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    sold my 2005 in feb. got this 2017 today. flew to spokane this morning, sales guy picked me up at airport. dealer was pierce auto center in Sagle ID. just south of sandpoint. talk about a no hassle deal...anyways its an SLT with center console, aisin trans and 3.42 gears. 1 owner.
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    Got the sucker! Couldn't get nuts on the tail end, in which case I had to work on the head end. Before cutting the head off I figured I'd give.a shot with vise grips. That proved to be the winning ticket. Initially moving like hundredths of an inch. Took a ton of patience. Once extracted got it cleaned up and assembled. Project now finished except aiming.
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    Air shutoff - mandatory Fire extinguishers - double the amount they have ever needed. There are literally two huge ass extinguishers at every corner of the dyno as well as one at the dyno operators feet. Driver was in fire suit, gloves, and full harness. He did NOT have his helmet on and is pissed he was negligent for this pass. Bottom line is this event is as safe as we can possibly make it. Terrible crap happens. The driver was not hurt. That is what is important. As for the truck. Turbo let loose and grenaded. On the way out it knocked a big ass hole into the piping, taking a fuel line with it. Now you have two more chargers helping push unmetered fuel into the engine and no POSSIBLE way to shut it down. The hole was a few inches from intake plenum. Tell me how you would have prevented it? It’s easy to say ‘They should have’. I don’t care how much you try, there are going to be instances that overwhelm the most active imaginations. These guys have been the absolute best of the best sportsmen. I’ve been very close to this event for the 4 years it’s been happening. They are by far the most safety conscious I’ve ever been around. To set back and say ‘They should make ‘xxx’ mandatory is quite frankly insulting.
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    If you’re wanting deletes move now vs later. They’re going to be much harder to get.
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    Both shutdown cables are done. The air shutdown actuates nicely. Firm pull but not bad. I can easily reach it in this spot. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    i very much like the 3.42 gears.
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    Nice ride. I like using tow haul and exhaust brake even empty nice going down the mountains not using brakes
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    Ok the 2014 Ram 3500 SRW 4x4 Cummins equipped Aisin transmission Laramie with heated and cooled seats power rear window built on Monday morning had 3.42 gears. [emoji849]
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    I ran a 68 in an 07 for 780,000 miles with well over 500K miles running on SW3 in a Smarty. Never touched that trans other than 60K miles fluid and filters. And never flushed it ever. Vaughn, you were in that truck. Long bed Mega. The 12 I had bought used had wonky shifting and I sold it after a year. No issues just had an offer that was good. The 16 had sort of a failure due to trans cooler leak. I’m ok with the 68. Have not driven or owned an Aisin only because it hasn’t been available when needing a truck. Dealers were sold out. Not sure I’ll own another diesel but I’d be ok with either auto. No more manual trans 19 and newer. I did hear thru the MOPAR folks that an 8spd auto is coming for the diesels Its supposed to be available now for the gas HD 19’s.
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    POW, right in the Benny.
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    Eric is alive and well. He moved a while back, but is still going strong. Most of his business has gone towards manufacturing. I think if you drop him a line through his site, he'll get back to you. Dave
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    I told you I was happy to make payments at $5.00 per year. Sheesh! 🤣
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    Farmers here used to pay us to take the gopher population down. We had our lawn chairs umbrella and beer cooler set up this one time with our .22’s. Then we got to thinking maybe we could blow them out of the ground with some diesel and fertilizer/cow pies. 🙀 Holy flying dirt/parts and tremors Batman! After a few explosions, a tractor came over this hill. The farmer said he heard and felt the explosions at his barn. lol Then he looks around the field and sees all these craters and debris. Looks back at us and says; “I always wanted to till this pasture and grow crops here.” Thats all he said then left. We blew up more holes til the beer ran out.
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    I FINALLY got the stereo installed last night. Everything works perfectly! The back up camera angle is strange. I haven’t figured out a way to adjust it side to side. If I can’t I may order a different one but the picture is nice. Gonna be strange when this truck isn’t in the shop anymore...[emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thank you Mark.... Paul, yea the wire reached the large terminal from the front but not the small post, and that was the reason for these batteries was to connect all the smaller wires to the little posts. The blue wire is power for the 150A Blue Sea circuit breaker that powers the AirDog, ARB compressor, Painless fuse block, headlights, fog lights. I'll probably redo that one also when I relocate my AirDog.
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    Understood. Being tall they don’t like running off the edge onto the shoulder much either.
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    very nice unit
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    I’ve been told a stand-alone trans tune by efi live does wonders for durability and longevity
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    In 2017, 3.42 ratio was standard for the diesel. 3.73 and 4.10 ratios were optional. That is from the sales brochure. I did a lot of research when looking to buy and have many brochures.
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    If your going to look at 3rd gen's I highly recommend looking at 2006-2007 5.9 Models.
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    12v injectors are dirty. One type is even dirtier than the other.. LOL the end.