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Camping adventures

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We had a 5 day unplugging and unwinding alongside the American River on Chinook pass. I had reserved a couple of spots as soon as possible back on the 1st of the year. Since we were unwinding, I did not have my phone turned on so there are just a few pictures.

The first 4 were reserved in the campground, but Mary had an extra day and the place was booked. I took a quick scouting run to a boondocking site I have admired for decades. It was open!

There was room for a few more rigs there.



I set up the gear in some developing shade, all the important things like plenty of water and comfy chairs. It was at a great fishing hole or swimming hole if you are very brave. 



David went in over his head for about 2 seconds, I waded in till I could not stand it. Russ the old Jack Russell is part water dog, he too did not want to swim much in that cold current.

The pool is formed by a hard bedrock ledge. There were some other folks camping across the river who did most of the swimming for us. :)



Now that I have stayed there,  we will check out some others that I think will be better. 



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I had a couple of 100W solar panels that I had not unboxed, so I took them along, with a controller and some wiring. The campground is well treed, so I had to keep moving them through the morning hours. In about 4 hours they would top off the two 6 volt batteries each day, I did not get out the generator. 

If they had been on the roof as originally planned, I doubt they would have gotten 2 hours of sun at less than optimal angles. Now I am thinking I will put a hinge on them and keep them portable.

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