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  2. Up Here its all closed as well and the law is stopping people from going to the smaller communities on their way to the lakes and their cabins. People are shopping at these smaller communities for grocs, gas, supplies and risk spreading the virus.
  3. The reason they give here for closing the lakes and campgrounds is not the people using them as much as the support more gas, food, tackle leading to more social interactions. Our current rule is only in your county you can get a ticket fishing in different county yet I can go anywhere in my county and do whatever I want. Really stupid way of doing things
  4. For the life of me I cant understand why they closed recreational fishing? Your on your own boat in the water not a cruise ship. That is some good social distancing right there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I forget about the air ride compressor, mine did go out but I got ride of all the electronic shocks and went with normal shocks. I put a air compressor under the hood and ran air bags on the rear for a while when I was moving my RV around. My final setup was 2" lowering springs and Air shocks with an in cab controller and gauge on the pillar.
  6. LED's in the projector housings will work great if he gets good bulbs. Lifetime LED has great stuff
  7. That's the direction I was going talking with him. The only experience I have with upgraded lights are the Hella H4 100w upgrades but those are not in a projector housing. For what its worth, he said he doesn't have a problem spending more money on something as long as it will work good.
  8. FWIW if three different bulbs suck..... possibly it’s not the light source, but the housings themselves
  9. Best h7 bulb I’ve found so far is from Danielsternlighting.com. Osram used to make a 65watt h7, but quit manufacturing them. This guy has them specialty built for him now. basically h9 bulb on h7 base. 100w has a good chance of melting housings.
  10. Last week
  11. He has to find LED bulb that have the lights (leds) concentrated in the same spot and direction as the lens he using. the one with a bunch of LED on all four side will just blind on coming drivers and waste his lights. Nice light I am surprised their not tune better for H7.
  12. A guy at work has a 2008 Ram 1500 and needs help getting better headlights. He bought these and said he likes the looks but at night the headlights suck bad. He has tried 3 different bulbs and they all sucked. He didn't say which bulbs he's tried other than it takes an H7 bulb. https://www.carid.com/2008-dodge-ram-headlights/spyder-drl-bar-projector-headlights-1889281290.html?parentsubmodel[]=SUBMODEL|1500 Since he already has projector housings, can he get some LED bulbs or an HID conversion bulb? If he gets HID bulbs he will also need a ballast kit etc. correct? I looked through a couple old threads but most of the links were dead now. What about these H7 bulbs from TheRetrofitSource? https://www.theretrofitsource.com/h7-xb-hid-B-H7?quantity=1 Or here are some H7 bulbs from VLED. https://www.vleds.com/shop-products/led-headlights/h7-micro/micro-extreme-h7.html What about some regular Hella H7 100w bulbs like these? https://www.amazon.com/HELLA-H7-100W-High-Wattage/dp/B000H0QS0Y I've used several Hella sealed beam H4 conversions with 80/100w bulbs and they are fantastic. That's what I currently run in our '98 Cherokee. I don't know how it would work in that projector housing though. I did upgrade the wiring and ran 30amp relays as well. My coworker wants to keep the look of those Spyder headlight housings but wants better headlights at night. What do you guys think?
  13. Fishing is closed down for now - Otherwise I'd've had plans..
  14. I'm going to take a peek at this one when this virus crap calms down. https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/711537756049187/?ref=browse_tab&search_query=chevrolet tahoe&tracking={"qid"%3A"6812270912982050155"%2C"mf_story_key"%3A"2904785979557121"%2C"commerce_rank_obj"%3A"{\"target_id\"%3A2904785979557121%2C\"target_type\"%3A0%2C\"primary_position\"%3A-1%2C\"ranking_signature\"%3A0%2C\"commerce_channel\"%3A503%2C\"value\"%3A0%2C\"upsell_type\"%3Anull}"} Looks like a nice rig - well cared for and it's about ten minutes away. Whats a rebuilt 4L60E go for? $1500 exchange? Are they a fully electronic version of the 700-R4? EDIT - Rock Auto is ~1200 for a tranny and a grand for an xfer case - Rebuilder is Exact Powertrain Thanks for the replies! My thought was to get rid of my Acura, and start driving the Dodge to work. Then get a bigger SUV for when I go out in the woods, setting it up a bit as an overlander, removing the rear seats, full deck of radios, 2" lift, larger tires, etc. They have a 10.5" in the back so new bearings and a posi will probably be in order too. (I'm not a snorkel fan though)
  15. Lol, I just saw this. It was great meeting with you and your family. We really enjoyed our time in Phoenix. Found a house we would have loved to have. Sold two hours after we looked at it. Talk about a hot real estate market.
  16. If you can buy it right for a good deal it would be worth picking up.
  17. we had a 2003 tahoe for awhile. if the factory coolant is still in it, it will jelly and clog the heater core. i flushed it replaced with new coolant and it was fine, water pump, front bearings, autoride compressor, and trans are the big things..
