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  1. 4x4manonbroke

    05 Jetta TDI dead

    Ok so we checked the fusable links ... Everything is good there ... Just took 5 min to check.... Looking into relay next... Might spare 5 min to look that over ... I'll keep ya posted Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  2. 4x4manonbroke

    05 Jetta TDI dead

    We have a TDI Jetta at the shop.... Bosses daughters car, while driving one day it just stopped running ... Towed to shop and we're finding no power in several places. No ignition power no lights on dash etc... Anyone got an idea of what to test and where that part is would be very helpful I'm not an electric guy... I just build the engine's [emoji23] Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  3. 4x4manonbroke

    Project revive 93

    I'll try to make it out that way this next weekend... I'll shoot ya a text Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  4. 4x4manonbroke

    Project revive 93

    So I'd get the crank polished and do a heavy home and a new set of rings... Some cleaning on the Pistons and should be a good runner again ... Let me know if u want to make a weekend out of it I'll make plans Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  5. 4x4manonbroke

    Fuel system upgrades

    Thank you Ben ... And yes its a 70 gallon side mount fuel tank from a box truck... Same one i was using in my black and red F250 truck. I will be installing a fuel processor from a tour bus as well ... Massive water fuel seperator and filers to 5 microns... Should be enough... Lol
  6. 4x4manonbroke

    Fuel system upgrades

    I was thinking about making it continuous feed to the factory tank with a shut off valve in case i need it ... Also a non vented locking fuel cap as well... ? Basically I'll just keep it flowing until my factory tank starts moving the fuel guage 😁
  7. 4x4manonbroke

    8,000rpm Cummins explanation video

    WOW!!!8200rpm ...holy smokes. Nice to know even my 6700# truck can be competitive... I have been saving my money in hopes to start building another engine.... Maybe get a scrap truck just for racing usage 😁
  8. 4x4manonbroke

    Valve adjustment.....

    I'm gonna do my adjustment like that as well ...
  9. Ok i am planning on plumbing my 70 gallon tank into my factory tank... Like a transfer flow ... Anyone have a diy .. Thinking plumb the supply into the fuel neck... Factory vent goes to 70 gallon tank vent ? Or something like that .. Also .. Is it a good idea to feed the rwturn line of the p pump back into the inlet line when using a factory lift pump set up ?
  10. 4x4manonbroke

    Toyo m-55s free

    I have 2 285/75/16 e rated toyo m55s for free thiers some life left ... maybe burnout tires ? Or just for a roller in the shop ... Text or call me ... 253-985-5819
  11. 4x4manonbroke

    Anyone have any experience with old dozers?

    It would be slow moving chaos... like a slow motion train wreck
  12. 4x4manonbroke

    Odd transmission issue

    I recently serviced the transmission thinking it needed a filter ... but same issue ... I had this put in 2yrs ago ... this is a recent issue
  13. 4x4manonbroke

    Odd transmission issue

    Ok so i have a 47rh ... i had a trans shop put in my billet servos and a SunCoast street/Tow valve body... so i am beginning to have issues .... transmission keeps acting as if its low on fluid, so i am running the transmission 1-1.5qts over the full line .. and now it shifts perfect never misses a shift ... it wasnt going into od or lock. So i think its somthing to do with the mount from vb to trans ... like its getting air in between or something ?
  14. 4x4manonbroke

    Finally got pics of the trailer

    Nice lookin unit
  15. 4x4manonbroke

    how to re-fuel type a vehicle

    That would be great... Much appreciate the help