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Good GM 6.5 / 6.2 shop in the area?

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We picked up an 87 project for my son to work on.  Its got a GM crate 6.5 that was dropped in with about 40k miles on it now, but they ran the 6.2 accessories.  He's done a few things to it  after he found some leads (return lines, couple of modules, etc).  However, we need a couple of items done that he's not ready to tackle yet.  Looking for a recommendation on a good shop within a reasonable distance of Puyallup. 



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I had H&H work on mine (a 1982 K5 with a 6.2)


They had to replace a lifter, set the pump up and checked the injectors for me. 


It ran like a champ after that - as powerful as a 6.2 with a Banks Sidewinder kit could...  Vaughn somehow ended up with it - not sure where its at now.


H & H Diesel Repair
Diesel engine repair service in Fife, Washington
Address: 1410 46th Ave E, Fife, WA 98424
Open ⋅ Closes 5PM
Phone: (253) 922-8786


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