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Alaska Anyone?

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Hey guys I am a long time Alaska lurker and seldom post but I wanted to invite you all to Alaska this summer. The 907Diesel club is having its second "Prowl for Power" June 24-25. There will be a track day with a dyno at the track and probably another full day of dyno's done at a local shop along with some vendors and camping at the track. I did not get to go last year and probably will not this year but it sure would be cool to have some guys from down your way come up for some fun. So if you are coming to AK this summer maybe you can come by or maybe this is the reason you were looking for to make that trip you have always wanted to make. I am not super active in the group but I can pass on question or get you in touch with the management.


The club just announced they will have some national coverage from Diesel Power Magazine and a film crew from Diesel Garage Media will be here as well.


You can find more info on 907Diesel on.... Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/907Diesel/ and their fledgling forum at http://907diesel.net/ The majority of the event will be at Alaska Raceway Park http://www.raceak.com/ which is an IHRA track and also has a NASCAR oval that is new last year.


Your can reach me at Rathert at GCI dot net or PM me here.





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