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  1. I have flushed the rad out and it had a small amount of scale but still flowed ok, Is it possible for a water pump on these things to quit working, say maybe after the block was drained and dryed for a couple of weeks. Please help i'm at my wits end and i dont want to blow this thing up K i think it's too late, at idle it works as normal, but when i put boost in it, it overflows out of the catch can so you think i've blown another head gasket or is it the head
  2. where do i get the starter rebuild that replaces the contacts
  3. had to change the way my pc looks at it and it worked thanks for all the help
  4. thanks it needs to get a little farther south unless i can sell it here
  5. Thank you Can you tell me how to set my controls? When I click on a topic it won't show me an updated version I have to go down to the bottom and and click the search button. I dont have to change it just click on it
  6. could one of the admin guys help me please? first could you delete the extra threads that got made when i tried to post pics of my jeep and the extra one about my tires for sale and it makes me switch view each time i open a topic and i cant see the last reply until the next day tia mike
  7. Vaughn...I was under the impression he was headed to OKlahoma City lol Guess I don't get out enough might work if you could get it to new mexico just a thought
  8. anyone going as far south as OK city or farther and willing to tow a jeep witin the next 2 weeks or so let me know has tow bar accepts 2 inch ball and lights hook up
  9. anyone going south and willing to pull a jeep to OK city or south of that within the next 2 weeks has tow bar with 2 inch ball and lights
  10. 3.18 for B20 at rexville grocery out on BEST road
  11. this place try this place the retrofit kit takes about thirty min and your done
  12. Are you sure the comp clutch needs replacing ? on my 91.5 ther was a low pressure switch in the system that wont let the clutch engage it would also blow my W/W fuse cause it gets power there just double check that i thought the same thing then i noticed that if i turned on my W/W and the A/C was on it would blow the fuse
  13. the extension is 30 bucks and these are OEM from the stealer but i gotta hook up
  14. i can get the wratchet for 30 and the the lug wrench 28.50 and if you need the bag that puppy is 69.00 and from what i understand the tools are all the same for each year but im not sure
  15. dbrick exactly which pieces are you missing
  16. sorry i thought you just wanted a lug wrench
  17. Walmart has four ways on sale pick a color
  18. It''s just a solenoid inline with your front axle lock
  19. Now make a set for CTD thats usable. I'm really suprised that there's not a set out already
  20. John, MTR's are not that noisy they wear pretty good iv'e got 40 + on mine and they might have a 3rd left and they work good in everything ive had em in they do pick up rocks but nothing like the BFG's
  21. thats how i blew my HG i was watching my trannie temps not paying attention to the engine and when i looked over it had just pasted the last white mark and climbing when i topped the pass it touched the red locked it in to od and cooled off quick but thats when i noticed my water leak so ill be doing that at hosses place on the 13th
  22. thanks for the fast replies on my trip to IOWA it was in the upper 90s out and it was constantly running 190 195 oh yea i dont have anything in my fins i got a peice o screen covering it did that right after my first trip to spokane it was covered with bugs fluid is clean but there is some stuff in there it white and soft kinda mush in the fingers is there a special to flush these rads
  23. what is the stock thermostat temp for my truck and can i go a little cooler ? my normal temps are around 195 here on the wet side as soon as i get into warmer climates it goes up to around 200 and thats not even in any real heat
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