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  1. 42MT? it has a 15 speed if that's what you're asking I don't know specific model numbers of bell housings.
  2. it's a 3406 b cat The title says it all. my shoulders are not up to hoisting one of those 60 lb cat starters up from below by myself, right now I've got a tap on the solenoid to get the thing to start most times. It looks like I can get the solenoid off but I was going to ask the experts.
  3. sure thing. I have not hefted them yet, but my back seems to recall something north of 70 pounds each, Guessing 60" long total.
  4. *NOT* constructed from tubing The threads are fine. Good to go! We'll figure something out RE payment and Bomber Express.
  5. I have a couple of backhoe buckets. First up, a narrow (18"?) bucket for the old Ford multi stick machines, with ripper shank pockets welded to the back. It's rough, $50 for parts purposes. I also have a 36" digging bucket in great shape for the 580/590 Case backhoes. $500 . Can be found new at ~ $1300
  6. I haven't even touched them besides oil. I am a firm believer in "Oil it and just walk away" several times. I tried to turn them by hand and that was a no-go.
  7. These are at least 1" coarse threads that clamp the bucket. You'd have to scarf the nuts off and re-make the whole thing if I can't free them up.
  8. nah, I would have featured that for sure!
  9. Mike, I didn't forget you. I wanted to be sure the threads are workable, so I put some WD40 on there until I can get some real oil on there and try them with a cheater bar. I will keep you posted. I have sold the trench box, probably the pipe on Monday, I have 5 guys asking about the brush rake, and the company who bought the trench box want the Topkick flatbed too. I have not listed Betsy yet.
  10. we used them on a 590 Case, I would be surprised if they didn't work. I will check them out.
  11. Clamp on forks for backhoe or loader bucket. $75 Solid steel and not cheesy tubing like these. Heavy! https://www.amazon.com/Pallet-4000lbs-capacity-Skidsteer-Tractor/dp/B008EER7ZA
  12. 1994 GMC Topkick LoPro 16' flatbed with stake sides. 227K miles. 3116 CAT with Allison 4 speed auto. Hydraulic brakes and 26,000 pound GVW = No CDL required. I started it up today with a single group 27 battery. Driver's window broken, needs a new battery or 3. $1500
  13. Good job resisting! what Betsy would be good for is some farmer's service truck it'd be so cool to have your tools put away with parts and things and have a pipe rack.
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