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  1. MSquare

    Wenatchee to Tukwila

    Don't know if you all know or not, Marla and I moved to Wenatchee last year. I'm still working in Tukwila and make the trip 4-5 times a month. I'd be more then happy to Bomber Express things if needed. This site has meant a lot to me over the years. The people, the friends, the BOMB parties and the site have been great. Pay it forward. 😎
  2. MSquare

    Ram recall slipping out of Park

    Added to my list. GRRRR.
  3. MSquare

    07 Ram Headlights

    Paul has a good hook up for aftermarket light housings, HID and LED kits. I had his contact info and can't locate it. Paul???
  4. MSquare


    Go to the Geno's Garage site, www.genosgarage.com)look up water pumps in their engine parts section. They have some good info on inspecting your water pump to see if it needs to be replaced. Cant help with the tranny issue.....yet!
  5. MSquare

    Going up!

    I needed a better tire for the snow, so I replaced my Michelin LTX Defenders (highway tire with a M+S rating) with a set of Nitto EXO Grapplers (3 Peak snow rating). First commute over Thursday morning, as expected, they were noisy compared to the LTX's and rode rougher. Didn't see any snow though it looks like I will driving home tomorrow. They certainly look nicer, way more aggressive looking and a choice of sidewalls! Sorry for the hijack Adam, your truck looks great!
  6. MSquare

    Muffler choices, suggestion?

    I can't believe nobody has suggested a 51" Donaldson!!!
  7. MSquare

    2014 Cummins delete tuner

    Can you go into more detail about what it does and what you like? Thanks!
  8. MSquare

    Michelin Defender LTX

    Just put some new tires on my truck and if someone is looking for a set, I'll make a Bomber deal. Otherwise, I'll cram them in the garage until the spring/summer. They are 285/65/20, great ride, good mpg, great rain tire and ok in the snow. They are M/S rated, but they are a highway tire. They came with a 50k warranty, less then a year old and maybe 10k on them, I'll verify tomorrow. I'm going over Blewett and Snoqulmie 4-5 times a month round trip and needed a better snow tire. That is the only reason these are for sale! Space is tight, paid over 1100 and will sell for 400. PM or give me a call or text. Thanks - Marty
  9. I have a set of the Nitto EXO Grapplers on order. I looked hard at the Ridge Grapplers, but decided on the EXO's due to the 3 Peak Snow rating. Driving over Snoqualmie and Blewett Pass's once a week will make you look for a good snow tire! Read about these in the TDR, supposed to be built specifically with 3/4 ton trucks in mind.
  10. Gary - I was very happy with the DT Profab Trac Bar on my 02.
  11. MSquare

    Suspension Upgrade

    Who do you go by on TDR?
  12. MSquare

    Suspension Upgrade

    On the Carli site, they actually address the cargo issue and it's shown to be a little better then a 1/2 ton. I'd like to do it asap, but finding a good shop nearby is a problem. I don't have the tools or space to do it anymore, probably lacking some knowledge/skill too! LOL
  13. MSquare

    Suspension Upgrade

    The 1/2 ton info was direct from Thurens site. That is an awesome pic of your truck!!! The upgrade options for my 2015 are fairly limited from Carli and Thuren. Carli basically has all the same hardware in their three levels, its the shocks that are different. Carli doesn't offer Bilsteins for my truck, just Fox and Kings.
  14. MSquare

    Suspension Upgrade

    Agree totally Ben, no leveling kit!
  15. MSquare

    Suspension Upgrade

    Since we moved to Wenatchee, I have had my truck off road a lot more then when we lived on the west side. I'm not going crazy, but just going on fire roads and exploring a bit and if I wanted to really hit it, I wouldn't be doing it in 3/4 ton truck! The stock suspension really isn't cutting it, in fact it is terrible! So I've been looking at Carli, Thuren, AEV and BDS. From what I've found, BDS is more along the lines of a lift kit, not what I'm looking for. AEV allows you to run big ass tires, but not much else. Thuren has an amazing reputation and suspension systems (not lift kits) but in their own words, you end with a 1/2 ton capacity in the rear. It's not that I'm hauling tons of stuff or towing, but I don't want to give the capability up. That leaves Carli, true suspension system. They address the load/towing issue, you loose some, but not as dramatic of a loss as the Thuren. Their kits are pretty interesting, all three complete systems are essentially the same hardware and amount of lift, 3". The difference in them is the shocks, Fox, Fox with reservoirs and King. Holy cow the Kings are spendy!!! What do you think? Anyone have any first hand experience with Carli?