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1st performance bomb

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A friend of mine is looking into doing some performance mods to his truck.

He has been looking at the Edge evo and the TS performance stuff. Any ideas on what is going to give the

Best bang for buck for a first bomb. The truck is stock except for gauges and it is a 5 speed F250 4door short box 4x4.

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Then make an OFE the second bomb, he will need it shortly, while your at it replace the hydraulics... been there done that. For a cheap mod he can run a Donaldson filter, get rid of the stock air box, and a piece of 4" exhaust tube... big difference.




Then he can start with this stuff...




get'n 'er dun...




There is also other cheaper stuff that can be done, like mod'n the IDM, and a few other really cheap and easy things to change or modify. Dave knows the 7.3 like nobody else around here, everything I sort of know about them I learned from him or had to figure out myself. Funny how those dodge guys don't know nutting bout those funny V8's...

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pat, you got anything left over off the old obs?? building up mine and spare parts never hurt..


No sorry :unsure:


I would be willing to bet Stroketeck would have something... What kind of buildup are you planning on?

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