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  1. skyking

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    I don't do Any non-acceleration above 2200. I try and get it up to speed like a testosterone addled teenager, and get into whatever gear gets me 2000-ish.
  2. skyking

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    Fwiw, I used to get 47 or so on the highway and 44 mixed driving. Then I turned it up a whole lot:) Now I'm happy to see 44 ever! I do see 40 in the winter time with my crappy commute. This morning for example, I think I hit 10 lights in the 16 mile commute.
  3. skyking

    Yakima valley West bound

    I'm over here on short notice with an empty beetle. Heading back West at 430 or so.
  4. Mine eats a little in the blowby, and turbo seals.
  5. 5K on the truck with non-synthetic, and 10K with synthetic on the TDI's. Changing the truck and a beetle today
  6. skyking

    Fuel filters on the 18

    I used to make a horrible mess changing the camry oil, till I figured out to punch a hole in the top of the filter and walk away for a while. I still dump diesel all over the place, Mark.
  7. I love the truck now, but I see a day when an 8 speed auto truck would be nice. It would be a retirement truck. I would not go from a 6 speed manual to any of the 4 speed autos, just NO.
  8. skyking

    Fuel filters on the 18

    Those oh so smooth moves. you still got it, Mark
  9. skyking

    Dead pedal on the beetle.

    I may get Saturday off. Since this is a PD 150 intake, nobody stocks that gasket locally. I will cut a new one. I don't want a whole spare car, but a 2 liter to build up would be great.👨‍🔧
  10. skyking

    Dead pedal on the beetle.

    I was wrong again . I need to keep making these bad assumptions, it saves me from grief The race pipe was loose and a couple of bolts missing. Super easy fix, but I will need a new gasket. 25 psi tends to destroy things.
  11. skyking

    Dead pedal on the beetle.

    I tried starting a new topic but the internet is too flakey. The beetle is rolling coal like a pro. Low boost and real James Bond smoke. I get 3-5 psi on the gauge, so I doubt anything came off like a pipe connection. I will be pulling codes whii get home.
  12. skyking

    Fire pit patio project

    I'm with ya there!
  13. skyking

    clutch not disengaging

    having a spare vehicle or two takes the sweat off when one does break, just sayin. We have 3 to drive 2, and I will not go lower than that.
  14. skyking

    I got a new Diesel in the garage.

    Cool Ben !
  15. I'm liking that feature. Always a good time for coffee