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  1. skyking

    HT3B with 23CM housing

    Surgery in 10 days, I will stay at the top of the slope and hang on with my good arm for now
  2. skyking

    HT3B with 23CM housing

    that would sit nice with my 351
  3. skyking


    If it is '09 or newer, it will be involved in some way with Dieselgate. Either they took the money and kept it, gave it back, or had the fix done. Each of those has different implications. After looking at a lot of the buyback cars, beware of some of the damage that happens when a car sits in a remote lot for up to several years.
  4. skyking

    Dim reverse lights on the '13 Beetle

    How do they work for you?
  5. skyking

    Dim reverse lights on the '13 Beetle

    These guys have a couple of different lights on the new beetles. http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=431934&highlight=reverse+lights
  6. skyking

    Dim reverse lights on the '13 Beetle

    I'll still have to hang a light on the car somewhere, the tail light itself is beyond fixing. All it does is let somebody know you are backing up.
  7. skyking

    Wanted: r410a refrigerant

    2nd heat pump is up and running, I do have spare R410A for anyone who needs it.
  8. Original Detroit power?
  9. Way better than that 'project' in Elk Heights, congratulations!
  10. They are truly worthless for backing. It is a 921LL bulb with 18 W of current draw, on a canbus system. Switching to an LED will likely trigger a canbus error with the lower current draw. I am looking for places under the rear valance to mount something like This mini off road light. Put an LED in the factory socket and also wire in the 12W draw of one of these on each side, and the Canbus might be happy. I know our older eyes will be, and there will be no doubt we are about to move in the backing up direction
  11. skyking

    New to me - not Blue

    Rob, I pulled the spacers on my 07 too. I think the next move is the link below Here's a link for drooling Kelderman I want it Candy
  12. skyking

    Wanted: r410a refrigerant

    I have a small can coming from Ebay, so I should have some to spare for anyone else who needs it.
  13. skyking

    Fire pit grill

    Best outdoor space I have seen lately. You are killing it, Mike Love that repurposed hood.
  14. I need about 6 ounces of r410a for a heat pump installation. Does anyone have a bottle I can buy some? Seems a waste to get several pounds bottle for this small amount,
  15. skyking

    Let's play "What's wrong with my truck?"

    Since you have a lack of other anomalies I would start to miss trust that gauge. I would pack a laser temp gun and take some shots when you open the hood.