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  1. We've got the fix for you. https://youtu.be/l-Nu4bvOFjk?t=867
  2. IDK, this is more than just a pipe plug. O-ring seal with a magnet in the end.
  3. Stripped the hex drive hole in the drain plug. Got it out OK but can't find a replacement. Plenty of places have the complete pan w/ plug but I'll be darned if I could find just a plug. Any ideas ?
  4. Hi Joe, book is boxed up and will be going to post office Saturday AM. I'll send a copy of shipping receipt when I get it.
  5. Wil


    I could sure use the manual, as I have 2002 rear end to swap into my 2001.  Factory disk setup

    SHip to


    Joe Block

    37104Se Mt Norway Dr.

    Washougal, Wa 98671


    Can you take Paypal for the shipping. if not I can mail a check.

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    2. Will


      Got cash in hand yesterday, thanks Joe.

    3. Packards42




        I have  already read the section on disconnecting the rear emergency brake cables.  I need to replace mine with 2002 SB cables.  I don't know why the wrecking yard always torch the cable off.  Quick and dirty.

    4. Packards42


      We get occasional cash from England from our family for birthday gifts.  It just a little less hassle than a check and having you to run it to the bank, or do the new bank photo copy thing,  I haven't tried that yet.  I like to cash the check when I sell packard parts.  I tearing two apart right now.

  6. Free to good home 2002 Dodge Ram truck service manual. Prefer local pickup Parkland/Spanaway Wa. area but will ship at your expense. 8.5X11X2.5 6.5lbs
  7. I also have a set if things didn't work out.
  8. 4x4manonbroke is in Thurston county, AFAIK, no emission testing required.
  9. Nice to meet you too Mike, glad to see somebody get some use out it.
  10. I resent my number. Don't know how I messed that up.
  11. I got a pretty decent one for free, still looking ? Edit; these pics were from 2 years ago. Its been sitting next to the shop since then. Its got the typical fir tree gunk on the outside. No rubber cracks that I noticed. Spider webs on the inside.
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