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  1. 4x4manonbroke

    Fuel system upgrades

    Thank you Ben ... And yes its a 70 gallon side mount fuel tank from a box truck... Same one i was using in my black and red F250 truck. I will be installing a fuel processor from a tour bus as well ... Massive water fuel seperator and filers to 5 microns... Should be enough... Lol
  2. 4x4manonbroke

    Fuel system upgrades

    I was thinking about making it continuous feed to the factory tank with a shut off valve in case i need it ... Also a non vented locking fuel cap as well... ? Basically I'll just keep it flowing until my factory tank starts moving the fuel guage 😁
  3. 4x4manonbroke

    8,000rpm Cummins explanation video

    WOW!!!8200rpm ...holy smokes. Nice to know even my 6700# truck can be competitive... I have been saving my money in hopes to start building another engine.... Maybe get a scrap truck just for racing usage 😁
  4. 4x4manonbroke

    Valve adjustment.....

    I'm gonna do my adjustment like that as well ...
  5. Ok i am planning on plumbing my 70 gallon tank into my factory tank... Like a transfer flow ... Anyone have a diy .. Thinking plumb the supply into the fuel neck... Factory vent goes to 70 gallon tank vent ? Or something like that .. Also .. Is it a good idea to feed the rwturn line of the p pump back into the inlet line when using a factory lift pump set up ?
  6. 4x4manonbroke

    Toyo m-55s free

    I have 2 285/75/16 e rated toyo m55s for free thiers some life left ... maybe burnout tires ? Or just for a roller in the shop ... Text or call me ... 253-985-5819
  7. 4x4manonbroke

    Anyone have any experience with old dozers?

    It would be slow moving chaos... like a slow motion train wreck
  8. 4x4manonbroke

    Odd transmission issue

    I recently serviced the transmission thinking it needed a filter ... but same issue ... I had this put in 2yrs ago ... this is a recent issue
  9. 4x4manonbroke

    Odd transmission issue

    Ok so i have a 47rh ... i had a trans shop put in my billet servos and a SunCoast street/Tow valve body... so i am beginning to have issues .... transmission keeps acting as if its low on fluid, so i am running the transmission 1-1.5qts over the full line .. and now it shifts perfect never misses a shift ... it wasnt going into od or lock. So i think its somthing to do with the mount from vb to trans ... like its getting air in between or something ?
  10. 4x4manonbroke

    Finally got pics of the trailer

    Nice lookin unit
  11. 4x4manonbroke

    how to re-fuel type a vehicle

    That would be great... Much appreciate the help
  12. 4x4manonbroke

    Maybe getting a local "pro" pulling track

    ould be pretty awesome to have more shows to attend... gotta get back in the groove
  13. 4x4manonbroke

    how to re-fuel type a vehicle

    Yes that's more or less what I am looking for, 4 doors, 4wd would be nice but dully is kind of were I am set at must have .... As it will be a hauler
  14. 4x4manonbroke

    how to re-fuel type a vehicle

    I am now in Spanaway ( Pierce County ) my thoughts are finding a Chevrolet 4 door truck likethe llate 70's orearly 80s and dropping my 12V drivetrain into one of those ( want a 2wd puller with 4 doors)..dont wanna buy a new truck just yet ... still wanna tiinker a lil.... So if i had to or wanted to "re-fuel type" a vehicle...can that even be done? or do u think age of the vehicle just dosent need smog anymore ? anyonegota link to those rules or laws , I cant seem to pin it down myself.
  15. Ok so i am looking into buying a gasser vehicle and doing a conversion.... What do i need t do ? retitle it as a diesel ? any info would be very helpful