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  1. skyking

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    I should remove the link. I have not made a fuelly entry in years
  2. skyking

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    My trips are 16 miles, and I get around 42~44 at the very best. Of course mine is far, far from stock
  3. skyking


    Mary and I laugh at the "moose antler" look too. My truck does about 50% towing and as soon as I get the trailer off at a campground, before we go exploring we fold those things down out of the way.
  4. skyking

    OXE 150 at Miami Boat Show

    I'm a big fan of safer, too. Outboard gassers are not so scary, but the inboards , yeesh!
  5. skyking

    Winter weather

    For a while
  6. skyking

    Winter weather

    That's a long day, just packing it off a bucket at a time
  7. skyking

    2002 rebuilt title

    I could not do an auto swap in good conscience, it needs to stay as it is. Probably your motivation too :) Somebody is going to get lucky to have it, Rob.
  8. skyking

    2002 rebuilt title

    I would be very interested in it if it had an auto. Go figure! I have upcoming surgery and have to park the manual transmissions. Good luck, Rob.
  9. skyking

    Winter weather

    Our road is not VW passable yet. 6-10" of wet gunk. The studded tires have enough traction but everything is going to fill up, lol. Mary stayed home today, but she will drop me off at the train station and take the truck to work. She does like showing up in it.
  10. skyking

    Winter weather

    Just finished up cooking bacon, home fries with onions, and eggs to order. Best snow day in a long time.
  11. skyking

    Winter weather

    I plugged my truck in yesterday morning before we took Mary's beetle to town. I had put the studded snows on her beetle after the first go-around, and wheel packed everything with the truck so we had no problems getting out on the road. More than once we knocked down some ice ridges with the aluminum belly pan She wanted the experience so I was shotgun. Came home and put the studs on the dodge. It was nice firing up a warm truck. I turned the key on and waited a second for the grid heater light to go out, LOL. Work was called off for me, and her BFF came over this morning to work from our home instead of hers. We have an office party going on
  12. skyking

    Winter weather

    12 F at our house this morning at dawn, sunny.
  13. skyking

    Winter weather

    I heard you out there! text me and I will open the gate tomorrow.
  14. skyking

    Winter weather

    I cleared off the truck and wheel packed the driveway. Mary's car has studded snows on it, but the road is too deep she'd be bellypanned. Once some people beat that down she will be good to go, until then it's the truck only. I don't think it is going away soon, so packing it down was the best option. Luigi the forklift has no plow attachment or chains!