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  1. Could the Ford transfer case bolt up to a G56 and the rest of the standards? It is a left side drop and I guess they could make a different bolt pattern but did they? The reason is I have access to several fords, and at a glance, they look about the same as what they used on the dodge NP and g56. Your input is appreciated. thanx
  2. Yes. But I think I will change that to something in this century.... Or at least a big cam 400
  3. Yes , and thanx for looking at that for me. This starts and runs! It will need stuff but the baseline is a lot higher!
  4. Thanx - we looked at a LOT of them from sea to shining sea over the last couple of years. I know where there are a few still sitting in the weeds . They only made 1000 of these busses and it represents a special era in time. I love old cars, trucks planes, and helicopters Now who could not?
  5. DOT is federal It is not transferable, and will always be yours. Even if you quit , it just goes into limbo .
  6. In the end, we have to solve it so we all feel good sleeping at night. I have had plenty of arguments with scale houses about O.S. law and had to show them I was right. The regress is what you need as an Rv hauler of your boat. The Medical for CDL is now expensive. CDL stands for commercial...I would be inclined to call my DOT attorney and get git his persuasion of it, and I encourage you guys do the same. If you have a letter in your pocket from him explaining the law to badge carrying perpetrators with guns at a scale house -you would get zero for an argument. This I think is what will solve it for you. I am signing off on this topic . The big one is Over axle! Don't get caught for that.
  7. Note this (unless they have changed it) You are allowed up to eleven feet wide on two-lane roads without Pilot cars... They are not too concerned. Next- Cops have a REALLY hard time measuring a boat width on the side of the road...(even at a scale house) ..plus they will ask you to hold the dumb end ...Are .you going to add to it or make sure you are under the shear? I was not EVER pulled over and asked for anything with a smaller boat on even if it was pushing eleven and a little more.
  8. Just remember- I used to haul nothing but boats for a living and some of the things we are talking about I do know....LOL
  9. If you are heart throbbing to go commercial are you paying commercial insurance? It is at least 800.00 a month just for liability. Then then then are you going to get a DOT/MC number? The insurance is going to make you! Pandora's box you are playing with..... I would by the permit and stuff it in the glove box and drive past.... Wa state is one of the biggest Trucking NAZI states there is..don't volunteer for problems
  10. Yea but but but you are asking for problems! Big large yellow sign! You hang an O.S. sign-on...you better have permits! and of course, the permits say stop at all scales... However, with a transponder they will sometimes tell you to go past
  11. For one I would not ever pull across the scales in any sort of RV. It is asking for problems. They will never come after you.
  12. It is the DIFFERENCE between being commercial and private ...
  13. Most to a LOT of them are retired truck drivers ...like you will be someday. People should be judged on skills individually, not by age ...like the young folks..a lot of them cant drive...but some can
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