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    Well Mike, since we volunteered you to have a Bomb Party, do you want us to pick the date for it too?
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    City of Ephrata said this project wasn't permitted and must be removed...... So I have a new location for it....LOL
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    looks like he is prepping for a east side bomb party
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    I can meet you at the museum if we find a time and date. Happy to help and I owe Rob a hug or two.
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    The dash said I had 6% filter life at 10500 miles. Figured I would throw a pair of filters at it. The one under hood, trying to be nice and tidy, put an extension tube on the water drain. It quit running, so I tried to crack the lid just enough to break the vacuum and finish draining. Nope. Still made a mess. Bit the bullet and peeled the lid the rest of the way off and out. The bowl finished draining, and it was time for the element. Picked element up and attempted to put in gallon ziplock to keep from making a mess...... seems the trans dipstick is just perfect to peel a filter element out and propel it forward to rest on steering box..... without a drop getting inside the bag. Finally dug the element out and threw it away sans bag. This much diesel everywhere, what’s another half gallon..... The one under hood went back together no problem. The rear, the one rumored to be a giant mess, was changed without an errant drop of #2. Used three cans of brake clean and some under hood detailer to clean up my mess. Me vs. truck....... I’m calling this one a draw. 30 minute filter swap, turns to 2.5 hour cleanup session. Happy Saturday everyone!!!
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    Don is a super nice guy. Met Don many years ago when he worked at Hinshaws Honda body shop. Glad to see all is well.
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    I drove there to pick up my order because the shipping kept getting jacked up. When i got there it was during business hours. The place was unlocked, but not a soul to be found. I've never seen so many bends.... I probably could have loaded my truck completely full and no one would have known. LOL! I just left and came back another day.
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    I ordered some pipe from Columbia River mandrel bending last week. Never recieved a tracking email and the website said "processing". I figured I would pull the chargers and piping while I waited and at least try to keep moving by doing some painting. I really wanted to make the passenger side charge air pipe first but had no clue when the piping would show. Guess who pulled in the driveway as soon as I pulled the exhaust manifold. LOL. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    I love the truck now, but I see a day when an 8 speed auto truck would be nice. It would be a retirement truck. I would not go from a 6 speed manual to any of the 4 speed autos, just NO.
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    2013+ trucks have the radius arms up front
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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned underwear yet. I would need to change mine......
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    Done. May have to put some thought into a gathering over here. Maybe a caveman party where everything gets cooked in the fire. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Heres the dash top, Well I have two pics of it, but need to resize them im guessing.
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    Who do i need to call and motivate??? LOL!
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    I also picked up a good dash top, steering box, and SLT leather steering wheel from Proflow on here last week. I'm not sure if he's seen this thread but, it was great meeting a fellow bomber and talking trucks for a bit!
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    I have one of Robert's stickers but I don't want to do anything with it without permission. Not sure i can anyhow.... I'm not that good yet. Could start with the Font for the sticker that is just letters. I am pretty sure I could draw that up I am just wondering what Font was used. I am thinking of mabye some engraved aluminum license plates...
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    Coolers are back on. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
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    I dug through my stuff. It was in with my upfitter wiring.
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    I think you just named the table, a PAL table. I like it. How meny PAL tables do you have?
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    Yes, its thr 1,000lbs capacity one. It's really well built for HF. I do see lots of used for it, that is one of the reasons I got it. I wish I had one when I unloaded this one. It's a little heavy and awkward for one person. But, like everything in my garage, it will be covered in junk in no time.
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    Turned out amazing and think about less mowing double bonus
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    nice job. super duper.
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    Might have to come visit for a bbq....I’ll bring the salmon...
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    i just installed ebay slotted rotors and ceramic pads on the front, and the rears are on the way. was $114 dollars for the fronts and $117 for the rears.i hate brake dust.i will have an opinion after hunting season is over,they will get tested towing in the next 2 months.i usually run performance friction carbon metallic pads and like them alot.but with the exhaust brake im not nearly as hard on brakes anymore. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nakamoto-Performance-Drilled-Slotted-Brake-Rotor-Posi-Ceramic-Pad-Front-Set/311392392887?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144