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  1. skyking

    2007 Dodge rebuild

    Update on the truck. I am just tickled about how nice this is to drive. Big thanks to Dave, Ben, and Mark for all your help and encouragement. Thank you again Mark, for letting me take Babe up north in really rotten conditions to get it built. And letting me camp out for a month, LOL Mary's car is acting up, so I am driving it to work for a bit and it is nice. I get over 20 MPG on my short commute to Puyallup Fairgrounds.
  2. skyking

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    Mostly good, I am improving :) Thank you for reminding me about the condenser.
  3. skyking

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    I hope you all had a great time. As I suspected, I needed to run to Yakima to refurbish a lift for my brother in law, I built 16 years ago. It uses water pressure to get him out of the swimming pool.
  4. skyking

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    That F word might keep us from coming too.
  5. skyking

    My neighbor dodged a bullet!

    Nice work! Lucky guy to have a great neighbor.
  6. I know everybody has this covered but let me know if I can help.
  7. skyking

    Selling the 98 12v g56 compounds

    I would love to have that if I didn't already have my rig. Nice!
  8. skyking

    Got rear ended in the Jetta tonight. :(

    Like USPS flat rate shipping box, if it fits it ships.
  9. skyking

    Costco Solar Charger

    Two of the reviews mentioned missing charge controller s.
  10. skyking

    Big Load

    Nice thread , Mike. Those liebherr cranes are so nice. The school has a 120 ton, it was sweet. You preselect the configuration you want, ant uses a single cylinder and pin system to set up the boom. The cylinder takes a section out, pins it, strokes back in to get the next. Incredibly smooth to operate.
  11. You can make an overhead frame in the shop and pick it off the trailer with a 3 ton chain come along. Set it on a pallet jack to get it where you want. One of those TJI would pick it easy, with some 4x4 legs and braced to the shop wall.
  12. skyking

    TST #10 Fuel Plate kit

    Dieselbound has a stocker waiting to be unleashed.
  13. skyking

    TST #10 Fuel Plate kit

    ....and the guy shows up
  14. skyking

    Testing exhaust system

    lol, the x on the pavement on that second video.
  15. skyking

    TST #10 Fuel Plate kit

    cool. I know a guy........... It would cost him about 500 after he got done with the other necessary parts.