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    If I ignore users, how will I know when a smartass comment is required? I can rarely pass up a required smartass comment!
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    The funny thing about me giving away free stuff is I get to decide who gets it. So take your passive aggressive statement and shove it where the sun don't shine.
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    Yep! But it still says ‘that particularly special person said something, but you just can’t see it’ Curiosity gets the best of you, needing to know just how special they’re feeling today, so it gets turned back on...... and you get pissed all over again. Wash rinse repeat.
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    who's truck is that? i see dust and dirt?
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    OK so...………………. Back to our regularly scheduled programming, sorry for the highjack Bob I for one REALLY want to hear about both your tractor builds. How about somebody start a Poor Babe thread so Bob can have his build thread back
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    I’ve never owned a truck with an aisin so my feedback is for the 68RFE. I ran my 07 780,000 miles with a tuner and never had any issues with the transmission. The moat recent truck was a 16 3500 dually and when the emissions stuff took a dump outside of warranty it was deleted. The trans took a dump but it was caused by an internal cooler failure that I was not able to detect until the color of the trans fluid was pink not red. The antifreeze and trans fluid were mixing. I swapped the trans and the feedback from the rebuilder through Dave/Stroketek was the trans looked new inside. All the seals were messed from the contamination. That was at 250,000 miles. If I was to consider a new truck, I’d be looking at all three brands. I know folks with the 6.4 Hemi. They like them but they haven’t owned a diesel. The other option is what I would consider...find a miled out truck and go through it or work with what you have...if it’s yours, you know what you have. If it’s a rebuilder, there’s lots of options out there.
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    I’ve been on a Utah backroads trip left Tooele went south to cedar city spent 2 nights did sxs trips to remote water falls. Then heading east through Cedar Breaks National Monument pat panquitch lake now spending 2 nights in Bryce Canyon going to explore the park and do some trail riding on the razor in surrounding forest. growing up in Utah this trip is places I’ve never been or seen. I’m loving no freeway back country. Post pictures later. Finishing the week at fish lake and capital reef National park
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    Thank you again guys! It is very much appreciated by mom and I.
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    If you click on your profile in the upper right corner, you have the ability to "Ignore User's" You're welcome.
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    Russ thanks for the information. Has any of the other members here commented?
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    Its a beautiful car, 56k on it is all. Its the sport model with selectable engine/suspension E/S (Econ or Sport) All Black leather, heated seats, color is rare, called Cuprite so Brown/Maroon depending on the light. Memory seat, upgraded sound but no navi. A&B services just done, infact every fluid in the car was completely drained and replaced at 52k. Including the transmission and diffs which were not due till 100k. Tires were also new at 52k, they are factory Continental Pro Sports (all weather performance) The wheels/tires are staggered from the factory and this thing handles like its on rails. MPG around town is 19/20 and our best on the road is 29 with the cruise at 80mph. Car literally needs nothing but oil changes for the next 30k miles. (the services and tires cost me 3k) Body is beautiful but of course after 8 years she has rock chips on the front bumper and a few small ones on the hood. The interior is basically perfect. Anyway I am not really flexible on the price and while I know that KBB says this is upper range I dare say you would be hard pressed to find one this nice with all the services already done. If you know anyone serious I will gladly take pictures and pull it out of the garage. $13,000 is what I need for it. Its a fair deal.
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    I'll get it in the mail tomorrow Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    My 2013 dually 3500 Cummins 68rfe is at 97000 miles with 95% of that towing my trailer combined weight about 26000#, No issues for far. Of the 6 Dodge Cummins trucks I have owned, this is the first automatic trans and by far the best towing truck of all of them.
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    New before retirement is well worth the piece of mind if yours us getting to higher miles (over 100k) so you have travel free issues after retirement when a big payment hogs retirement $$$, unfortunately I did not follow my advice 🥴 and am now having the big payments and a broke rig in the driveway next to the new truck . I no longer tow real heavy , our “new” trailer is only 10K empty .. the 2500 with the 68 tranny works great with the higher factory power /torque numbers. If if I was pulling a trailer and packing a camper I’d have bought a 3500 Dually without second thoughts the options are nice !!!! we got the Laramie Longhorn and are enjoying them 100% .. the air heated/ cooled seats are great especially in the cold/hot seasons really enjoy the cooling on these 100 degree days we’re getting now.
