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  1. To be honest I'm not sure what's next. I'd like to get a rolled pan and build a hidden hitch for it. I've also got a TCI outlaw shifter sitting around that I wouldn't mind having in it. It would be nice to have the control of lockup and shifts. Ben gave me a sweet Cummins rocker cover. I need to put some fittings in it to get a catch can on it. Probably should do that before the shifter lol!
  2. Nothing quite like Bomber peer pressure! LOL!!!
  3. Spent a little time cleaning up the paint and put a coat of wax on it. Interior is all back together now also. The carpet cleaning trick worked well. Still a few stains and fading but it's much better. It certainly smells better, lol!
  4. Which style dampener did you use for yours?
  5. Here's a pic of the bracket. The stud isn't permanent but the bracket is punched for the carriage bolt. I'm assuming a person could drill it out and use the 2nd gen dampener. Or pick up a dampener for the newer style truck. I'll do some measuring. If it works out I may just upgrade the dampener on my 4th gen and stick the old one on my 2nd gen.
  6. If I'm remembering correctly the main reason I left mine off is the bracket on the new steering has a stud built into it. The 2nd gen stock dampener also has a stud. I'll go out and double check that shortly.
  7. The mopar one came with a bracket also.
  8. Here is what I used. https://www.moparpartsgiant.com/parts/mopar-steering-steering~52122362ae.html I did buy it locally. According to the parts guy at Rainier Dodge using this part number gets you the most recent version for 08 and up trucks. They do offer a fastener upgrade as well but I did not purchase it. It bolted right up. I've read that people have had issues clearing the tie rod studs with stock wheels on 2nd gens. Some have said it can be done with a little trimming of the stud.
  9. Thanks for the reminder Paul! I have a roll of heat wrap that I've been meaning to put on it. Good thing to add to my to do list while I"m waiting for the carpet to dry out.
  10. I had been planning to pressure wash/scrub it at home but getting home before dark may prove difficult. The car wash has nice lighting. Thanks for the idea!
  11. Thanks Gary! It's been fun. Especially now that I can do some little stuff. Like "just install a radio in it" which has turned into ripping the interior out. Lol. I do have the radio working though.
  12. Here's pics of the 4th gen steering linkage. I'm not currently using a stabilizer or any kind of steering box brace. I've read the older 2nd gens may require reaming to install this setup. Track bar is a O'Reilly's lifetime stock style replacement. I've got 500 or so miles on it, still tight.
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