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  2. Well, i pulled the tubes and boots off. I found on the inside of one of the boots on the hot side a slice inside the boot. The long boot on the hot side going to the turbo. I found flat spots inside on this one. The origanal boots are not that thick compared to the new boots. I was able to use 2 newer boots off my 12valve on the 05. I'm ordering a new kit for the truck. I took the truck for a drive and noticed a little less smoke.
  3. I would switch the rear axle disc is way better setup you can also use rotors and pads from 3rd gen for even better brakes. i would swap the 6sp you will need flywheel and clutch also the starter spacers not sure about transfer case I know driveline are different rear is shorter front is longer. I swapped my 99 from a 5-6 world of difference
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  5. Are the diffs the same ratios? I’m with Gary on this, especially if they’re 3.5 gears. Rob all the good stuff off the old truck and take the time to make the new one just the way you want it and never look back.
  6. Change /swap the rear end 5sp v/s 6sp better gear ratios in the 6 no huge 4 to 5 ratio gap in the 6 sp where as the 4 to 5th in the 5 sp is not good especially in mountain driving no 5th gear nut issue in the 6sp as the 5 sp has is your 6sp a NV or G ? If G a much improvement over the NV ( lubrication issues on the NV needs 1 extra qt. Tranny oil. ) and G has more support for the 6 th gear over the NV over all better ratio’s throughout in the 6 sp For starters 😁 Just one one man’s opinion
  7. Help me figure out the good and the bad to be removed. Remember I still have a 2001 to pull parts off which I've already done... Let's start with the transmission. The old truck has a 6 speed which was rebuilt 15K ago and my new truck has a 5 speed. Pros and cons with both transmissions. I think my old trucks rear differential is bigger with disc brakes (which I have new rotors and pads for) than the smaller differential with drum brakes on the new truck?... What should I do? What would you do?... Thanks...
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  9. Coolant not much fun to mop off shop floor.
  10. 2x4 kicker slipped off at 20-25psi. Big kaboom. Large audience shortly after. Radiator needed replaced anyhow.
  11. These are the seven holes. only need one. 3500 Front. Thanks
  12. I figured you would test with the approximate operating pressure
  13. 7-10 lbs is all that’s needed , I know you probably said “hold my beer -watch this “ come on fess up 😁
  14. Methinks you're not a fan of VW alternators!
  15. Careful with charge air test. Makes big noises and can break stuff when it comes loose.
  16. Cheep to make using PVC caps drilling a Schrader valve hole installing one and walla a test cap add to Hoss above... wonder how much crapola was being taken into the inlet air also .. “hoping “ enough outward pressured air kept it out .
  17. Do you have the ability to do a charged air test I seem to remember guys using adapter on turbo intake hooking air compressor up at 15-25 psi and then you can check each connection and the intercooler for leaks
  18. I read an article about use air soft ammo for the wheel balance supposed to work the same as the beads at less cost
  19. I had it done at schwab, they said they have been having good results with them, but mostly heavy duty trucks. One of the employees used them in his truck and he could feel a vibration at certain times, but it quickly went away. I feel something ocationally also, in total probably 3 of 4 seconds ever couple thousands of miles.
  20. Nice! Is it an ALH motor? Not sure what getting at the alternator is at in that car but if it’s a royal pain to get at otherwise, maybe now’s a good time to add the to the bill. I’m not sure if those have the one way clutch pulley like the newer ones but those can eventually fail as well.
  21. Travis what truck are you hauling the camper with? My Arctic Fox is 8'11" and I tow a car trailer with it but need an extension to do so. I don't have a superhitch it's a Reese 2 1/2" extension and it's rated for more weight at 24" than my 02's factory hitch was without a extension. With the newer trucks all having 2 1/2" recievers a guy could add this extension on the cheap. It would open up a lot more options on trailer size. There are a lot of 9' campers out there. You know the RV show is going on this weekend at the Monroe fairgrounds. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  22. Nice! Ya gotta love great fuel economy and a fun drive! Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  23. Definitely rule out a boost leak first like the others said. Do you have gauges? Knowing what your boost is doing would be a huge help . Fuel and no air equals smoke. I worked on my neighbors Ford last week he told me he thought his turbo was shot because it was making a horrible noise and lost power. I told him Fords always make horrible noise [emoji1787] We went for a drive and I put it on my lift and started looking things over. I found a tear about an inch long in a lower intercooler boot. A new set of boots and he was good to go. He couldn't believe that a small tear like that could cause his problem. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  24. The boots are stock from when the truck was new. They do look a tad worn. So i will check the boots, clamps, and turbo this weekend. I am planning on gettimg new boots and clamps for the truck. Thanks guys.
  25. The plan was new injection pump and timing belt kit. The pump was required as the old one was growing tired. The timing belt kit was maintenance due to mileage. Mike at Diesel Outfitters is doing the work and called me to let me know the ac compressor was failing. (By the way the truck is getting a completely new ac system for the same reason) Really both rigs fail at the same time? What are the odds. Any way. The pump is going from a 10mm to a 11mm. Next upgrades will be injectors, turbo and clutch. Then it will be a little sleeper. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  26. Last week
  27. Ben was saying the same thing about giving them a bit to break in. Maybe my BFGs did the same when they were new, too long ago to remember. I do have a laser heat gun. I used it to isolate driveshaft ujoints also. It works well.
  28. Make sure to look at the intercooler pipe boots also, not just the clamps. You might have a dry rotted boot that is cracked and leaks when under pressure.
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