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  1. Looks great Hoss. Perfect fit!
  2. DRobinson

    Camping and some work.

    Thanks for the comments guys! I'll try to get more pics in here as summer goes on and we get some trips in. Honestly we have thought many times about selling them due to all of the rules and stipulations with the park but at this point it would be very hard to replace them. All of our little ones are at the perfect age to enjoy the pool, they also allow atv/utv/motorcycle riding around the park at 10mph. A little boring for adults but perfect for the little ones to learn. It can get very crowded on big weekends and watching the kids learn to navigate can be a darn good time. The park also has some river access with a decent sized sand bar. There's also a decent sized play ground. Here's a link to the website. https://www.wwpark.org/
  3. DRobinson

    Camping and some work.

    That's the one. Looking forward to the entertainment from it while we're out there!
  4. DRobinson

    Camping and some work.

    Looks better. Still a ways to go. We'd like to put in a little retaining wall in the low spot next to the roped walkway. Then fill the low lot up to level with the road. Put in a border of some type to park trailers around the perimeter, even when its wet. Its a disaster with trailers when its wet. Then hopefully put up a gazebo with a firepit in the center. If the park will allow us to put it in the center of the 2 lots. For now we're just going to enjoy it with the kids, try to eliminate the moles and get the grass looking better. More pics, loaded up for home. Would have liked to stay. Its soooooo quiet during the week.
  5. DRobinson

    Camping and some work.

    We trimmed up the trees and transplanted the Rhododendron to the back corner of the lot where a tree fell a few years back.
  6. DRobinson

    Camping and some work.

    We've had these camp lots in our family for 3 going on 4 generations now. My brother in law, myself and my mom had some time to take the kids down for a few days to camp and get some clean up done. We took a day to hit the beach for some kite flying as well. It was a perfect long weekend!
  7. DRobinson

    Got moles?????

    I'm going to pick up one of these and try it out at our camp lots. We have a BUNCH of moles there. I'll try to post up some pics when I get out there.
  8. DRobinson

    First trip with new truck

    I'm sure you will love it! I just put air bags on mine and towed our camp trailer about a hour Friday night. Still amazes me how hard these trucks pull, even when the tach is not far above 1k rpm.
  9. DRobinson

    In Search Of a 22cm BHT3B Turbine Housing

    I've been looking but I'm coming up empty too. I'm not sure this is worth it but have you tried KC truck parts? Looks like they are affiliated with a nationwide chain, maybe more parts available?
  10. DRobinson

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    Have you looked into the type that replaces your rear view mirror? My 2012 Toyota Tacoma had a factory one, unless it was in reverse you couldn't tell it had a screen in it. Kept down on clutter and worked quite well.
  11. DRobinson

    P7100 Advice

    What lines did you end up getting? Mine are stock ID lines, I believe they are Sheid lines. They seem to run smooth (havne't really driven it yet) they were a pain to get to seal up. Not sure I trust them. I'm thinking I should pick up a new set and swap them out when I change out the intake horn.
  12. DRobinson

    New to me 2nd gen project

    I agree that would match very well. The stock one doesn't fit in anymore. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. DRobinson

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Its alive! Still have some things to finish before I can drive it but it feels pretty good to see it turn the shiny new inside of the exhaust pipe black! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. DRobinson

    New to me - not Blue

    Physical parts or tuning? Or both? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk