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  2. Correction lol looking back it was a 53 footer. The reason I ran a regular cab. I was overlength in some states already. Hahah, I pruned some greenery now and then.
  3. Indeed, 51' of trailer is no great shakes. I made one bedbug trip across the country with a cabover Pete and a 48' double drop deck, and had to do about a half mile back in at one delivery. No one had trimmed trees on that country lane, but I took care of it
  4. I would prefer that for sure. Back then I couldn’t justify a bigger truck with IFTA and a few other cash grabbers taking more of what I earned. I didn’t run that 3 car wedge very long. It was a pain in the arse when delivering to customers in residential areas. Went back to a two car flat deck and an enclosed for the expensive vehicles I was handling.
  5. I was in a truck and pup on lonely 2 lane road miles from civilization the air line blew where it T’s from frame to axles I was cooking at 70 everything locked up and I skidded to the fastest stop of my life the truck had deep low 1st with hot brakes I got mostly off of the travel lane to the nonexistent shoulder
  6. The difference is with air brakes, when something gets knocked off you typically skid to a quick stop. It happened to me once. Remember that terrible washboard in the right lanes of I-5 southbound up Southcenter hill? I was hammering up that lane about 10 years ago and an airline came off one of the back cans. I barely got it on the shoulder!
  7. Yeah when stuff flies it can do some serious damage. And it happens so fast.
  8. Thanks guys. I have been leaning toward the smarty touch or mm3.
  9. Thanks for the info paul. Its going on my 05. I do have a brand new air dog unit im going to install soon.
  10. Scotty those of us that run air brakes have always thought that you're just one tiny wire away from a runaway with those Hot shots. I had never heard a story like yours but I always feared that it would happen. Today I hit a big chunk of steel on the road with the one ton, it came up and took paint off the bottom of the cab and then dented the aluminum toolbox behind it. I pulled over at the tire shop and checked everything out. If it had gone inside it could have taken the brake line off either end of the truck or both.
  11. Mine was in 1991 I think. It's all fuzzy back that far Of course I wasn't the guy in the truck with no brakes I was just the guy in the dozer he was fixing to run over!
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  13. Mule Outfitters had a Syncro with a turbo Subi in it. One day I was coming to work when I lived in Burlington and I was coming up on an old VW bus. Didn't look like much except for the really FAT tires. Then I got closer and it DID NOT sound like a VW bus, it had a low throaty rumble. You could barely see the cowling inside the went right up behind the rear seats, but just behind the wheel opening in the rear were those little Chevrolet 454 badges. Some old hippy guy driving with the biggest grin and a tie die shirt and hat. I was instantly jealous lol....
  14. I had one on I-5 going downhill lots of grades with 90 1ton 2wd dually with 51ft wedge and three vans on it. Hit some debris that took out the trailer brakes. Was turning into a runaway fast. Tried applying emergency brake lightly, tried gearing down and was hitting 50mph curves on steep downgrade at 80. Driver behind me saw the wood fly up from right trailer wheels. Couldn’t avoid as it flew off a flatbed bouncing on the freeway. Next was all four corners lit up. Fire and brake fluid now burning. The driver behind me got in front and was gesturing his CB mic. Big rig says he will
  15. My little experience happened 40 years ago. It still seems pretty fresh when I think about it. One of the scariest things I’ve experienced in my 64 years for sure..
  16. Or an old silverback Gorilla in mating season. At least that’s how it goes for me hahahah
  17. Just hearing the last two raises the hair on the back of my neck , like a ridgeback dog lol
  18. At the Cowlitz Falls dam job, they had a boo-boo that needed fixing. The fix was to set my backhoe with the hammer on it on top of a half load of rock in one of the Terex end dumps similar to this: Then back up to this wall that poured in the wrong spot. The only problem was the basically 3 to 1 Cat road to the bottom of the cut. The teamster started onto that, and after about 20 yards he just tossed his hands up " I am out of air pressure". I had him wheel chocked with a D7G, and we slowly backed down there with me holding the 150,000 pound haul truck by my blade on th
  19. I was happy with smarty touch on a 06 it was nice having the gauges and everything in one on the dashboard
  20. Stay away from pressure boxes on a Common rail.. Injectors already fail because of factory pressures. You can get more custom tuning like Mark mentioned or a Smarty will also work. You cannot get EFI Live.
  21. They are not the same. Fuel pressure is delivery to the CP3. Rail pressure is delivery to the injectors. Unless you are going 4 digit power, just a fuel pressure guage is what I would do. On my 3rd gen I don't run either. I did add a FASS though. On a 2nd gen I think some sort of fuel pressure guage or even an idiot light is a must. What year of truck are you doing this on?
  22. My 01 has a edge with attitude. Came with it, its good for a little power increase. Mine stays on 5 regardless of what I'm doing. I know on the newer trucks people are happy with smarty mm3 or ez link. If you move to these then you have to figure out who you want for tuner. Certain companies offer their tunes on these platforms. Sent from my SM-G715A using Tapatalk
  23. In 1981, driving a fully loaded Concrete truck down a 200 yard construction road down to the fish ladders we were expanding. Had a D9 cat cabled to my mixer. It was craziness. The 10 meter mixer truck grossed at 102,000 lbs on 5 axles(twin steer axles,twin drive axles,and one booster axle). That scared the living crap,out of me . Never forgot that feeling,nor the feeling of relief when empty and dragged back up with the same D9 onto pavement. Steep down hill grades are usually not my favorite roads for sure.
  24. [emoji1787] the testical festival Sent from my SM-P610 using Tapatalk
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