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New Truck? Stay with the Cummins?

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Not sure of thr year of the old truck, but I believe you are talking about the proportional valve.

 It might just need a proper brake bleeding procedure to get things right.

 I belive that just has a rear wheel anti-lock system?

 Is the cruse controller vacuum or electronic?

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I vote a ram 3500 dually or you could look into the cab n chassis, they offer all packages in the 4500 and 5500s just saying. And stable camper has a bed in conjunction with cm beds that have tie downs ect.

Our 2020 3500 is amazing towing passes or high elevations ect with a 4k camper and 6k enclosed behind it. Exhaust brake is huge never touching the brakes coming down passes. 360 camera is amazing. We didn't get any of the adaptive stuff though.

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Just closing this thread out with an update.


This morning I pulled the trigger on a 2022 Mercedes Sprinter Motorhome.

Momma is very happy and I get to keep the best truck I’ve ever owned so you know I’m happy!

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Huge win-win, you keep your truck and you don't have to take a camper off and on. Not having to carry that heavy load will make your 1st gen happy! 

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