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wildlife in the city

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Working at Terminal 18, I have seen all sorts of critters close to the city. There's an osprey nest on the light pole above the job, and when I left the crane up, they used the boom tip as a perch to look for food in the water.


Today I watched the osprey down in the water several times. They are looking for candlefish, little perch, things like that. They can't take on a salmon :)

I have seen kingfishers under the concrete dock, down in the water, flying through at high speed. Tough to get a picture of those.


In the port of Tacoma, there's a family of raccoon that live off of the little crab under the docks at Trident Seafood. They nest under the docks, in outbuildings, wherever they get some shelter.

We had torn apart their world, repairing the dock. He was not too concerned about us, and kept on hunting yesterday.


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That's great stuff!!

There is an Osprey next to the Snohomish river next to work. Pretty neat to watch "Oliver" hunting!! 

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