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  1. cool! I really like the bridge and trails, everything about that place. Glad you got some peaceful time there. If I could know the schedule beforehand, that is really one of my favorite spots. Or maybe just get a dog sitter for a weekend
  2. we tried that place once when the jets were solid in the pattern. The Kate Dog crawled under the bed and would not come out. Luckily we had just backed into a spot to see how bad it was going to be. We took a ride up to Hurricane Ridge in the national park. Did I mention that I like to visit snow? The road crew has their equipment plugged in about 2/3rds of the way up the mountain. Massive Oshkosh blower. Note the dented tanks. It does battle up there. AWD Cat grader with snow wing. Chains on everything.
  3. We ran up towards Sequim and Port Townsend. First night at Fort Warden. Currently camped out at Dosewallips. w
  4. hear hear! Mary's new rig is auto leveling, and goes through a bunch of contortions at startup. I think it will blind the crap out of some poor driver over a rise though. I keep a Torx in the door of the truck because she squats a bit with the 5th wheel.
  5. I found a set of 2015 alloys, 17" with Les Schwab winter tires with only one season on them. Closer? yes Cheaper? yes Better value? yes 90% winter tires? yes Sexier? NO
  6. do you think these black wheels would look good on the white car?
  7. That trailer specification was written by lawyers, not engineers. Keep that in mind when thinking about this. In Europe you'd have a 2500 pound caravan that sleeps 4 behind it on a hidden hitch. Those lawyers are reading things like this: and acting to minimize liability. There are towing speed limits in most states that line up with the commercial truck speed limits.
  8. our backseater had windows down to take pictures when we met that blower, and the chute was pointed to our side of the road when we came around the corner. It was panic windows up, like a panic dive in a submarine! The operator quickly swung the nozzle around but we all had a laugh.
  9. It drove OK for Mary on the factory quiet tires. I was pleased about the performance, and she went looking for the edge of traction.
  10. We visited the snow today in Mary's new rig, took a drive to Paradise. On the way up, it was chains required except for AWD/4WD and approved tires. We got stuck behind a Nissan Versa 5 door shortly after leaving Longmire, with the rear tires chained up. 🤣 Met the big snowblower on the way up And a couple of really badass Oshkosh plows. That hill there? in the summer that is flat ground LOL On the way back down we saw this hobbit hole, or may be the door to Narnia right by the road. Turns out that it is
  11. the brochures on each engine have the basic specs, length, width, weight dry and wet. The 429 HP engine is 3102 wet.
  12. At least they took you in the pickup. With that moving truck they would just lie. You'd show up give it every effort you could do and then tell them straight up they had to pay for a shuttle. And then the howling would commence!
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