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So on my way home today I start to get that sweet smell of antifreeze 😞

I get home and open the hood and I see some steam coming from the front of the engine. I take a closer look and it seems to be coming from under the Tstat housing. It has a new water pump so that can't be it. So I put a pan under it to catch any that should leak out. I say to heck with the park rules and pulled the housing off and low and behold, here is a small crack on the bottom side by the bolt hole. I think no big deal, it's just a housing and new Tstat...Wrong! The replacement is one piece! So I step up the buy the new updated housing that allows me to change the Tstat without the housing. So $62 later and a gallon of new Dexcool and it's back together in less than 10min. So much for the $50 I made today in selling some extra parts. I really like working on the front of my engine with no fan in the way, best upgrade I did was changing out to late model electric fans, all OEM with tons of room in front of the engine for a turbo or two!

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10 minutes sound right I just replace a bad Tsat for the second time on 2001. it warms up nice now, before it took freeway speed, and then cool off again in town. with all theis 20 degree weather it nice to have cab heat again.

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