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  1. The injectors are for a 12 valve. STill in the box. $450.00 shipped
  2. Sorry for the delay in answering. Its a pretty busy time of year. Yes, I have 2 of them
  3. BD Brake-- sold I have a set of DDP 4s-- new in box. When fuel prices started soaring I changed my mind about installing them. Anyone interested? Also, Ram profile tail lite covers for 2nd gen.-- new
  4. Yes, its for a 4" exhaust. I didn't get install instructions with it but downloaded them. Just need to find them. I never got around to putting it on, as with much of this stuff. I just found the instructions. This will fit 1988 to 2002 dodge according to manual
  5. Its been quite a while since I have been on the site. Haven' had much time for computer, I recently sold my 95 dodge and bought a 05 duramax. I am going through my stuff I accumulated and some iems I never installed and some I took off before I sold it. Theres too many items to list so If someone is needing something, ask, I may have it. Make offer Some of the items are; 1 used hx35 turbos with about 60K Bilstien shocks front 5100s -- new F4Be5 6646H6 Bilstien " front stk "F4Be5 2549H0 3 oem rotors 16" -- (new)----------------------------sold ) use
  6. I am one who lurks about, mostly. I do learn a lot about my truck and if I have something useful to contribute I will join in. After I retire in the near future I will have time to attend some events. That is assuming I have any retirement funds left after looking at the way the market is going
  7. What he said. I have been running b99 until about a month ago. It was $5.25. I think the speculators are into bio now too As far as gelling in the colder part of the year I haven't had a problem, although I run B50 in the coldest couple of months. Running bio in the 80s models might affect the seals.
  8. LOL!! That is TOO funny. Wouldn't that look great in your rear view mirror on I-5
  9. With the egr system can there be a problem down the road getting replacement pads etc.?
  10. Why can't you use the newer drive line or doesn't it match up either.
  11. With this setup do I have to switch to 17" rims? I'm thinking I do. Dave OOPS --- Went back and read your 1st post and got the answer to this.
  12. I was reading through the archives on TDR last nite and the EGR conversion may be the route to go. From what I gathered the only downside was a less than perfect parking brake. That seems to be a fixable problem to me. I don't think the master cylinder or proportioning valve has to be changed out. There is another Co. that sells kits as well. I'll see if I can find the thread on it
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