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    So I picked this guy up today looking forward to quick overnight trips. Electric jacks make loading a breeze. 1992 northland polar. Still have the 5 th wheel wanted something small and easy for overnight trips be able to take the boat fishing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Start pullin and hope it still behind you when you get to your destination. That's how i do it with ANYTHING behind the camper. LOL!
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    I've found this to be true with my Dad's 1500 towing an old small single jetski trailer also! His old truck didn't have a backup camera and it was real interesting trying to back it down a boat launch empty! You can't see anything until its jackknifed.
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    Gary lol, you know changing the hitch isn’t going to change much in the weight department with all the double generators, double coolers, quadruple dish sets, triple bbq’s, extra keurig coffee makers, Costco tarps, combination pancake panini makers, bleacher sets of lawn chairs, tire chains, spare odyssey battery, extra fuel pumps, Genos filter sets, Snap On multi wrench and socket sets (standard and metric) and a bottle of maple syrup you travel with. K I’ll go back to sleep now oh and extra pillows, towels, silverware, Royal Chinet... Igonow
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    Got these dropped on my doorstep a few minutes ago! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Don't know. I just know it causes confusion at places that don't specialize in VWs. Now IDparts.com, Cascade German, and a few like that have it all down.
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    I blame me too.... now what???
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    Mine stay up all the time for two reasons. 1) The adjustment is vastly different between up/down and I'm lazy. 2) They're my mirrors and I don't give a F what anyone else thinks.
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    I tell the guys at work with them up that when they are up and no trailer they are trolling for gays. They usually fold the mirrors down right away.
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    No really lol .. power vision here i was being a smart azz
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    I have a 12' manual with 4.10s. It was 11 mpg when I got it. Since deletes it averages 17 on trips. Both figures were in the computer. My lifted 12 with 37s and a auto that I had went from 14 mpg to 19 after deletes.
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    Got bored today. Waiting for some warm weather. Decided to assemble the air bags and mounting brackets. Cranked on the fireplace and had them together in 30 mins. Shouldn’t take too long now whenever the day arrives to do the install on the truck. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Not sure, but it might be because of her leg position. Just sayin
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    My Daughter drew up this image for this project. I’m really not feeling it. I like the turbo better. There is another pin up that has the girl sitting on a piston and connecting rod. I may ask her to take a crack at that one.
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    Folks, thanks for the input. I'll keep in mind when I look to do more wire cleanup: when I yank the fogs and do the sport headlight retrofit. Full disclosure: I went to disconnect my batteries in order to replace them and after I had the cables all disconnected I bumped the cable going to the 2nd battery only to notice that that cable wasn't connected to the positive cable on the primary battery! Feel silly. Explains why with my initial charging (when truck was near the garage and I could put the charger om it) I wasn't seeing the second battery being charged with the charger on the first battery: I did put the charger on it, but... After that, with parasitic drain and cold weather, the primary battery just wasn't enough to start the truck. Moral of the story: one NEEDS TWO batteries, and needs them BOTH HOOKED UP!🤭 Got things properly hooked up (evident that I really need to deal with all the extra wires as I struggled to get them back on with only one arm/hand) and it started right up (since that second battery had been charged and without any drain- four year old NAPA Legend; other battery is three years old and lower quality- I'll be sure to replace both at the same time); let it run for a while and now will see how long things hold up.
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    The stuff Cascade German sells is great. I bought there Audi TT shocks and struts with all the control arm bushings all in a kit and it was dirt cheap.
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    Believe it or not, the rear brakes do most of the work on my VW. These cars have a rear brake bias to avoid the nose diving. Its something like 60/40 rear bias! Get on the brakes hard on my car and the whole car squats. Seems odd,but that’s how the Mark4 brakes are. Not sure about the Mark5 cars but likely the same. I buy my brake kits from Cascade German(used to be Bora, in Gresham)
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    The DEF trucks started in 2013 so you can start there. When I finally made the decision to buy a new to me truck I asked a few guys who's opinions I trust Mark Smith, Byron Haner, Ben Sappington and a couple others. I was told the same the same thing by each person when I asked "If you were me and in the market for a used truck what would you look for?" The answer from all of them was a 2013 and up with a Aisin transmission and leave it alone just drive it. I took there advice and that's what I looked for
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    For me, not running aground is the other half. Dave
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    I realize that I was just giving the info so he could have something to compare to as far as mileage goes. From DEF to non DEF
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    If the bearing had been filled with oil and it was laying on its side it could have seeped past the seal ring over time. They’re not rubber seals.
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    It's a Kozi 100 made up in Canada. Only paid $100 for it along with a bunch of insulated pipe. Spent a few hours cleaning it and blowing out the fans and it works great. With it on low it will keep the trailer about 70deg.
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    IMHO? Technology. First ULSD Fuels were dry as hell. The additive packages have improved. The materials and methods of manufacturing injectors have improved. Now.... want to switch this topic to pickus with a VP? I will change my tune. Run some additive with #2. It makes me feel better about the VP44. What makes me even happier than that, is some B5 blend. Even better than that? Positive fuel pressure and fuel temps that are in check. Now..... where's that popcorn.