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  2. I know sliding pieces are easy to change as I broke one not sure on glued in piece a good glass guy should know and maybe source the part
  3. 03-13 according to the label on the box
  4. I think the quad cab windows are shorter than the non-quad cabs.
  5. Also does anyone know for sure if the windows are the same between regular cab and quad cab?
  6. Recently I bought a 94 ram regular cab with the drivers side back window broken. Was wondering is anyone has changed just part of the window. I know it’s a royal pita to change the whole thing. worse comes to worse I’ll just glue a piece of plexiglass in there, but would rather have it fixed correctly.
  7. Joe, Your rollers are here at the house. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. The passenger floor is gone I have a small window rust free cab I’m trying to decide which is better to replace the floor in mine or put the roof and rear sheet metal from mine on donor cab I think time and labor is comparable I’m wondering about strength and longevity.
  9. Selling for a friend - B&W Gooseneck for a 4th gen, brand new in boxes - $300 OBO (Appears to be for 3rd gen too)
  10. I can't post all the details, but these are considered one of the top two available. They did not fall off a truck!!! The will fit a 2014-2018 2500 or 2013-2018 3500. Under 1k miles on them. PM me for the whole story and more info. $250
  11. It’s in garage time to cut the frame and marry the two exciting and scary Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Little progress this week Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  14. I was just talking to someone about water pump impellers the other day. It was over a wp for a Chevy Colorado, but I noticed that it had the stamped metal impeller. Kind of thinking that manufacturers discovered that the cast metal ones were problematic; maybe too much mass (compare to the plastic ones), so they went with the lighter stamped metal. My car is running the cast metal impeller. Holding up for 80k miles now: knock on wood.
  15. We usually go late March or early April but in April you need to avoid spring break.......We would sometimes see new snow at Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns but other than some freezing nights the rest was great.
  16. Thanks for that. I’ve done some looking and it hasn’t sounded too bad. I’ll do a little more research. Maybe we will go somewhere else instead.
  17. Just an FYI One of the snowbird people down here every year is a host every year at Arches during summer .. she said not to go that early do to snow UNLESS ITS A LOW SNOW YEAR .. so check before you go not trying to alter your plans Joe just a heads up.
  18. We can’t wait that long. June is too busy for us. May would be great but it doesn’t fit our schedule.
  19. We might do the same this year, maybe Mesa Verdi also. We go as soon as school is out. Seems to be a little cooler then. Last year it was TOO cool.
  20. Yeah we are a little concerned of that but trying to not pull the kids from too much school. hoping Moab/Arches is clear. We can modify the trip as we go.
  21. That water pump got your sister a free car! 😎
  22. Joe, be prepared for snow that early .. much of the higher ground /elevations will still have snow we plan on a “end of heat season” but before snow fly’s trip . I don’t pull a trailer in snow if I can at all help it.
  23. That’s some beautiful country down there. We are headed that way at the end of March.
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