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  2. That is going to be a cool little boat when its done!
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  4. That is just reference to where the bundled grounds are located. You will know them when you take the wires out of the loom. HTH
  5. Thanks fellas, I really value your input here much more so than some google and Facebook searches. I’ve always been under the impression that in general Volvo built quality drives, in some cases superior to mercruiser, I’m just not familiar with anything specific. this is a good friend of mine, odds are this thing will end up in my shop when it needs work. I guess I’ll get educated all in due time. One hour meter had 205hrs on it (probably not working), the other had 1,700hrs which is likely more realistic. They seemed to fire up and idle just fine on a cold start and had plenty of
  6. Well, that was quick. VW got sold yesterday. Dont need to do a 500,000 service! LOL! Down to a CTD only guy now..
  7. gary the props are counter rotating to each other
  8. They seem to put the torque to the water better. The Trophy has a Bravo 3 outdrive which is very similar to the DP Volvo and it doesn't slip (for lack of better words) much in the water.
  9. Those are solid setups. I would buy that combo without hesitation. Volvo parts are expensive. No way around that. Considerably more expensive than mercruiser. Thats the only down side I can think of.
  10. The grid heater cycle if not seeing 50* intake temps no idea what your seeing there temp wise , here it cycles for a few minutes even after it’s been running a mile or more ... our temps are in the teens in the AM now , don’t get out much at later PM though .
  11. So how does the power move out to twin props off one engine in this system out if curiosity
  12. X2 Volvo = pretty much bulletproof old skool but bulletproof...
  13. Still think it stays on to long, I might have to try changing the heater it self. They might not be getting hot enough and then staying on longer.
  14. the drives are good, typical cone clutch. i like volvo drives
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  16. I’m helping out a buddy looking at a Sunrunner cabin cruiser. I’ve managed to educate myself on the Mercruiser stuff but Volvo is new territory for me. Anyone know anything about these drives and motors? They’re early 90s vintage with Volvo 434 6 cylinders. Are they decent units? Problematic? Parts available? Impossible to work on? I’ll do my google research but I figure someone here (The Dave’s?) might have some good knowledge to share as usual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Thanx! I understodd all except IP So go through all the grounds and redo them better.Got it.
  18. It's mainly shortening the grounds and pulling the charge cable from the crossover harness. I have a 150 amp circuit breaker hooked to passenger side battery box and the charge wire goes from the alternator to circuit breaker to passenger battery hot post. A big part of this and biggest (I think as I'm not good with electrical) reason for this mod is the multiple grounds crimped together at the left front of the engine near the IP. Most are not in good shape although mine was. It still made the difference in AC voltage that I mentioned in first post. This, from those that know this stuff,
  19. Some progress today. The boy and I hit the cap off this afternoon. Most of it separated with little effort except for one spot on the transom that fought us a bit. Next all the nasty wood needs to come out. It’s pretty rotten so that shouldn’t take too much effort, good job for the boy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  21. Great! That is the Mod I am talking about and it is as clear as mud to me. As of right now my scanner(s) will not read a thing. Tomorrow they will.(or the day after)LOL There are other things wrong here and they all act like open grounds. I am not sure at all what is being the mod under the hood for this . It seems like he is doing a whole lot of woprk to pull the harness up and out just to patch in the ECU? Perhaps you can simplify this for me ? Thanx a bunch!
  22. https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/electrical/w-t-ground-wire-mod-simplified-r574/ Just did this on my '02. It works. Went from .05 AC voltage to .013.
  23. Found out it’s an ‘04 I’ll go look at link Thank You
  24. https://us.bddiesel.com/products/6-0l-powerstroke-tapshifter-exhaust-brake?variant=30073633996864 Im sure others are making similar products as well. I used my 04 as a test mule for them. It worked pretty good.
  25. I believe BD makes a brake that controls vanes on the 04-07 6.0 Fords.
  26. Thanks Bob I'm not sure of the trucks year but at least I. An look into what they have now , but believe it’s like a ‘06 or something like that good info thanks 👍
  27. The first time a factory exhaust brdke appeared was in 2011 with the 6.7. It, like the Rams, needs to be turned on at each start. It is not anywhere near as string as the Cummins, but it does a good job of controlling speed and drowning down, just needs a lot on downshift to keep engine RPMs high
  28. What year did blue oval start selling diesel rigs with factory exhaust brake standard ? I’ve never seen the truck and she doesn’t know if she has it on the truck purchased used
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