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In Topic: Want to hire someone to help install trailer wiring on my Peterbilt.

11 January 2018 - 01:59 PM

Just an FYI on the air over electric brake controller, I had one of them first in my Volvo and hated it. I didn't like how it applied the trailer brakes, it was not smooth at all. I pulled it out after one trip and put in a good quality electronic controller.

Howdy l-123,


I have a Prodgey 2, (sp) controller on the Freightliner, it works but not as well as the Hayes controller on other trucks that I have driven.  From what I have been told and experienced when I drove a truck equipped with the Hayes unit you have to mess with it a bit to get the adjustment correct from there on it works very well. 


The Pete has so much more braking power then the Freightliner as it has tandem axles other then keeping the trailer behind the truck in very slippery conditions the trailer brakes are pretty much unneeded.  In fact I drove the Freightliner towing the trailer for over a 1,000 in the mountains once before I found out that the trailer brakes had not been working, a broken wire left them useless and I didn't really notice any difference in stopping power of course during that 1,000 miles I was lucky and didn't have a panic stop situation or have to drive on slippery surfaces where the trailer may have wanted to pass the truck.



In Topic: Can I "copy" my first post in a thread into another thread?

10 January 2018 - 05:46 PM

Try clicking edit first. Then when youre able to edit the text you should be able to copy it. Then cancel the edit.

Thanks I'll give that try.


EDIT, I tried the edit thing didn't work.  Sorry I am so dumb when it comes to this sort of thing Kevin your post went way over my head.



In Topic: Well, I got me Peterbilt..................

24 December 2017 - 10:17 PM

very cool and much less hassle , the endorsement only checks to see if you know how to adjust the brakes on air systems 


more questions ... in your conversations have any of the Motorhomes with air brakes ever been pulled in to inspections at Calif. weight stations like the Cordelia or Grapevine stations who are renowned for being Chicken Sh## weigh stations 

Howdy Gary,


As a "motor home" as a registered-titled RECREATIONAL VEHICLE, you are NOT required to enter into the weigh stations.  As a motor home you are NOT a commercial vehicle you are NOT subject to DOT regulations.  I have driven my "motor home" through every State west of the Mississippi and a few east of it and I have NEVER pulled into a weigh station.  When I drive pass the sign that says "All trucks must enter" I keep right on going because I am NOT driving a truck.  If you are legal in your home State where your vehicle is registered-titled you are LEGAL in any State in the country.



In Topic: Well, I got me Peterbilt..................

24 December 2017 - 09:40 PM

Dave .. did you need an air brake endorsement as some states require even if no CDL is required but the rig is so equipped 

Howdy Gary,


Washington, really dosen't describe "what" a "recreational vehicle" is but the law states you don't need a CDL or any other endorsements other then a regular drivers license to drive one, some of the large regular motor homes have air brakes.  So if you "convert" your HDT to a "motor home" which I have done its really quite easy your good to go with a regular license.



In Topic: Well, I got me Peterbilt..................

24 December 2017 - 07:21 PM

wow that truck is so cool.  CDL required??

Howdy Packards42,


As my 379 is no longer a truck, but is a legally registered and titled "motor home" no CDL is required to drive it.