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    It’s too comfy Bob, so comfy they already knew it’d be like mommas lap to a child so they had to make an alert for that. No problems staying awake in my truck, too busy trying to figure out what the latest new noise is.
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    Well ok so I am ghetto.... Mine has been on 55 gallon drums for quite a few years..
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    Yrs, 4 cyl total. That just dawned on me. I have a V8 in the front, and a 4 cyl in the rear
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    Pretty good video I think. Its a little long but worth the watch. They explain what went wrong when the truck exploded at the track. They seem like great guys and just like all of us, can get caught up in the moment and rush things. I can absolutely sympathize with their situation.
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    Well the Buick is sold and down the road. The Firebird is on the back burner for now and the Beetle moved to the front of line! Collected a few more new parts for it, front wheel bearings, LCA bushings and I picked up a tuned ECU. I put the ecu in today and drove it around the park and the turbo spools so much quicker! I drove 4angels Beetle after he had it tuned and it was impressive, this thing would leave it in the dust. So I guess I better start saving for a new clutch. I will start the minor repairs monday. I also found a score on a new set of wheels for $100. I have a picture but I can't seem to resize it with my new tablet. Downloaded a picture resizing app......
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    Took my friend and his family out 2 weeks ago sockeye fishing and caught a nice spring(king) .. Not many in the river this season. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thanks so much! I appreciate it! Dave
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    Sounds like a great trip Russ! I need to get out there again. I haven't been for over 25 years!!!! My boat has not seen nearly enough time in the water this year. Rusty and I are heading out to the Columbia in a couple weeks!!!!!!!!
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    Had a good afternoon fishing Banks with my good friend here today. One of those days where you decide at 9AM to go fishing in the afternoon. This one was a bit of a toad, too bad it flipped in the pic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    IIRC, fittings are different from a 12V to a 24V. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
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    No. Just I have heard over the years that it can effect the timing. In that, I can only guess there may be a mileage component. But I have nothing to back any of that up. I may well leave it alone for this trip because it is stupid simple. Dave
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    I think we're ready to slay some Coho! Leaving Friday morning and wont be back until the 4th. We'll be at Olson's dry camping, first right at the bottom of the hill as you go into town.
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    Better off selling the truck. Plenty of buys out there for the Manual Transmission Trucks.
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    Look at it with the other eye.
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    I bought a cover for our camper. I am hoping that it will keep all the fall out from the trees off the rubber roof. It should. I figured I would share.... It doesn’t fit that well with the gutter extension but it still does pretty good. The side will even unzip for the slide out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You could find some styrofoam to use. We use large styrofoam blocks at work to support body sections and wings when needed. It is very dense and strong but light enough to move around easily and can be used on a uneven surface. I dont think the weather will effect them much either.
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    Longview style Son!🤣🤣🤣
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    didn't know you were a service shop .. sorry [only knew that you have helped out some folks] oh and you have never worked on mine other than drill a hole once LOL , I recommended the ones I have dealt with with great satisfaction
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    First, my daughter was in an accident and her car was totaled, so she bought a new Chevy Sonic. GM is having a sale of 20% off MSRP on the Sonic, so she bought brand new and really likes her new car! Then I bought a 2018 F450 Platnum. Then, my oldest son, finished the temp to hire at the mill here and got a full time offer. He was still driving his first car that he had for 5 years. He was jealous of my daughter's car and was going to buy a sonic also. I told him "son, you are 21 years old and single, you have your hole live to be practical, have some fun while you can. Let's look at Camaros." He wanted to buy brand new. And lucky the dealer l had a white left over 2017 V6 on the lot. The more he looked at it the more he liked it. He was able to get his own financing at 3.99% with just $1,000 down. That was last Friday, and he hasn't stopped smiling sence. I cant believe that the 3.6 V6 puts out 335hp. That better than most V8 in the 60s and 70s. Add in the 8 speed auto, with manual mode paddle shift, it really is a quick fun to drive car that car get close to 29mpg hwy.
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    boy oh howdy that's an understatement !!
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    Nice! I can't think of a much better way to spend a day!
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    Looks like a great afternoon.
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    Yep, probably that monkey guy lol.
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    LOL uh.......No but I want to return something to you.