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  1. Mine eats a little in the blowby, and turbo seals.
  2. 5K on the truck with non-synthetic, and 10K with synthetic on the TDI's. Changing the truck and a beetle today
  3. skyking

    Fuel filters on the 18

    I used to make a horrible mess changing the camry oil, till I figured out to punch a hole in the top of the filter and walk away for a while. I still dump diesel all over the place, Mark.
  4. I love the truck now, but I see a day when an 8 speed auto truck would be nice. It would be a retirement truck. I would not go from a 6 speed manual to any of the 4 speed autos, just NO.
  5. skyking

    Fuel filters on the 18

    Those oh so smooth moves. you still got it, Mark
  6. skyking

    Dead pedal on the beetle.

    I may get Saturday off. Since this is a PD 150 intake, nobody stocks that gasket locally. I will cut a new one. I don't want a whole spare car, but a 2 liter to build up would be great.👨‍🔧
  7. skyking

    Dead pedal on the beetle.

    I was wrong again . I need to keep making these bad assumptions, it saves me from grief The race pipe was loose and a couple of bolts missing. Super easy fix, but I will need a new gasket. 25 psi tends to destroy things.
  8. skyking

    Dead pedal on the beetle.

    I tried starting a new topic but the internet is too flakey. The beetle is rolling coal like a pro. Low boost and real James Bond smoke. I get 3-5 psi on the gauge, so I doubt anything came off like a pipe connection. I will be pulling codes whii get home.
  9. skyking

    Fire pit patio project

    I'm with ya there!
  10. skyking

    clutch not disengaging

    having a spare vehicle or two takes the sweat off when one does break, just sayin. We have 3 to drive 2, and I will not go lower than that.
  11. skyking

    I got a new Diesel in the garage.

    Cool Ben !
  12. I'm liking that feature. Always a good time for coffee
  13. skyking

    Lots of changes lately

    Lots of new iron there Bob, that's a blast!
  14. skyking

    Annual August bomb party! Aug 18th

    Mark and Terry, thank you so much for hosting us. It was nice to see you all again.
  15. skyking

    FIRE SALE, I want RZR, Bikes going CHEAP

    It goes in cycles for me. I did a great deal of playing and hooning around in early days, now I'm focusing on getting more set aside for retirement. You have to play some time