our Eagle Csp 1200 camper. Still need to make up the heater outlet ductwork. It will be just above the fireplace
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    I never List my number. Got the first fellow coming by in 10 mins!
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    Finally figured out why it takes me so long to get stuff done. Polishing the car I suddenly realized how many times I just stop and look. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Hahahah thats an understatement I have seen some really bad stuff. Baffles me how it passes inspection Delivered a unit that at first glance inside (not something I was required to do but the dealer does when delivered) this rig looked like they hung the wrong style cupboards on one side. Then the dealer is staring at the pocket door to the bedroom laughing. The pocket door closed perfectly but it butted up to the middle of a window. This unit had a completely wrong sidewall on it. This was a galley wall. None of the plumbing was hooked up. Kinda hard to do when the sink drain is sticking up thru the floor under a drawer. The steps were not centred under the door either. Not real noticeable until you looked for it. off centre by a few inches. Had one unit that was missing the entire bathroom vanity lol Just a couple pex pipes and a hole in the floor
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    I wouldn't say it has scared me, yet I have no doubt its fully capable of it! It is allot more violent feeling than I thought it would be, but I'm good with that I know it scared my wife, her eyes as big as saucers gave it away but she wouldn't say anything because our daughter was in the back seat with her arms up like on a roller coaster ride, yelling, AGAIN! AGAIN! I should probably start shopping for a decent video camera.
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    You know I did, a little. 2nd trip this morning I saw about 30psi before it popped the charge pipe off at the intercooler. Its all back together now and has held the same amount of boost a few times. I think it may have been just loose. I wont claim to know much about compounds but these turbos seem to light very fast! Between that and the gearing it doesn't take much fuel pedal to make me laugh. Lol I am trying to be cautious though. I still need to do some work to the waste gate on the small charger and figure out why the backpressure gauge isn't working.
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    Finished up a few things Sunday. What better day to go for the first spin then a Monday morning before work! I didn't go far, no air filter yet. I've still got work to do to but it was a beautiful morning for a quick ride around the block!
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    Oh I know I will. Every time I hear a VP truck pull up next to me I make some comment about how horribly loud it is but what I am really thinking is God I love the sound of that! On the other hand I do enjoy the sound of silence for the new truck.
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    My daughter inherited my wife’s 2002 Honda Accord 2 years ago. The clutch gave up last week. Stroketeck(Dave) had room to fit it in and got the new clutch installed quickly and fixed a few of my errors on the car. Thanks pal. A great job as always!
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    It was great seeing Mark yesterday. I am sure a sad day for him. But I know someone that will try to treat her right. Dave
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    I have no leak EGR also
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    I have Goodyear duratrac on my 2017. First set wouldn't balance. Second set is better but only about 95% of what I expect. Snow traction however is better then any Toyo I have ever owned.
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    It’s going on the dreaded Craig’s List today... Also will put it on Facebook Market place. Getting prepared for all the stupid questions from people who know nothing about CTDs!
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    The body shop estimate was pretty low, only about $300 . That includes a broken bumper trim piece that I didnt see before. They thought the bad spot would buff out. I buffed on it some by hand with a very light compound and it is really hard to see, I think that after the clear bra is on no ond will know it was there but me. I am sure if I really looked I could find other flaws in the paint that are worse. I would also be worried about the paint mach is it was repainted. I have heard that this white with the heavy pearl is had to match. So I think I am better off leaving it as is.
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    Were you able to get after those turbos at all? Glad to see you got her moving!
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    Try the course after Bentley.. On second though no don’t. He might think you are competing ! 😎😜
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    Made salmon on a cedar plank a few times.. It’s ok,but I prefer no plank. Sometimes a small pan of chips on the far burner for some smoke.. Have a good recipe and brine from a native friend for 40 years. Seems to keep everyone happy.
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    I needed to reward Bentley, so I set up a couple of his agility jumps. Who knows, maybe running him through some courses will be additional inspiration to work up to jogging or running. After warm ups, we started o. A lower bar then moved up to the higher bar. Got air?!!! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I have these on my 2014 and they are really nice!
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    The time has come to say goodbye....https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/cto/d/eagle-creek-2001-gmc-yukon-denali-xl/6916054366.html