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  2. Are you close to Hoss's? He has some hub caps for me. Thanks Gary
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  4. If you click on your profile in the upper right corner, you have the ability to "Ignore User's" You're welcome.
  5. Found some old pics of members with their trucks and trophys. I'll start with Vaughn McKenzie.
  6. not sure of the exact date yet. but soon. will be trailering a car over there and dropping it off. will have empty 7k car trailer on the way back and the pickup bed will be mostly empty also. unless i can find something interesting to buy while im there.:) more than likely next week, but mabye as soon as saturday.
  7. I pulled the trigger on the 285's. Tire Rack will have them in a few weeks for local pickup, and I will have my local tire store install them. I saved 130 doing it this way.
  8. I had a ZF-6 in the previous build. Nice trans.
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  10. Nice car! And one of the worst engine bays to work on! Yikes!
  11. Sorry, that is for steel only. Car would be considered shredder feed which they pay $0.02/lb Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  12. That is exactly why I never have any trouble getting rid of my scrap and shavings. It practically walks away on it’s own. LOL!
  13. Geez. At 2520 that's $252. Maybe I should have called around some more! lol I'd have trailered it to Longview for that price.
  14. Not a bad price at all. Our local is like $0.10/lb
  15. Another great video from that channel. Sad to see all of those race tracks, drive-in theaters etc all gone now.
  16. I finally took my scrap parts car to the crusher today. It weighed 2520lbs and they paid me $75. Not too bad I thought. I called the scrap yard in Shelton and they would only take it for free.
  17. 75 Toyota Celica Drove it until 85 when I bought a new Thunderbird. Sold the Celica to someone for what I had paid for it when they knocked on my door and literally told me they saw me working on it all the time so they know it must be well taken care of. I would occasionally see that car around town for another 10 years.
  18. Kelly .. What is the amp hr rating on those 6v CG batteries your using thinking about re-configuring my battery tray on the front end of the trailer ... mostly just angle iron but set up for two batteries by the cross bracing .. mine are behind the 2 large propane bottles
  19. '68 Dart, you're making me drool here! I was a teenager in the 80s but life in Iowa was probably 10yrs behind the big cities. I had all kinds of muscle cars. 1st car was a 72 Charger 318, then a 67 Barracuda, and 68 Barracuda, 69 Barracuda, 71 Fury, and more. I paid $850 for a rust free Arizona car 69 Barracuda Formula-S 340 4sp. I still kick myself in the butt for getting rid of that one! 69 Formula-S at my mom's house in Tucson.
  20. I'm going to mount 175 watt panel just behind my AC unit on the roof. Hoping that takes care of most days.
  21. Drove my First of 4 .. 55/56 Chevy’s ( had 2 each back then) .. that was in ‘64
  22. I got mine through Discount tire. I can tell you they ride pretty nice but I also have all new Fox shocks now to. That has helped the back end going over the pass empty.
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