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  1. IF only there was enough room for twins /evil grin
  2. skyking

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    250 hp is a walk in the park for the stock hx35 and stock injectors. All it needs is a GSK, boost elbow, timing, fuel plate. That said, you don't have one anymore, so you may as well enjoy the benefits of a better turbo. Unless you know the stats on your injectors, fresh ones are a great investment in clean power.
  3. Katie the dog poked Mary in the cheek and said hey wake up. Animals are really sensitive to that kind of thing. She got out of bed just in time to feel the big Aftershock. I snoozed right through the whole thing
  4. skyking

    1997 Dodge 2500 4x4

    Well done! Now take the Craigslist posting down
  5. skyking

    new common rail in the family

    Update: first tank was 39 mpg with a fair amount of hooning.
  6. skyking

    new common rail in the family

    there's a 0.5 tune that is standalone, but anything more requires an additional DSG tune at $400. I know the MPG will go up, as well as the GPM (grins per mile). As it is, very fun to drive. It has a firm ride, not much different than the MkIV cars. It scoots right along with 133/225 at the wheels, but the economy will be in the upper 30's at best.
  7. My wife has driven the silver for almost 5 years, and in that time her osteo and rheumatoid arthritis has gotten to the point that shifting has lost some of its appeal. We drove a few different rigs, small SUVs, things like that. We kept coming back to the comfort of a 2 door, another beetle. It has 30K miles and is from the local area, one of the dieselgate cars. It has the nav and sunroof package, all the bells and whistles available. It comes with 24 months unlimited mile warranty. Now we get to ruminate over making adjustments now, or living with mediocre economy for 24 months first
  8. skyking

    Baby's getting new shoes!

    I know you're good, Marksmith, but I don't think you can unbead his new tires over the internet
  9. skyking

    Baby's getting new shoes!

    It can be fixed in the ABS section of the computer on 3rd gens, I suspect it is similar on later trucks.
  10. skyking

    Baby's getting new shoes!

    argh, got some bite!
  11. skyking

    My turn to get hit

    man that sucks!
  12. skyking

    1997 Dodge 2500 4x4

    That's unfortunate to say the least. I was watching this and hopeful for a quick sale to somebody on the board.
  13. skyking

    Angry Jetta

    took the E and the G out and left the R?
  14. skyking

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    good to hear, Mark.
  15. skyking

    Front hitch on new truck

    that's a great idea! these trucks are a challenge to work on, I use one of those sheetrock step benches all the time, and I'm a tall guy.