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  1. DRobinson

    Looking at a 4th gen 2014 3500 day cab 4x4 stick....

    Quickest way, trans dipstick on driver side under hood for the aisin. If you are putting it on a diet the 10-12 shouldn't be counted out. If not, I'd go 13 up.
  2. I won't be able to make it. We had the dates planned correctly for our Disney trip this August to make the party. Then family things made the dates change.
  3. DRobinson

    Engine oil leak

    Bit of a stretch but it could be the oil filter housing gasket.
  4. DRobinson

    Looking at a 4th gen 2014 3500 day cab 4x4 stick....

    I test drove 3 manual 4th gens before buying mine. If your use to any acceleration, you'll want more power. They are turds stock. I have no doubt they still pull fine but they struggle to get out their own way compared to the auto truck.
  5. DRobinson

    Craigslist Finds

  6. DRobinson

    Sled pulls at Skagit Speedway!

    Looks like a great time! Great pics!
  7. DRobinson

    Working on the camper

    That looks great!
  8. DRobinson

    1997 Dodge 2500 4x4

    I never could bring myself to put my number on Craigslist. I'm sure its cost me sales but I know I couldn't handle the non pre screened calls. I'm hoping for painless sales for you two.
  9. DRobinson

    What tires do you like?

    I noticed the same wet traction issues with the Toyo at2s on my 4th gen. I usually drop the air pressure considerably when empty, seems to help quite a bit.
  10. DRobinson

    New to me 2nd gen project

    I gave the stock steel trans pan a chance to seal with a new gasket but it didn't. In the trash it goes. Put this on last night.
  11. DRobinson

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Thank you for the ideas Scotty! You've done a thing or two with air intakes... Thats a bit of a understatement lol! Here is a link to the filter I'm using, they have a restriction vs dust test on this page. If you have second to check it out and let me know your thoughts I'd certainly appreciate it. https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product/pdd-5-air-filter/ I don't believe they have published any other data on the filter. They used these filters on their UCC truck. I imagine it can flow enough air but having some more data would be nice. They had a smaller guy use the filter as a chair on the shop floor in one of their videos. I sure as heck won't sit on it but the mesh is very strong.
  12. DRobinson

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Here's my short term air filter solution. Not ideal but it'll work for now.
  13. DRobinson

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Gave it a wash, pulled the badges and molding off. Still have some work to do with the residual grime around the edges but it looks like it'll turn out on par with the rest of the paint. Lol
  14. DRobinson

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Drove it to work today. Took a couple guys at work for a little spin around the block. 45psi, boots held, tires didn't I'll admit, its hard to wipe the grin off my face when I'm behind the wheel! Thank you to everyone that helped me get this thing together!!!
  15. DRobinson

    My turn to get hit

    Put a leash on that, LMAO! The language crap is total BS.