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the 3/4 ton mini van

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in the spirit of the 1 ton minivan (RIP) i present the 3/4 ton mini van



04 Suburban 2500

8.1L thats 496ci of all american ground pounder

4l85e 4sp hd trans

14bolt full floater rear 3.73 gears eaton G80

285/75-16 33" AT's

every option except quadra stear and quad captains.

only 120k miles on the clock

5% tint all the way around, over fatory tint.... i think aux back up lights are in order!


mild tweeking already got avg mpg up from 9.5mpg to almost 12mpg. doesnt sound like alot , but allready a 20% improvement.

next up, im dusting of the EFI Live... come on 15+mpg! getting it over the 350/500 mark will be an added bonus!

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yha, i know g80's suck, this one is still actualy fairly tight, but i do plan to put an actual eaton in it. wish the old 14 bolt had more choices, id love to put a torsen in it f&r...


towed a light load today, tool boxes etc

the auto ride worked perfect leveling it out, never even knew it was back there....

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the level ride is another area that is not the greatest. The compressor tends to burn up, the air shocks also tend to leak after some miles and also cause the comp to burn up. Replacing the parts can get spendy. I would go with a set of HD shocks and put some airbags in the rear and a good compressor under the hood.


I had a torsen diff in my FWD race car it was the single best thing I ever did to the car.

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dura burb is a consideration...... id love to throw a LLY/LBZ in there! i need to find a wrecked truck for cheep as a donor....

as far as the auto ride, allready checked for leaks, none found, if they do ocour ill use it as an excuse to upgrade, but intigrate it... all the aftermarket stuff is so crude.

darn factory exhaust is a wierd set up, so far gibson is the only one that i found that does a replacement and it aint cheep. stock is dual 3" all the way back to the mufler, huge whisper quiet mufler. im thinking about bending my own, pair of 3" head pipes long enoug to go to a 4" merged colecter, then one of those monster 54" donaldson muflers,.... deep , relitively quiet, and no restriction...


alot of room for improvement on this thing, calculated volumetric eficency is showing 52-65% barely had it 2 days allready seeing 30% improvement in economy! i should pick up another 20% once i start tranny tuneing... then again, with such a low # to start with, its almost to ez...

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