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Rufus Woods fishing

12 January 2018 - 09:09 PM

Anybody camped and fished Rufus Woods we usually go every year and stay at cabin by the river on the Timms ranch but it's no longer available I'm looking for other options where do you all go on Rufus or other places
Thanks 1f72adb3cb99ff893eb2235654b1018c.jpg

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2nd gen dash

09 January 2018 - 04:29 PM

I have a new dash for sale that was for my 99 it got damaged in shipping just has a small crack on the passenger side from the pillar to the vent the crack can't get any bigger a little epoxy and you would be good to go would like to get $80 I'm on Arlington Wa
Also have set of OEM headlights 2nd gen in good shape free if someone wants them f9b4a84b7530ec91928d692779743191.jpg17708b833a958d5023728122489f7ced.jpg

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5" exhaust vibration

09 January 2018 - 03:39 PM

Hey guys I recently installed a flo pro 5" w/muffler on my 15 mega it was great for a couple wks then it would come loose and rattle and vibrate i re torqued it twice and on the 3rd time I said enough and took it into a local deisel shop and had them tac the joints and re torque the clamps no the rattle is gone but the truck vibrates at idle worse when in gear or backing then it ever did I took it back to the shop and they basically said that's what 5" exhausts do (not happy) so I went to another deisel shop and basically got the same answer I don't buy this for a minute bc I know when I first installed it the thing was perfect it just wouldn't stay that way I'm gonna pick up a peice of flex pipe after work today and see if that will help but I'm looking for anyone that has a 6.7 with a 5" exhaust that could tell me if they have any issues like this with there setup if so what did you do
Thanks sorry for the long post

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