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  1. $5 for the two. Same as these
  2. If we are not in a huge hurry I'll be wanting to drive anyway and I want to talk to Ben about some projects.
  3. Is this VW beetle with the seats folded kind of stuff? Or is it pick up bed kind of stuff?
  4. All of our tdi's definitely beat the the Dodge and Ram trucks !
  5. sounds like it may have a gauge seeing the post above. All the OBD2 apps that I have messed with you can pick engine temperature.
  6. Does the 06 have a gauge? I know the older Mark Four don't, I use a scan gauge and my new gray beetle runs cold I think it needs a thermostat. It'll even throw a check engine light for it. This one's running about 66 C, it definitely feels decidedly cooler than when they run around 90.
  7. Here's a blog post about the yearly dsg's https://www.shopdap.com/blog/post/the-vw-and-audi-dsg-transmission-reliability-longevity-and-more.html it's really just like everything else, it doesn't pay to be on the front edge of things.
  8. It is in the tank in my 07 I can hear it run key on and also cycle while my smarty touch is programming.
  9. The first dsg's had problems. Seems like they had it all hashed out by the time they went to the common rail engine.
  10. I still wouldn't do it Mike. I'd pay the premium to get a reliable transmission. Once you get up in the late 2009-10, the DSG is okay. Anything older than that and you'd be best off buying one with a blown tranny and getting it rebuilt.
  11. If you can tap the pump wire and mount a light or something to show you when the pump circuit is getting juice you would know. Definitely something you want to fix because that's really hard on the CP3
  12. I'll be supporting my sister's family any way I can.
  13. As soon as I'm out of the sling at the end of this month, I expect to be making weekly trips to see family in Yakima. I can detour over to Mike's place or the dam very easily. Most trips will probably be in an empty Beetle but I can easily take the truck if needed. I enjoy driving it.
  14. It's very impressive and a testament to this site and members that this place has gone forward so long.
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