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  1. I did that too. I take the electric impact to them and the rails are out.
  2. I'll have the company one ton truck so I can clear out space in the bed. Limited dry storage. Room on the pipe rack if needed.
  3. go to fuelly and see how they do. Forget the EPA estimates, the fuelly people typically wring out as much as possible, and also a group of them drive like A$$ and get terrible MPGs so you see both extremes My hunch is, you won't like the economy of the Volvos.
  4. From the post, it looks like the whole transmission was replaced by vw and likely is the updated mechatronics. Nice car! I know you could use the space.
  5. I found them a while back by just scrolling all the way down to the bottom.
  6. I saw in the comments that somebody saw it later on the same trailer, and the tires looked way overloaded. But they got it upright and back on that trailer.
  7. Didn't look hurt at all. The trick is recovering it without damage. I wish somebody videoed the recovery?
  8. climbing that ramp was hard work, Imma lay down here for a while.
  9. That was about 1/3 the trailer needed. Low bidder gets the bid! Now for the crane rental, and the guy with the right trailer to show up. Best comment below the video: FASS Diesel fuel systems "Just go with something else"
  10. Indeed! Combined with the tuner, the towing EGT's are a dream. I know that is not Pat's deal, but when you lean into the pedal for extended periods the difference is dramatic.
  11. I think you'll see a bunch of snow soon, Mark. Maybe not so much down south, but the long term forecasts are for some heavy accumulations, and great snow pack in the mountains.
  12. That's slick, Mark. Like having infinite spreader bars!! I was just funnin ya. Here's the coolest Demag IMO, the new city crane. https://www.demagmobilecranes.com/en/city-cranes/ac-45-city/
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