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  1. I'm liking that feature. Always a good time for coffee
  2. skyking

    Lots of changes lately

    Lots of new iron there Bob, that's a blast!
  3. skyking

    Annual August bomb party! Aug 18th

    Mark and Terry, thank you so much for hosting us. It was nice to see you all again.
  4. skyking

    FIRE SALE, I want RZR, Bikes going CHEAP

    It goes in cycles for me. I did a great deal of playing and hooning around in early days, now I'm focusing on getting more set aside for retirement. You have to play some time
  5. skyking

    Aug 18th food list

    anyone figure out a head count?
  6. skyking

    Aug 18th food list

    rolls are ordered.
  7. I tend to cheat, use wedges, a long rope to a truck, take limbs off to bias the lean, things like that. Or apply a dose of excavator Yellow if one is handy Neighbor had a widowmaker that had fallen into another tree, and then had *another* tree lean on that mess. He mowed the lawn under that I brought the 120 home, unloaded it, snuck into his yard from the side, laid it all down, and reloaded it in about 15 minutes. A few years before I was helping him prep for a new shop and he had a couple in his front yard he wanted down. Same 120, and I pushed this ~18" hemlock into the target just as I planned. Before the dust settles, this really pissed off squirrel comes out of the wreckage, tells us both off and scrambles out of the yard!!
  8. skyking

    Aug 18th roll call

    We'll be up at about 11 Saturday.
  9. skyking

    Aug 18th food list

    We will bring up fresh pretzel rolls from Hess Deli. They open at 9 so we won't arrive in a timely manner to cook breakfast. See you all around 11!
  10. skyking

    Doin outside work

    Looking great Mark! Fun puzzle pieces, and it all started with a good base.
  11. skyking

    2007 Dodge rebuild

    Update on the truck. I am just tickled about how nice this is to drive. Big thanks to Dave, Ben, and Mark for all your help and encouragement. Thank you again Mark, for letting me take Babe up north in really rotten conditions to get it built. And letting me camp out for a month, LOL Mary's car is acting up, so I am driving it to work for a bit and it is nice. I get over 20 MPG on my short commute to Puyallup Fairgrounds.
  12. skyking

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    Mostly good, I am improving :) Thank you for reminding me about the condenser.
  13. skyking

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    I hope you all had a great time. As I suspected, I needed to run to Yakima to refurbish a lift for my brother in law, I built 16 years ago. It uses water pressure to get him out of the swimming pool.
  14. skyking

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    That F word might keep us from coming too.
  15. skyking

    My neighbor dodged a bullet!

    Nice work! Lucky guy to have a great neighbor.