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  1. Hi Joe, book is boxed up and will be going to post office Saturday AM. I'll send a copy of shipping receipt when I get it.
  2. Wil


    I could sure use the manual, as I have 2002 rear end to swap into my 2001.  Factory disk setup

    SHip to


    Joe Block

    37104Se Mt Norway Dr.

    Washougal, Wa 98671


    Can you take Paypal for the shipping. if not I can mail a check.

    1. Will


      Yes, I can do paypal.

      It's going to take a few days to get to post office. But once its shipped, I'll give you a shout.

    2. Will


      Hi Joe, here's the shipping receipt.

      Hope you get some use out of it.

      My paypal addy is willsemailbox@gmail.com


    3. Packards42


      I already put $10 in seal envelope,  we put in the mail tomorrow.  Did not see the paypal thing, in time.   Cash is always nice.


      I already the procedure to remove the emergency brake cables for my rear end swap.  Once I swap the rear,  I need to get the front grear change complete soon.  Both before winter.


      thanks again

  3. Free to good home 2002 Dodge Ram truck service manual. Prefer local pickup Parkland/Spanaway Wa. area but will ship at your expense. 8.5X11X2.5 6.5lbs
  4. I've got a vac pump if ya need.
  5. Will

    Looking for 2nd gen aluminum wheels

    I also have a set if things didn't work out.
  6. Will

    how to re-fuel type a vehicle

    4x4manonbroke is in Thurston county, AFAIK, no emission testing required.
  7. Will

    WTB Canopy for 2nd gen long bed.

    Nice to meet you too Mike, glad to see somebody get some use out it.
  8. Will

    WTB Canopy for 2nd gen long bed.

    I resent my number. Don't know how I messed that up.
  9. Will

    WTB Canopy for 2nd gen long bed.

    I got a pretty decent one for free, still looking ? Edit; these pics were from 2 years ago. Its been sitting next to the shop since then. Its got the typical fir tree gunk on the outside. No rubber cracks that I noticed. Spider webs on the inside.
  10. I'm thinking he's thinking.... http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-powershop-enumclaw
  11. Not totally decided yet. But sorry to say, it won't be a diesel this time. Been looking in the 2010-2012 range. 3/4T, 4wh, full size box. Gas. Might just slowly convert it back to stock anyway. The Airdog would be the most time consuming but I've got plans to pull the bed and mess with the fuel level gizmo anyway so the AD will be right in the open.
  12. Good chance my 2000 CTD will be used as a trade-in in the near future. Would it have more value without the motor upgrade trinkets ? (Quadzilla Adrenaline, Airdog 150, AFE air box) Seems the outside world consensus is "if it has a 'chip', its been beat." And as far as that goes, its got a fancy after market stereo too but i saved the stock radio. How far do I take this ?
  13. Remember the 02 I had that got T-boned ?, well it had a canopy that wasn't on during the accident so insurance wouldn't buy me out on it. So it sat. For a long time. Finally got around to mount it on my 00 and oops, silver aint grey. Or gray aint silver. Either way, it don't match. Close but not quite. It would be OK if the truck was a totally different color but being close and not matching just wont do it. That and I guess I'm not much of a canopy guy or I would of found this fault long ago. So instead of just letting it set for many more years I'm selling it. Exterior has got some bubbles and some flaking. The worst being the spot in pic 3. I'd give the interior a 10 if it wasn't for some spots de-glueing. Good glass and screens, could use a little closer detailed cleanup in the window gutters. $200.00 cash.
  14. Will

    AC cool, not cold

    Secondly,,,be careful with the magic fix a can AC tricks. No such thing as 'fix-a-leak' in AC systems. Stay away from them..... Get only straight 134A..... If your system went 'low' enough, it may have sucked in 'non-condensables'(regular air) in the low side of the system..... If you just add refrigerant, it will create a abnormally high side condition. To which your high pressure switch will stop/start your compre$$or. Repeat this many times and say bye bye to your compre$$or..... If it didn't go low enough, then a quick top off may be all you need. To tell the deference requires a gauge setup.