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  1. So the stock dual mass fly wheel in my 04 Jetta is getting close to scattering part numbers at a time and location of its choosing. Car is bone stock at 280,000 with no blow by. Its also due for a timing belt kit (which I have waiting to be installed). Wondering if I should just pull the engine and do all the work out of the car. Thoughts? Which clutch/single mass flywheel do y’all recommend? 😎
  2. Oddfire

    2000 TDI Jetta

    Sorry, yes. Stock clutch.
  3. Oddfire

    2000 TDI Jetta

    2000 TDI Jetta 5 speed for sale. Has around 300k on it. Also has a new alternator, an egr delete, upgraded VNT17 turbo from Kerma and a Malone imobilizer delete. Runs good but may need a CV on pass. side. Also needs new struts but comes with a brand new set. $3000 OBO or trade. Text/call 5097283642 Ellensburg
  4. Mostly empty f350 long box without a canopy going over and back on Sat. the 8th. Headed over in the morning. call/text 5097283642
  5. Oddfire

    VCDS code...

    We may have success. Got a chance to actually look at the car today. Found a short 90 degree peice of vacuum line that runs to the bottom of the n75 that was collapsed. About 10-15 seconds after I disconnected it from the valve I heard it release. Was holding vacuum back by its self. Will drive it to work tomorrow (Ellensburg to YAKIMA) and see...
  6. Oddfire

    VCDS code...

    Will do. Problem is intermittent. Clear the code with the vcds and CEL light stay off for a short time before coming back on. Low-power symptom comes and goes. But seems to be getting worse. Previous owner had this problem and took it to the dealer in YAKIMA. Dealership said "You need a new turbo." and sold him a new one. Spent close to 3k. Worked good for a week and then problem came back. He took it back to the dealer and got a different technician who said "You need a new turbo."... They had a conversation and dealership retracted their diagnosis and said " it also needs a catalytic converter." New cat installed $$$. Worked good for two weeks then same symptoms. Owner got fed up with the car and so ... I bought it.
  7. Oddfire

    VCDS code...

    What do you guys think? 2004 TDI 5sp 16683 boost pressure regulation P0299 000 Control range not reached CEL is on and car de-fuels heavily once warmed up. I am assuming it is the Charger Pressure Control or the diverter valve but thought I would ask you guys before I can start ordering parts.
  8. Oddfire

    ISO OBS Ford parts...

    Not really sure what I am looking for yet. Just getting to know the truck and what I will be changing. I am looking for a "as near as possible" clean white factory long bed. Also a rear bumper. Maybe some speed equipment also...
  9. Oddfire

    ISO Canopy for OBS Ford

    Ruby, I like it a lot. But a hard shell canopy would work a lot better for me.
  10. Looking for a canopy for a 1996 long box F350. Fiberglass/plastic and white would be ideal but interested in any and all. text/call 509-728-3642 located in Ellensburg
  11. Looking for wheels for my wife's dually. 8 on 6.5 pattern. Truck is a 1990 square body GMC 1 ton crew. Looking for Alcoa's but will look at all. Thanks
  12. I need a cluster for a 95 auto. I am locate in Ellensburg.
  13. Just thought this needed to be addressed again... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Qvi6KcOHcCg
  14. Oddfire

    Anyone have VAGTacho?

    Yup :-)
  15. Oddfire

    CV axles/shafts R&R

    You would be welcome to borrow mine. I will be headed to Ritzville on Sat morning and headed home late that night (to Eburg).