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    And i need a new dually box .
  1. thumper 549

    12' G56 clutch tricks or tips?

    The mid-range trks (freightliner / internationoal etc ) that the G56 came in uses gear oil if I read it all correct. The ATF may not be best for it. Others can jump and correct me where necessary.
  2. thumper 549

    12' G56 clutch tricks or tips?

    I have a South Bend with over a 100k and even snow plow with it. (which is very hard on the whole drivetrain) The clutch still acts just fine but I do worry about it a little..I think it is called a conifer or something like that. It is a single disk .
  3. two crates 16 feet long, by 1 foot wide by 6 inches high. About 125 lbs each Helicopter rotor blades From North of Tulsa to, or towards NYS willing to pay. I dont trust regular commercial service (LTL) as they have become too stupid to deal with If interested I will give you my real live number and we can talk. thanx
  4. thumper 549

    Places to pull over on I 5 to sleep.

    I have not been there in a while but Mt Vernon used to have a trk stop on the west side of I5
  5. thumper 549

    Trailer Alignment in Everett/Seattle

    All it is is EZ- Start with to center to center of mounts (if they can be trusted.) If not Sq off the center of axles . What it all amounts to is- after all the hoopla people go through is- the center to cent of each axle is the the same, AND,_ Same distance apart,(front to rear ) and, same distance to the front, You SQ can from there using wire, or construction string VERY tight. Don't trust frame rails too much. The axles can be going straight and purrfect, with the frame all kitty whompus Once you pull the diagonals (3,4, 5) and the center of the axles run up the center you are Sq and straight. To make it more simple visualize the axles where you want them without a trailer frame. With spring hangars don't pull your hair out as they are sloppy at best Like I said this is all too simple and i would be happy to share if you PM me your number or versa visa
  6. thumper 549

    Trailer Alignment in Everett/Seattle

    Truly if you own some wrenches, a Tape, a couple other do-dads I can tell you how to do it........But I am not going to print out 3 paragraphs you will have to call me. Trust me, you will do as good, probably better than any shop.
  7. thumper 549

    Trailer Alignment in Everett/Seattle

    It may perhaps seem vague at first, But it is something that can be done with construction string and a tape measure. A shop uses straight lines as in lessors or lights. The string very tight will do the same thing
  8. Its not magic If you study the how to threads its pretty EZ We were taught in ford school to use Prussian blue . get the pattern right, heel, toe, and back lash, And of course preload on bearings
  9. thumper 549

    Serious- Wanted - Greyhound Bus - , you read right

    Looks like it could be one with what appears to be a window in the top. thanx!
  10. Disk are not near as mechanically efficient so lots of times a different bore is used in the Master cylinder. Being it is the rears you are doing, just check the part numbers for master cylinders between years, it might be the same as rears take less power.
  11. thumper 549

    Any glass guys in the Bomber network?

    Your local marine store and most hardware will carry 3M 5200. Comes in black or white. Nothing will ever get past it
  12. ABout the only thing that wears out in them is the jaws, and they sell rebuild kits...
  13. Take it to the scrap yard.
  14. Speaking of trucks Ii am SERIOUSLY looking for a 4x4 Freightliner, or International single axle, extended cab M2, or 7300, or ? serious. in fact very serious. I am not too concerned if it is just cab and chassis or what it may have bolted to it.