  18. I have a sign that needs to go North to Hoss. It is 1/8th inch thick 12” x 24” ( roughly). If any one is heading that direction, please let me know.
  19. My 01 Denali had the 6.0 and the AWD transfer case. I had it for 12 years and put over 100k miles on it. I replaced the front wheel bearings twice, all of the front suspension wear items, and 2 Ujoints. I think the trans and the rear diff will end up being an issue down the road. The ABS module on the driver's side frame rails tends to fail because of bad solder joints, it is an easy fix. Besides normal wear items you should see another 50-75k miles before the engine gets tired and the lifters eat themselves.
  20. My wife had an 05, I loved it, her not so much. 😆 We bought it with 90K, had to put a trans in it at 110K miles. The trans shop that did the work said they do a lot of 4L60's, so I would say your trans concerns are warranted. The transfer case in them can have the pump rub issue as well, the pump rub fix kit is easy to install. Other than the trans no issues with it, the 5.3 had good power and on my commute I averaged 16MPG, mostly 50MPH country roads.
  21. I'm looking at a 2002 Tahoe 4wd with a 5.3 and 190K miles. I need another vehicle to keep Ben busy. 🤣 The only thing that worries me with a vehicle with that many miles is the xfer case and tranny. Does anyone have any more info or opinions on these? I think the 5.3's are pretty bullet proof but what about the rest of the rig?
  22. I forgot to update this, got the truck back together last weekend. Went to go start it and it just clicked, first thought was I put the starter back together wrong, then I remembered I disconnected the battery cable on both ends. Got that back on and started it up, for a few seconds no oil pressure again, then BAM oil pressure right up to where it is supposed to be and the engine quieted down a bit. Decided to take it for a drive, and see if any of the dump stations were open. Mechanical unloading only Glad I didn't load the truck up, headed up towards Hoss's to see what he was up to. We walked out of the shop to take a look at the truck and noticed there was quite the mess under the truck. Well two things were going on, A there was a bunch of oil going every where, and B the serpentine belt was almost gone. Hoss let me borrow the Hyundai and I ran down to Napa to get a new belt, wouldn't be there till the next day. Got back up to Hoss's and first thing I did was remove the oil pressure gauge and the line, I stretched it just a bit too much when I moved it and the seal wasn't that great, so oil every where. Then I got what was left of the belt off, Ben thought maybe one of the pulleys was off, but I ran a straight edge from on to another and then all seemed to be lined up. So I put the new one in, and then inspected the old one. I had dropped a cover bolt and did not find it with a magnet, so I figured it must be in the grass somewhere. NOPE, it cut the belt and caused a big mess, especially when mixed with oil, a small piece of it wrapped on the fan clutch and was smacking the cable for the solenoid under the airbox. I brought my marine heat shrink but it was just a bit small, I left the bigger stuff at home. Hoss had some bigger stuff so I got that fixed and reloomed, and rerouted so it's better protected. Started to leave after thanking Mark and my truck got really loud again, I had ordered some 5" band clamps, I should have ordered a 5" band clamp for butt connections... Some exhaust wrap and heavy wire to keep the exhaust from pulling away and good to go. Ran to the car wash and got it cleaner, it's not clean by any means, but far cleaner. Now I have to figure out where to oil drip is coming from, hopefully not from the crank seal... Right now I need to track down a dump trailer, I think Home Depot rents them...
  23. Nope, right now it is some sort of a 4 speed congiguration. Being the bus is about 30K lbs that might be enouh lower splits and might be OK for a more powerfull engine too. AFAk the rears are 3:73
  24. No slide out in the plans. These started out with two Detroits 4 cyinders in them, yup two! They all did. These unots were made for only two years 1954 and 1955, 1000 of them toatal A year later when Detroit came out with larger engines, marmon Harrington was contracted to converte them all to 8V71 I used to own a couple DD two strokes in semi trucks back in the 70s Pretty reliable but gutless wonders, esp compared to todays stufff. SOooooI am going to convert it one more time . I found two doner semi trucks with Red Top N14 435 HP and all running gear , all computer and wiring for REal CHEAP. So I will O.H one of these and do what it tyakes to get it in there. I wanted to go Series 60 ...But these came up. I will post pix as it goes . Thanx .
  25. Looks to be in nice condition and will make a great candidate for motor coach , will you be making a slide on it ? Room out the wazoo and much of the plumbing already there = great start !! i used to have a customer/business owner ( when I was a Snap On dealer) years ago who was a very good diesel truck / bus mechanic . He did a conversion bus and it was a dandy , he traded work with a cabinet maker for the interior . Used high end materials and ended up with a great rig. His bus was an retired Greyhound also but was not this model.
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