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  1. I learned whiest living in Alaska the Grids will suck the life out of everyting. In fact, they will kick on and off in cold temps! The lil aternator just keeps tring to do the job!! When i replace this one it will be with a the big 200 plus amp type. The grids were deleted and have not ever looked back. Not needed . Next- I am cutting two hatches in the bed? maybe, anyway as far rear as posabel . The batteries need to be there to help ballance out the plow -the biggest reason i am moving them. To clear out the front is the other. With really large cable the losses will hardly be affected -it is only 12 feet or so
  2. I think these are going where the spare was , as i have not used that location in years. It was a too stupid of an idea in the first place to have it there.
  3. OK, a hatch in the bed N.P. Batteries Mounted "streight up" as in SOP Leave a jumper post up front to help others or get help. I have always used group 31 even in the front, as they are over 1000 CCA each. Thats what I will be usining Yes, larger cables... Now has anyone moved their batteries to the rear? This makes sence to me as the front axle wth a plow on is over loaded anyway. Cables should be tinned , in fact all cables and wiring should be . It stops the green rot.
  4. I have the truck still in pieces .. For years I have been thinking about moving the Batts to the rear behind rear axle . Why? With the plow on i would need less weight to comensate. ( V plow) It would give me more room to spot all my troubles up front. I already still have the box off, so its sort of s streigh forward job.. Maybe i just want to be different....sort of am anyway lol Anyone else ever do this -move the batts to the rear? thanx
  5. rubystargoats- He should get a couple of stars! What a GREAT guy! He sent me the airbags The people on here are the best! I will be sending you some cash this week thanx!
  6. YUP' If they lose a load it is NOT a police problem, it is a Cival problem. If you do not do the above you are running on hope.... ALSO make sure there ia a BOL and you sighned it .
  7. I bought a Harley on the other coast . I made a deal with thier local Harley shop to act as the sales , and paid them a few bucks for the transaction and storage untill i got it out of there. Next - If you are trucking your vehical back-there is no law REQUIRING them to have cargo insurance ! You must ask for a DOT number to make sure they are legit and "run it" Next- Ask for a CERT of cargo insurance and have it faxed from thier underwrited, not the driver or the company hired. USHIP so sucks ...It is a bidding war to the bottom, with usually subatndard everything.,.. from the bottom. They dont know, you dont know, , no one knows who these people are that are bidding or showing up . Next - demand air ride . Now you know everything
  8. I dont have a Lift kit, so maybe when I get to it, and change out the box I will be OK?
  9. 12842 in the middle of no where pretty far from somewhere I used to live in Reno! Love N.neveda! iIworked at Lear Fan, up at the AFB north of there. (Stead)
  10. OK, you guys are lucky ? I think you still have two placers in Seattle that will do this, Brake and Clutch, and friction services? send over an address I will ship them out next week Thanx!
  11. I have no clue, I cant find a box that says made in american. some say - parts are, some -say boxed, and the ones on EBAY and amazon i know are all counterfit.
  12. I do try, everything I buy I do try to get american.. I went everywhere and even here, and asked about brake shoes, nope, not many choices. Had the rear been pads, i would have had more options .
  13. I ended up using NAPA crap, and it is crap Hardwear kit did not have 1/2 the stuff needed. The shoes are rivited ..which I think is a plus. All these franchises and companies keep buyig from china . .I wish someone would step up to the plate and brag about american made stuff avaibale
  14. If it matters-they made this new box for "Y" steerring and a differant one for the "T" steering . I have one for "T" steering ...And have not installed it yet, cause i am stalled waiting for the correct anser ..as to send it back? Or what? PLUS Why would a Wild Horse Connversion not have the same problem, Or does it?
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