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    So there is no more vehicle emissions testing done in WA state. You can still get a ticket for tampering with emissions equipment though, just no more required testing. Everyone on the way to work today.....
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    Awe... It's a labor of love gents... I grabbed the posts from late Thursday night, so sorry if there are some missing now. I'm so glad everything turned out ok, it seems to be running better than ever. Thanks again for the help Kelly!
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    First off we all owe a huge thank you to Russ for working to keep us up and running and all the other guys who help out behind the scenes working on the website. Please keep in mind this is not an easy thing to do and there will be posts and pictures and maybe threads that get lost in the transition. If something you posted has vanished then rewrite it and post it again. We should be very thankful that we didn't loose days or weeks worth of info so please don't sweat a few missing posts! Thank you for your patience and hopefully we will be good here for long time! I have seen a few host changes over the years and this has been the least lost info I can remember! Thanks again Russ!
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    Someone's gotta be the redheaded stepchild of the group. 😂
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    Doing what they do best:
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    Well finally took a bit of a trip to Portland and back, got 44 MPG so not too bad.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes, thank you very much to Russ and whoever else was involved! Great work!
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    Here - I'll start...
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    That’s exactly how I would have done it. Nice job and thanks for keeping this place rolling!
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    Yikes! Funny thing about these dash cameras, it becomes peace of mind when you have it, knowing if something stupid like this happens you'll have it captured on video. Then when you forget to put the card back in or don't have it running one day you feel like something is missing. A while ago while pulling my gooseneck I caught up to a car following a cop that had his cruise set at 59.5mph in a 60mph zone. Every time I tried to do 60 I was riding the guys butt, in order to maintain a safe distance I had to do 58mph. So I passed them in a safe area, set my cruise at 60 and proceeded to pull away from him then got pulled over, he promptly told me everything is being recorded. The cop used to work at the dam emptying trash cans and quit to be a cop, so he was out baiting drivers at 5AM who were going to work at the dam. He asked why I passed him when he had his cruise set at EXACTLY 60mph, I said I was doing 58 and wanted to do the speed limit so I passed. We had a long stupid conversion while he lectured me about safe driving. He said he wasn't going to give me a ticket because I wasn't speeding lol. I told him I'm not the reckless driver your looking for, I drive this road every day and see a lot of stupid stuff, that's why I have that dash camera. He changed his tone when he realized this whole stupid conversation was being recorded by me as well.
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    This is hard for me, but the time has come to admit that I am in over my head. I NEED HELP! I have tried but just not getting it. I need someone to come SHOW me how to wash and wax my truck. This will take someone with patience and dedication, as it will probably take YEARS. In fact, I may never get it, but that is a chance I am willing to take. I will buy the beer, after all I will need something to do while I am watching, sorry, LEARNING. You will need to bring your own products. At least till I am confident that I can buy the right stuff, again, it might years. TIA!
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    But it must be done in that order.....and you just keep adding beer until you are told it is clean......... Of course it may not look as clean the next morning........
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    Boy, I am learnin lots now! Hot tires +warm truck +cold beer= clean truck
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    18" rail is at the goat ranch, thanks Mike and Ben.
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    I'll be supporting my sister's family any way I can.
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    Thanks from up here eh!
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    A huge round of thanks to ALL involved!
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    2012 Laramie Longhorn 3500 Crew Cab 4x4 I'll keep working on trying to get the pic right side up. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Awesome work! Thanks!! What time this morning did you finally get some sleep Russ?
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    Thanks for everything Russ! I wouldn’t make it through my day without this site.
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    It's very impressive and a testament to this site and members that this place has gone forward so long.
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    Here here , great job guys
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    Absolutely, I get some killer deals on marketplace.
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    Russ, did you try turning it OFF and back ON again? Thank you to everyone involved in keeping the site up and running! You guys rock!
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    Best thing I did was get rid of facespace
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    Being a 1993 does it have an OBD2 port? They weren't required until 1996.
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    We have a Facebook page? I didn't know. What do we need for donations for the service and for your time/hard work?
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    Not having to go through emissions testing was one of my favorite benefits of living in the rural part of Clark County. Guess I can move back to town now. . . 🤣
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    Let me know if there is anything else that you need help with in this deal.
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    This guy does!
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    With the amount of people wanting in on this, I'm thinking if everyone is providing beer for Paul, he is going to be one drunk S.O.B.
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    Ford motor - Duratec V6 - I havent heard anything bad about them. Except getting the alternator out is tricky
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    I am worried it has too much power...lol I think it is over 220
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    I've already given this same lesson once. Gary got it. So Bob please work with Gary.
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    Invite your ocd friends and drink beer pretty quick the dirty cars will drive them to the point they clean them.
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    I can’t help with the waxing, but I can show you how to drink beer...🤷‍♂️
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    I'm not very good at this either. Let's setup a date and time and I'll bring my car so someone can demonstrate on my car as well. Then all we need is someone to bring a motorhome for them demo too. C Paul Go, you're going to be..... I mean some stranger is going to be VERY busy! 😁 I'm also a slow learner.
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    Shoot I remember several times I had my HIGHLY modified Eagle Talon pass super easily even without a catalytic converter on it. It's all in the tune and I ran stand alone engine management tuned by me. I installed a cat con in it in later years though. With a proper setup you don't lose any power through a cat so there's not much reason to run without one anymore.
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    Yes, also Mike in Arlington did the cleaning of the intake and uploaded the level one program.
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    Austin loves it with that tune and good clutch...lol
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    Paul, thanks I just got back on line. I will take a peek. Oh, and the budget, whatever dad can scrape together....lol. Seriously though Dona and I are discussing it. Gary, your memory robs you. You may recall I went down this road with her 2 years ago and not Austin drives the Diesel Bug I fixed up for her. 😂
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    Maybe ? ... Teach her to drive a stick , the VW bug Rusty listed would be a great commuter at 46 MPG and they are a good engine !
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    There are a few others but those are the first two that caught my eye.
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    I took the advice of Mike Boyd. I'm going to hold out for a new truck: talking 5th Gen! Need to buy more lottery tickets! Basically, at this point, I don't expect to get another truck any time soon. Plans on road-tripping etc. will also be cancelled. Seem to recall someone here who was going to get a new truck but ended up getting horses for his daughter. I kind of did a similar thing, shelling out a bunch of money for the wife's son so he could buy a house. For now I'll hang on to my 94 and only allow one passenger to ride with me: dog or wife. Any trailering will be with the utility trailer.
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    Is it a reputable VW shop with the Proper vcds software? Also does it start for 2 seconds and then quit? If it was the immobilizer you would see a key symbol in the cluster. Also the 109 relay is in the engine compartment on the firewall in the master cylinder area.
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    It also brings up another point. Even if you don't change your oil so often, you should be changing your filter. I wish there was an indication on the filter of how much it was filtering from the oil. If the filters delta P isn't increasing over time, then it really isn't doing anything. You really have no way of knowing how effective your oil filter is. Would be nice to know.
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    I don’t know they guy, but which camera is that?
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    ‘Inch is a mile!’ Thinking that’s how the saying goes.
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