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Project revive 93

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  The son in law finally expressed an interest in the 1993 F250 that I have had for 3 years but no time to work on.  Bought as a non-runner 7.3 IDI with manual 5 speed and manual transfer case and hubs but no start. Pulled it out of the bushes and into the shop. Now we shall see if it leaves under it's own power..............Yes It is the one that I pulled the front bumper off when loading it onto the trailer for the trip home. I know next to nothing about the IDIs so this should be interesting..........glow plug relay comes on for a few seconds then seems to cycle ( about a second or two) on and off for a while, cranks but no fire, previous owner thought injector pump was bad.  All my pics are on the other computer so will follow later when I get them transferred.

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Nope but all the wheels go around easy now and the mice are all out of the cab.....

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