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  1. mostly empty truck Westbound this afternoon.
  2. I'm loving those temporary digs man. All next spring it will be awesome watching stuff green up.
  3. On a big parcel like yours, there is not the pressure to get the site location absolutely mathematically perfect. You are way back on your setbacks, and the inspector is not going to request a survey of your exact building corners. You have that going for you They care about crossing water and septic, the well radius setback, stuff like that. congrats again on all the progress!
  4. Yes that is wonderful. I really like that the white ones graced a wedding.
  5. that looks like a good day.
  6. I hope they opted for the extra large black tank!
  7. you and your young lads should build a stitch and glue boat. you could build a really beautiful awesome kayak or two, or a Dory or a runabout. There's lots of cool designs. Because you make them out of marine plywood they go together really fast.
  8. Ahh I figured that you might know. I have built some boats but the other way, hand layup over frames and stringers and plywood. Never had a mold and gelcoat.
  9. @stroketeck This guy has a bunch of molds. He might have the mold for your boat! https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/d/everett-glasply-boat-molds/7382547427.html
  10. I think you can get to that place with a very specific combination of drugs.
  11. Good you got it Gary. I have to tear into mine for different reasons, I think the board is bad.
  12. What he said. With everything underground that pretty much guarantees no 3 phase. Typically it is 3 hots at the top of the pole and a neutral below.
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