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  1. RamWeld

    PacBrake airbag leak. Help

    I have run into that with push connect fittings before as well. It can be a chore to get the entire system to seal. I've heard of friends running ARB air-lockers in Jeeps that have trouble also. I've got the onboard air PacBrake system and just added the air horn kit. I had a slow leak down for a couple days after install. I checked all the air fittings and they seemed solid but I trimmed a couple questionable connection ends and firmly reconnected them and pulled back out to seat and now it seems to hold up better. I'll be curious to hear more input on this matter. Good luck with your bags.
  2. RamWeld

    New truck...2005 Dodge 3500 dually white sport

    Here's my white Dually (Bought from Dave Perea) and my brother-in-law Brandon's 07 black dually.
  3. RamWeld

    I thought I had a pretty cool truck...

    Someday I hope to check that truck out.
  4. RamWeld

    New truck...2005 Dodge 3500 dually white sport

    Yea you're a Port Orchard guy too I see. I'm actually down here in the Burley area close to Ron's Auto Wrecking, where bouts are you? I checked out your page, you're only 3 months younger than me too, funny. Any pictures of your rig on here anywhere? I'm working on getting some new ones up on my photobucket link of the 05.
  5. RamWeld

    New truck...2005 Dodge 3500 dually white sport

    That's great info. I've never experienced the problem personally but I'll keep it in mind. I am pretty religous about changing fluids too, hopefully that helps me out. Are there any common problems similar in the G56? I am a little skeptical of them after I saw my brother-in-law blow his to pieces pulling his trailer.
  6. RamWeld

    New truck...2005 Dodge 3500 dually white sport

    Thanks, nice dually.
  7. RamWeld

    New truck...2005 Dodge 3500 dually white sport

    I enjoy the gear ratios of the NV5600. Granted it does not have as low of a low-range first gear as the G56, but it does have a tad better overdrive 6th gear. With the 4.10's in the dually, every bit helps. I have been around G56 trucks, and don't get me wrong they seem to have been a great transmission, but I have not had the need for that low of a low range gear. I also like that the NV5600 has a cast-iron case, to the G56's aluminum case. Aluminum is an amazing material but I have my concerns with aluminum gear boxes and torque deflection. Not to mention, my brother-in-law just grenaded his G56 hauling a 38' toy-hauler up north HWY-3 out of Belfair a couple months ago...so I'm not sure the reason for that but it concerns me. Listed here are the ratios of the NV5600 (listed first) to the G56 ratios. The G56 is pretty close in ratio, but you can see it's lower geared across the board. From personal experience with my 2000 Dodge, the NV5600 suits me perfectly. Also, I believe the G56 is made by Mercedes and designed for heavy duty applications up to 12 tons, neither here nor there but interesting. 1st - 5.63 - 6.29 2nd - 3.38 - 3.48 3rd - 2.04 - 2.10 4th - 1.39 - 1.38 5th - 1.00 - 1.00 6th - 0.73 - 0.79 Rev - 5.63 - 6.29
  8. RamWeld

    New truck...2005 Dodge 3500 dually white sport

    Yea white's a good color, my first diesel was a 1999 Dodge that was white, and I put a matching cab-height canopy on it, it was a really good looking truck, one of the cleaner ones I've seen, sold that due to it having the 47RE automatic and me hating it, and bought the 2000 with a manual NV5600. That truck was silver....there's a picture link in my sig if you're interested. Now I've got pretty much my dream truck with the 2005 dually white sport with the NV5600. It's a great truck, and I'm excited to have it. Looking forward to meeting more of the crowd around here.
  9. RamWeld

    New truck...2005 Dodge 3500 dually white sport

    haha, yep rollin with a phat butt alright. Great site, do you guys know if there are many folks on here from my neck of the woods over here in Kitsap County? I guess noone is too far away, being a NW site! It's been fun nosing around here.
  10. Just bought a new truck - 2005 Dually Sport (white), NV5600. New pictures to come soon. Check out the link in my sig to the old truck pictures too! It went to a Cumminsforum.com member out of Montana.