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    With the camper I would stay with the dually. Even a light camper is way more stable with a dually. Its a lot of money, and I went through a simular decission recently. I didn't want to retire and have a truck with 200,000 miles on it. After retirement I can not get another truck, so I got one now and the payment will be gone when I retire, and I will have under 100,000 miles and have the complete history of the truck.
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    Red Canyon outside of Bryce Canyon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cedar Breaks National monument Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Did you check the washer fluid level? 🥳🤓
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    It’s not like he’s ever going to get around to needing them anyway. RIP Babe
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    Got the wheels back today. They turned out awesome. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Got it yesterday, man does it drive nice. Wow, no idea Jeep could come that far and it is my 8th Jeep.
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    Not really sure. I’ll look at them when I get to the shop in the morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You know what's funny though, I have friends like Ben and Hoss who would be upset if I tried to take that from them LMAO
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    You know what they say, there is an A-Hole in every group. If you look around and can't point out the A-Hole then it must be you!
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    I thought Vaughn looked a little chunky
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    victron bmv-712 battery monitor for solar setups. i found 6 volt battery boxes on ebay, nice thick, well built.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GCE-G-Dual-6V-Deep-Cycle-Battery-Box-Auto-Marine-and-RV-End-to-End/282981414026?hash=item41e301b48a:g:LbwAAOSwh6pcyHsK:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!98338!US!-1
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    seriously, are you this much of a douche bag!!!!!!
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    I bet that's a great upgrade for sure. To have a box that the company states basically don't bother putting a brace on the sector shaft is respectable! My Wildhorse conversion box is still doing awesome though. In fact I recently gave it 1/2 turn adjustment & need to back it off 1/4 ! Although I don't put that many miles on the truck as my other money pit gets driven a lot. I try to break up the mileage on the two
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    https://spokane.craigslist.org/rvs/d/northport-truck-camper/7154089638.html Posting for a friend.
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    I’ll take the zf-6 over all of them.
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    I would suggest the next generation of Ram tranny , the G56 over the NV5600 its a better transmission
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    I've got one sitting out in my pump house. If ya need it send me an address or if you are heading back N from Albany any time soon, I can meet you along I-5.
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    That's interesting about the better mpg. I looked at a few trucks today. Seems you can get a fully loaded Big Horn and have almost the same features as the Laramie except for cloth seats instead of leather. Cloth seats aren't cooled but they do still have heat plus heated steering wheel too just like Laramie.
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    TSB 03-003-04. I'll do some guesstimating on the angles and try that. Thanks all!
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    I have pix but they are too large and I am too inept to fix it. HELP
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    I should also change the name of this thread as well since as of Sunday, Neither car has a bison hole in the door. When I decided to make the "donor" car a driver, I found a fender and door that were the correct color and actually in much better shape than the ones on the donor car for $50 each. Got those installed and then Monday morning, we swapped out the glass since his has a really dark tint. Not too bad other than the center divider in the rear window was a bit of a pain, along with the little plastic push pin expander that holds the glass in place on the regulator.
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    There used to be a TSB out about this. My memory isn't what it used to be but it I believe there is a 1/4" shim that goes under the carrier bearing to effectively move it lower. Basically a piece of flat bar with 2 holes in it. I'm pretty sure it is axle wrap causing the issue. I shimmed mine and put traction bar on it. Never really had the issue, just wanted traction bars. LOL!
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    Been there, done that... I wish I would have taken a picture of the sign "Winding Road next 99 miles"
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    That’s what I figured too lol Steve, loosen your straps on your gas mask 😷
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    That's how it all starts. First its mudflaps, then its deletes, twin CP3s and stacks!
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    It’s alredy on a truck. Will be here Monday. Good eye. 🧐
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    I honestly can’t wait to meet her. She sounds awesome! I will head down Saturday morning and tear into it. Either way, it will begin it’s trip North Saturday.
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    Your Mom is a Bomber 😁 and living the pay it forward life 👍 good be on her !!!
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    Give her a big hug she’s amazing so glad some good people still exist in this world tell her I said she is amazing blessing her with a happy fulfilled life.
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