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  2. I’m thinking the floor in this thing will get rolled with bed liner material or some sort of epoxy so it can get hosed out easily.
  3. That's it. you can leave a chunk of marine ply in a bucket of water, and the wood might rot but the plys do not disbond first. There is more to most marine ply though. It is rot resistant wood most often, and many more thinner plys for strength. You used to be able to source fir marine ply, but most of it is imported these days.
  4. I'd heard that the only difference between marine and regular plywood, besides the price, was the glue. That's why I opted to paint it on all sides with resin.
  5. A guy I used to work with cut the glass off the top of the transom and used a chainsaw to dig out all of the rotten wood - he said it worked well. I think he remade the transom with some plywood and some sort of concrete or epoxy product. I dont have a lot of pictures of the interior but this is part of the floor I replaced showing the new seats, steering and guages. My bitchy ex on it's maiden voyage with the looper on Alder Lake https://photos.app.goo.gl/k9pijREJwSTsLgpXA LOL
  6. I was being cheap... I filled it full of styrofoam sheet insulation and when I was done, I drilled holes in the floor and squirted spray foam underneath to fill the voids and then filled the holes back up with resin. Less that a year later I was divorced and I'm not sure how the boat did, she took it. She kept it undercover, so it may have lasted quite awhile.
  7. I’ve seen that somewhere before but I think it’s too far gone for that.
  8. I was figuring on using marine plywood for the floor but in reality in old boats like these anything you use will probably outlast the rest of the boat anyway. We’ll see what it looks like but maybe I can get away with using a product like SeaCast. Did you replace the floatation foam under the floor?
  9. I searched... No pictures of the floor job... I used regular plywood on it - after I had cut it to fit, I painted it with resin on the bottom side and edges. I remember the stringers were 2X4's - I used pressure treated lumber there. The rest was cloth and resin over the top and gluing down carpet. I remember setting my skil saw a bit deep and cutting through the hull on the back side of a chine, but I filled it in with epoxy putty and no one noticed the difference..
  10. I was talking about the beer Gary!
  11. I prefer no head but that’s just me 😁 OH Those heads .. 👍
  12. I looked, a surge tank that fits my bosch pump is a hundred bucks. Not a bad option Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  13. Got head(s)??? [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  14. I would like the front receiver hitch. I work all over skagit county and can swing by anytime - once I knwo where exactly you are at...
  15. My first boat was a Mutiny with a 85 Merc. Loved that little boat but the motor finally lost ignition and burnt some wires so I upgraded to the 2052.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Honestly, probably not necessary for this type of install. Just adds plumbing complexity. But they excel if the fuel is getting aerated or the pickup runs dry. Butr most of boat owners keep enough fuel on board that it's usually not too much of an issue. Dave
  18. I have been looking for a grill in good shape. Dave
  19. I have some parts left over from my 2002 truck. You can have them. Front receiver hitch. Stock grill K&N air box (Powder coated blue). Mirror extensions Stock wheels and caps. Tires are no good. You have to come get them or make arrangements to get them.
  20. I love spending other people’s money!
  21. I'll have to look when I get home - I dont have them on Google Photos. Here was the before picture
  22. That boats a beauty. Any photos of the restoration process? I need to do some research. Hopefully the stringers are sound. But if the transom and floor are toast I should probably expect the stringers are too.
  23. That’s the plan. That something behind it might be poured in rather than plywood. We’ll see how it all cleans up when I tear it apart. thanks for offer on helping with the glass work. I’ll let you know how I’m feeling about the situation when I get to that point. I’m expecting the boy to have a significant roll in this...we’ll see.
  24. Does anyone know where to find those orange secondary locks for the tractor's fuse block?
  25. A road name was selected for us but not by the county. It was quite a sore point. Eventually, we figured out what to do about it and got it changed to Whitetail Ln. It's a long and involved story that included the guy that tried to name it after himself threatening me. I went and had a talk with him. Anyway, it turned out ok.
  26. Here's the boat I did the floors and stringers on - and me about 60 pounds heavier.... I never did check the top speed on it - I'd guess around 45-50.
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