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    That may have already happened.. 35 psi of boost, 900F EGT’s and half throttle. Pretty sure it went clear to overdrive fast!
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    Carl came by tonight and helped me tack the exhaust in it’s final position. Nothing left but filling a couple gaps.🤣 Thanks Carl!
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    Totally unnecessary comment. Opinions are like A holes, everyone has one and all of them stink. Have a nice day Robert.
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    Pics as promised. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    Well played Ben...... Well played!
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    My new title is Bob V, Mosquito Slayer.
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    Howdy Woodenhead, Got a lot of comments over the CB, folks seemed to like it. Mileage, well its not as good as the Freightliner, but then again the Freightliner didn't have to be braked in the corners going up Cabbage or top the grade at 75mph. I filled when we left, set the odometer at zero, filled again when we got home, hand calculated it gave me 6.71 mpg. I honestly think I can add at least 1 mpg if I could just keep my foot out of this thing, that big yeller kitty under the hood just begs to PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE. Honest to God I havn't had this much fun with a machine since my drag racing days or when I was limber enough to ride sport bikes. Dave
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    Thanks for the offer Guys but I was giving it some thought last night and i think I am going to buy the one that Mark posted. At the rate I am going I should have one anyhow. Plus, i really hate borrowing peoples stuff. I am always afraid something bad will happen.
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    Yesterday Ben came over and we pulled the head off my 02 to see where the damage was. Number 4 is lightly scored and no other obvious issues could be seen. Head gasket is fine. Ben went home with my spare engine and the head from the 02. Babes engine is 0.020 over and I have a 5 more good 0.020 over pistons exactly like the ones in Babe so the plan is bore the spare engine 0.020 over and get a rebuild kit with all the gaskets and a set of rings. I will pull the Stage 3 Colt cam and tappets and all the bolt on goodies off babe to put on the spare engine. We will get 6 good pistons from the 10 0.020 moly pistons I have and assemble a fresh rotating assembly and put the head from Babe back on and the Colt cam as well as the DDP injectors and valve train. Ben is going to handle the disassembly of the spare engine and getting the machine work done while I remove the bad engine and tear it down and prepare Babe for her 5th heart transplant. Once we have a complete engine Ben will bring it back up and we will install it then get Babe ready for sale. Ben wanted to do the engine work that I had no interest in doing and a running truck is by far the most profitable (boy is that a contradiction in terms!) way to get rid of the truck. So here we go. This is not on any kind of timeline and we are not in a rush to make this happen so when it's ready it will be ready. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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    Truck and boat Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    LOL!!!!!!!! Holy pot calling the kettle black Batman We have seen a lot of totally unnecessary comments around here.
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    I got the dash wired and installed back in the Rat. I have a couple issues to sort out but so far so good. Took her for a small drive and it feels great.
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    We ran out of luck Friday night, all state parks full near SLC. Ended up at a small expensive park. Nice people, but get a lot more for less money at state parks. Saturday night we gathered a spot at Kodachrome state park near Bryce Canyon. Very nice park with full hookups, ne cell or internet. Spent a lot of time at Bryce canyon today.
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    Howdy All, If I don't end up in jail driving this darn Peterbilt, its going to be a either an act of God or just pure dumb luck. Drove to Caldwell Idaho for a HDT-RV rally, spent 4 days at the rally and then drove back home, had so much fun running the grades I took the long way home and added Blewett Pass and Stevens Pass to the trip just cuzz this thing LOVES to climb mountains. Going up Cabbage, had to slow down for the corners and topped the grade well in excess of the speed limit. Its got to be illegal to have this much fun. Dave
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    I just made sure I got $26.00 off and called it good!🙌
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    Pro tip. The email 20% coupons sometimes have a redemption code that can only be used once. The ones in the magazines area all the same and can be used over and over and over and... Usually when I get a new boating magazine I just snap a picture of the coupon.
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    My guess is MAHLE ring decided to self upgrade to a 3 piece design.
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    Heads up for future use. Servicecaster.com You’re welcome.
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    For what its worth, it fits the rat perfectly in my opinion. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
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    Pancakes for everyone!
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    Just little tidbits I have stored in my noggin. Don't know they're useful until times like this.
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    So the thunder and lightning started about 22:00, rain about 22:30. Heavy rain about 23:00, then it started to downpour! We all survived. I am sitting, Actually reclining, In one of the recliners, wife is getting dressed and starting breakfast, and the boys are asleep on the rear couch. Man, it sure is nice to have room in the camper!
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    Need a hand holding the pipe in place? I can swing by after work and I know how to close my eyes.
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    We put the sold sign with your name on it. Dave will deliver it. Nice truck, good deal.
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    100ml * (1/0.05) = 2,000ml or 2L 100ml = 0.1L = 3.38oz