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  1. If you have inboards go softer cause the rotors are so hard to change , outboard put the nasty oin.
  2. Here is the SALT Country that is all I use (reman) as none will last too long . If I buy from NAPA they have a life time warrantee. Fpr 35 bucks (or what ever they were ) it is not worth the hassel of taking the piston out and cleaning the whole unit , then buy new pistons , seal etc . They are too simple and new ois not worth it.
  3. Look Out pass, wolf creek and dwn the other side Weeeeeeee. Certaily more scenic then the Southern route .
  4. You will just love 4th O july and and the rest ........UP there... You started out wanting the EZ way...... might as well do Eisenhower Tunnel, its only 12K feet. Good luck
  5. You have to get over the hills somehow , T.Pass is 3500 or so, not too bad. This elminates grapevine . All you have left to deal with is the hills in OR
  6. I should have been more clear Tehachapi Pass is near backersfild . its not bad at all . roll on accross to Tx
  7. The high desert ara is COLd in the night and HOT in the day sneak dwn to bakersfield and then over and around avloid LA.
  8. I think i sent yoiu a PM. Sounds like a great idea!
  9. I have got some hints on here I have got some..and it is no emergency yet. A poster above said these N14 usually do not need machie work. (i cant see his name in this format untill I post) These are vergin blocks so hopfully this will be parts only . Hope hope hope. Once one takes these to a rebuilder they become merciless and they do EVERYTHING as SOP . I understand they have a warrenty and to Cover thier own arses.. But this is for my personal use so i need to save where I can. I have to pick up the bus in june in the Mid west and Go east. It has a working 8V 71 . Anyone want to sign on as part time mechanic? Suposdly ot all is in great shape.
  10. If you can shrink it 3/10 of 1000 and you will with Dry, ice the push is much more EZ. Never hammor anything in unless you are a caveman and want caveman results. Use a press or ball jout tool to push (press) them in. I kind of like the sound of valve guides thrown in dry ice bucket-they littterly SCREAM ! (ACTUALLY THEY SAY IT IS THE ICE MELTING) Note -LQ nitrgen is even colder then dry ice ! (if you ever need smaller parts ) Note- if you have welding equipemt at home you prolly have C02 tank? It willl creat instant dry ice. Just a squirt of it in a cloth bag (glove>? ) and viola! frozen ball joints
  11. OP- tell us or me why you are stuck on the Cooper brand . I have nothing aginst them-i just know Toyo and Komatsu are at least as good. You guys are LUCKY out there ! You Have Less Shawb tires and they want your business and will not selll you junk. Ask them what they sell-that will give tou a clue.
  12. Pushing bearings in , valve guides etc etc dry ice works like the charm.!!! To shrink friction fit parts a couple of 0.0001 thou makes a HUGE difference. Try iit you will like it.
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