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  1. cool, I glass bead blasted the worst of it, and have degreased/cleaned it all with thinners and rags.
  2. do you bother with POR's metal etch process?
  3. It's a bummer, but it did not seem right without the possibility of any Canadian participation. Next year I'll cook scratch pancakes and someone will bring the syrup.
  4. That is looking great Ben. Now you're good for several years of not working on it
  5. Not sure on what seals, but I would be concerned about overall drive line health too. U-joints and carrier bearings can put a lot of stress on the output bushing and the input bearing on the rear diff.
  6. I will put that power pulse on my battery switch. That way it won't draw them down, and do the magic when we are either out or charging the batteries.
  7. Shane replaced the heater control lights on my 07 for me, along with the dash light by the fuel gauge. That was a troublesome one to have dark.
  8. cool idea on the power pulse, thank you. I am setting up the trailer for a mobile office for Mary. I already have a 1500W inverter, and I think I will double up on the solar panels from the start. Her office is not an energy hog, just a laptop and one extra monitor to give two screen usage. I have a sit-stand desk mechanism to build it on, and I knocked the dinette out years ago in the first remodel. There is plenty of space. The futon is being changed out for a loveseat power recliner with battery power. We have the same manufacturer, Stanton, in our living room and I charge the little battery about once a month. I was worried about weight, so I had my 250 pound friend lay on the futon while I extended and then retracted the slide. It will work fine. If I have the time to take off and she does not, we can at least get a couple of day jump on the weekend, and she can still be on the clock during the day.
  9. I'm washing it today I'll give it a look. honestly I'm afraid about sandblasting right through the edge frame of that truck bed it's that bad !
  10. That looks great man I ordered up some of the POR-15 to put underneath the white on that rusty truck I'm working on. I was just going to use extend but I don't think it's good enough for the kind of rust I have.
  11. I leave mine in quite a bit to exercise the U-joints. I just about lost one NOT doing that enough. They are there for 2wd low backing the trailer. For that, it is the bomb-Party
  12. Mine don't feel that much better, but I have not put them to a big panic stop test. They certainly work well.
  13. Thinking of the .1 as opposed to the .5. I think my clutch would hate the .5
  14. think of the movie "The Princess Bride" AS you wish!
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