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  1. skyking

    70 charger for sale

    I did have one, and I did get in trouble.......
  2. skyking

    2007 5.9

    The first thing my wife noticed about the third gen was the peace and quiet.
  3. skyking

    2007 5.9

    You are welcome Yes it is a good looking truck. You see more 2wd in Texas . That's what I noticed when I was looking.
  4. skyking

    2013 DSG Beetle report

    I ordered up all the service kits for engine and transmission, fuel filter, cabin air, air filter, a mighty vac. Today I installed the ECS Tuning skid plate. Not mounted as stoutly as the Atlas, but still some peace of mind.
  5. skyking

    2007 5.9

    I had it done at a little place called Stella Ben did all the hard work and provided the expertise and tools. I just looked, the 3.42 rear gears for my truck are now $444, and I added a $238 master overhaul set. summit racing has the gears much better at 282 Master overhaul is 242
  6. skyking

    2007 5.9

    I just looked up the part on Amazon if turned out to be the cheapest price. I'm right in the middle of working on the new beetle putting on a skid plate or I would look it up for you.
  7. skyking

    Cracked block

    thanks. May have found a good non-53 block elsewhere.
  8. skyking

    Cracked block

    Can he use a later model ISB block, out of a 2005 for example? What would need to be changed?
  9. skyking

    wildlife in the city

    Working at Terminal 18, I have seen all sorts of critters close to the city. There's an osprey nest on the light pole above the job, and when I left the crane up, they used the boom tip as a perch to look for food in the water. Today I watched the osprey down in the water several times. They are looking for candlefish, little perch, things like that. They can't take on a salmon I have seen kingfishers under the concrete dock, down in the water, flying through at high speed. Tough to get a picture of those. In the port of Tacoma, there's a family of raccoon that live off of the little crab under the docks at Trident Seafood. They nest under the docks, in outbuildings, wherever they get some shelter. We had torn apart their world, repairing the dock. He was not too concerned about us, and kept on hunting yesterday.
  10. skyking

    1st Gen Blowing Fuse #4

    those gremlins can be so hard to find, glad you located it.
  11. skyking

    Fishing 2019

    I didn't get to fish today, but the salmon were just spectacular at Terminal 18! They were jumping all over the place, and when I got up on the dock and looked down, you could see 100 salmon swim by in huge groups. I keep my phone in my car when working on the water, having gone in once at work. Tomorrow I will get some pictures.
  12. skyking

    Cracked block

    best to stick with a similar vintage 24V block?
  13. skyking

    Cracked block

    The only info I could find, short of getting a new block was lock n Stitch. http://castingrepair.locknstitch.com/item/kits-for-specific-repairs/5-9-cummins-53-crack-repair-and-reinforcement-kits/lc59rb3k I don't know how well that works or even what it costs. Hoping some others chime in.
  14. skyking

    2013 DSG Beetle report

    30 K when we purchased it. It has the emissions warranty plus a 2 year unlimited mile warranty with a $50 deductible from the dealer. Everything works, and I hope that any gremlins that it may have will pop up in the next two years.