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    And i need a new dually box .
  1. thumper 549

    No 4WD

    The beauty of this inept design is it fails when you need it the most
  2. thumper 549

    No 4WD

    I have firmly made up my mind- my next truck will be a mid-size international/ Freightliner with no computers. They can be had for nothing and will go forever
  3. thumper 549

    No 4WD

    The only thing almost good about the doogde truck is the cumins engine . Who could imagine a real trk with vacuum crap and wipers that cant be stood up whilst is parked? Dodge could, what a joke.
  4. thumper 549

    No 4WD

    The permanent fix is to jack up the radiator cap and slide pre-computer Freightliner / international under it with Marmon Harrington running gear.! Ok, all that said for these troll of trucks I use mine for snow plowing - 270K latter and mostly overhauled everything at least once. Every problem known to man but the vacuum crap has not ever let me dwn. I had the hose come off the valve assembly once
  5. thumper 549

    No 4WD

    Make sure you actually have vacuum at the ends of the hose, Next when engaging 4WD you should see the servos move .
  6. Thanx a bunch! For taking the time to write that all out and inform me. Next brake / bearing job I know what i am doing!
  7. Ok I am trying to pay attn here but ..confused. I own a 1998.5 one ton Which is the BEST Ford axle to obtain for donor parts ? Thanx for the help in advance .
  8. Thanx a BUNCH ! I never knew they exactly alike but different. Is a great idea.
  9. Sincerely wish there were pix to go with this and a step by step write up. I bet it is a great upgrade
  10. Great Idea ! How much trouble for mounting, steering stuff and ETC ? Transparently you also got the right gear ratio.
  11. thumper 549

    12' G56 clutch tricks or tips?

    The mid-range trks (freightliner / internationoal etc ) that the G56 came in uses gear oil if I read it all correct. The ATF may not be best for it. Others can jump and correct me where necessary.
  12. thumper 549

    12' G56 clutch tricks or tips?

    I have a South Bend with over a 100k and even snow plow with it. (which is very hard on the whole drivetrain) The clutch still acts just fine but I do worry about it a little..I think it is called a conifer or something like that. It is a single disk .
  13. two crates 16 feet long, by 1 foot wide by 6 inches high. About 125 lbs each Helicopter rotor blades From North of Tulsa to, or towards NYS willing to pay. I dont trust regular commercial service (LTL) as they have become too stupid to deal with If interested I will give you my real live number and we can talk. thanx
  14. thumper 549

    Places to pull over on I 5 to sleep.

    I have not been there in a while but Mt Vernon used to have a trk stop on the west side of I5