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  1. First house? I wouldnt sweat it too much man. For some reason, owning a home makes it easier to budget your money.....or at least it seems like it.
  2. I can't remember if the DRW had drums or not....but the Ex should be 4wheel disc. With high miles, more than a few guys have ended up with frozen calipers after a brake job. (usually just one of the fronts) There were also a LOT of defective calipers being sold by napa not to long ago (and I think another vendor as well). Stupid question, but did you check the cap on the PS pump? They can pop off/loose and when they do they suck air and make a pretty noticeable noise. And yeah....the hydroboost is more reliable than the older vacuum pumps, but they do fail.
  3. Good deal! That tire was made in the 12th week of 2005. Manufacturers warranty would cover it for defects for 6ys....which is coming up fast. If you had caught that a few months from now, they probably wouldnt have warrantied it. The light cracking you said you saw on the other tires, would either be o-zone cracking (what people refer to as rot/dry rot) or I've seen it happen from overloading/high heat/running a tire under inflated. They should also be able to be warrantied by any reputable Goodyear dealer(like Discount Tire who sells a TON of goodyear/kelly/dunlop (all the same company)) BUT.....you already bought tires, so that might be a bit more complicated, though I know a guy who might be able to work a deal, if you still have the old tires. Either way those OE Goodyears weren't know for being a great tire.
  4. Any update on the date for SOTM? Are we going to do the whole food drive thing again this year? That seemed to be a success last year and seemed to be really appreciated right before the holiday season.
  5. Pretty much, ditto, except on a Ford. The new hubs look nice, but the Warn Premiums have held up to 37's in the snow, so no complaints.
  6. ^^ what those guys said. Can't miss the place. Right across from the drive in. Not too many guys around that can bend big pipe.
  7. Are you sure? Its been a WHILE since that thing ran........Im not sure your memory is that good.
  8. Only dodges I ever notice are the 1st gens, but Im sure you guys are the same way with Fords. Have to keep my eyes peeled I guess, and maybe give a blast of the air horns in passing.
  9. Im running a DP F5....puts Edge stuff to shame.
  10. If I had a line on a GOOD job close to the mountains.....I'd be on my way! So if you know anyone looking for an airframe mechanic....let me know!
  11. PM sent....to spare you 6cyl guys from all the boring Ford stuff. OH....DO NOT put an Edge J/A on it! Some guys have decent luck with the EVO, and at least it can read codes....but withe J/A you're just asking for a blown trans.
  12. FWIW might look at the BFG M/T KM2 and Cooper STT as well. My Buddy Kyle swears by the KM2, says its the smoothest M/T hes ever rolled. (he buys new tires/wheels about every 6 months. ) Im am on my 2nd set of 37in Coopers on the truck, have a set in 33s on the Jeep and Cooper LTZs on the Tahoe in 285/50-20. Im obviously a BIG Cooper fan. Down side to those over the Toyo is they are 8ply rated where the Toyo M/T is a 10ply. Put 4200lbs in the bed of the truck a couple weeks ago (tires were at 45psi).... little mushy but didnt seem to mind. Prolly should have bumped the pressure up a bit, but I didn thave that far to go.
  13. YES! AHhahahaaa Honestly if I could do it all over again, I would buy exactly what you did INSTEAD of my SuperDuty. Basically the same drivetrain. You can bolt all the SD parts onto the motor, and the OBS trucks have real hubs! Did you get a 5spd or AT? The autos are basically the same too.... E4OD/4R100(and also the only real weak link in those trucks).... the 5spd being a ZF5 that Ford used in all its trucks for YEARS. Nevermind the haters.... the 7.3L PSD is a good engine. Its all the junk ON IT that is a PAIN. Yes a cummins swap would be SWEET, but the 7.3 is pretty bullet proof. Most issues will be electronic. EVERYTHING is elec./computer controlled so any problems really need to be diagnosed with a scanner such as an Auto Enginuity. Im sure theres a local Forumn in Cali, but feel free to stop by NWforddiesels.com if you need help, or just moral support.
  14. Well I have one of those Blue Oval beasts, but have been rollin a Dynatrac kit for about 2 years now. Trouble free. Running the Warn hubs with no problems yet. Even buried the truck to the doors with 38's spinning in the snow. No issues with the ABS or the vacuum autolock system. (just plugged the lines and capped the "solenoid" (or whatever ya call it)). Not sure HOW different the kits are Ferd vs. Dodge, but quality wise no complaints. Of course the kit IS about $300 more now, than back when I bought it.
  15. Discount tire can get them....and usually cheaper than Schwab. Buddy Kyle(the senior Asst Mgr) works at the Renton Highlands store (425) 226-6706. He's put tires on some other Bombers rigs over the years. (actually so did I back when I used to work for a living) IIRC he may be on vacation sometime next week, so if he's gone ask for his boss (the store mgr) Dave Graham. Dunno what kinda deal he'll swing, but they do have a low price guarantee. OH....and in case he asks...Garth told you to give him a call.
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