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  1. that's what they look like on hoss's truck same thing
  2. having major problems with my internet, pictures not working i think hoss has the same wheels off a 2017 laramie 3500 maybe he could post pics
  3. have a set of 2017 3500 wheels and tires.these are in very good shape with about 15000 miles left, bought them then decided to go a different route, 20 in. 375.00
  4. don't know about that hoss,but it was really great to meet joel and his wife. great talking to both of them loved looking at the new a/f camper. thanks again.
  5. sockeye66


    thanks,but i guess i'm going to meet the guy in la grande tommorrow
  6. sockeye66


    just wondered if anybody was headed to boise.have a set of camper brackets that a guy wants. i can deliever them anywhere in the northwest thanks
  7. complete camper tie downs for 2014 to 2018 i believe 3500 or 2500. put on the truck made 1 60 mile trip and sold the camper. everything is as new this package goes for over 1200. would like 750.
  8. hey travis thanks thought i had it sold but didn't go through. as i say lots of goodies on it.thanks again.
  9. like i say this is in very good shape and has lots of goodies to go with it. just give me a call.i'm very slow on typing old age i guess!
  10. last price drop 26000.00 will keep it if this doesn't work.too good of a truck with lots of goodies and well taken care of to go lower thanks
  11. just dropped price on autotrader to 27500.00 will sell on here for 27.this has been deleted and comes with a smarty programmer. i've never gone above level 3.has a b/w 5th wheel hitch that goes with it also new michelin tires.
  12. just dropped price to 28900.00 and put it on craigslist and auto trader this will make someone a very good truck,i try and take care of my stuff!
  13. still haven't got any pictures ,i will when i get home,it's blk with tan leather.in good shape all set up with camper tiedowns and b/w 5th hitch. i figure anybody really interested in it will come look at it. the price is a little obo. it's got lots more if some one wants to give me a call. 406 941 1556 thanks
  14. it worked great for our 12000lb alpinlite ,but i'm looking at a 18000 lb 5th wheel and that's just too much. it packs a bigfoot camper great.your right gary the drw will be much better with that kind of weight.
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