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19 hours ago, J Dansie said:

Great work especially considering your in a parking lot not a shop. 

This is the same car we've done TWO transmission R&Rs in the parking lot at his school.  This should have been a piece of cake for him compared to that.  🤣🤣


His ingenuity on some of what he does never ceases to amaze me.  No telling what he would do if he didn't have me telling him not to.  🤪   Glad he doesn't listen on some of that but does when he really should.

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On 4/5/2021 at 9:19 PM, J Dansie said:

I’m not seeing a downside use new bolts for the torque to spec in reality if you don’t swap his clutch into yours in the end you will purchase two as long as his isn’t glazed burnt or warped like you said it’s basically broken in. 
in my early years I figured if you had it apart replace with new after pulling the transmission on my 99 ctd numerous times I only replaced what was bad and never had clutch failure that a new one would have prevented 

Absolutely new bolts for the flywheel, pressure plate, bell housing and transmission bracket.  I'm sure he hasn't exactly babied it when I wasn't around but other than his Pikes Peak run, I doubt that clutch really has had any abuse.  He has only had the stock turbo and there is only so much Malone can do with that KP39.

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Do has the bank of Dad taken a line of credit for the “after Malone” visit [emoji23]
Nope! This one is all on him. He worked last summer and is already working on getting a job lined up for this summer. He'll contribute some to his school expenses then the rest is his.

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