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Interesting issue with my 4th gen

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Just thought I would toss this out here for a heads up in case anyone else has a similar issue.

I recently replaced the turbo on my 2014.

This is not like a turbo replacement on a 2nd gen by any means. Both oil lubricated and water cooled and half the truck has to come apart to remove it.

This has more to do with if you ever have to disconnect your batteries for any reason (replacement ect) a couples after finishing the install and driving the truck I start it up and get a message on my dash Low oil pressure! 

The little oil can on the bottom of the dash is lit up and the gauge reads zero, granted its a glorified idiot light and only shows right in the middle of the scale or nothing. 

I am thinking what the heck????? I shut it off and restart and the same thing happens. I figure it must be the sender has gone out or possible something happened during the turbo R&R so after a phone call and some research I read more and more about the ECM, Oil pressure sensor issues and batteries being replaced and I disconnect the batteries for 10 minutes to reset the electronics and then start it again. :ThumbsUP:BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a winner!

Apparently the oil pressure reading from the ECM is very temperamental to voltage changes so if you swap your batteries and have an unexplained gauge issue you might want to try this first. 


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