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  1. clutch

    The new setup

    Just keep in mind that these people also vote.
  2. clutch


    It was good to visit with you and Joyce. Perhaps we will see you again before you leave Az and head back north.
  3. clutch

    New camper

    Sally and I bought a new camper for summer time use. It's a Forest River Surveyor with two slides, island kitchen and all the other goodies. It's only about 27ft so I can tow it with our Chevy 1500. It's a lot roomier than our old Sunny Brooke.
  4. clutch

    Annual August bomb party! Aug 18th

    We will try and make it if our chevy gasser will get us over the hills.
  5. clutch

    The Day Has Finally Come

    That is a good feeling. Congrats.
  6. What Gary said. The Dave Smith warranty by Sterling is a money back deal if you don't use it. I bought it for our Dodge and I bought another one for our Silverado. I never had to use it on the Dodge and I got a complete refund.
  7. With our 07.5 having numerous issues after 8 trouble free years we traded it for another truck in late Sept. We haven't needed a one ton truck for about 5 years so we bought a well equipped Silverado 1500. We love the ride and gas mileage and the lower cost of gas is also a big plus. Sally can actually get in without a step to get her up to the running boards.
  8. After 8 years of nearly trouble free service our Dodge started having serious issues. With expensive repairs to numerous to mention we decided to trade it off. I asked myself "when was the last time I needed a 1 ton truck"? The answer was 5 years ago the last time we towed our Jayco which now stays in Az. We bought a well equipped Silverado crew cab with the 5.3 gas engine and we really like it. It's quiet, comfortable, and gets way better mileage than the Dodge. Right now gas is $0.65 cents a gallon cheaper and that makes me real happy.
  9. Very nice looking truck Dave. Congratulations
  10. clutch

    Bombed my 68RFE

    Sounds like you found the right place. Hope to see you in Az.
  11. clutch

    Holy excessive critters Batman!

    Hoss, Loren Hartman can help you out with the bat problem.
  12. clutch

    Traveling with propane on

    Most ferries require the propane to be off. Some tunnels also require it off. Mine is always on. I like fresh food and cold beer.
  13. clutch

    68RFE Reliability?

    My truck has the 68 and I manually shift it a lot. In town I shift to 3rd or 4th and when towing I always tow in 5th. I get better fuel mileage towing in 5th and the pyrometer shows a lot cooler temp. My truck is a 07.5 and I have never had a problem.
  14. If your sewer line exits the house near where the trailer will be parked you just dig it up quietly and install a Y. You then will have a sewer clean out that can be used as a dump.
  15. clutch

    NW Bomber summer camping event?

    Moses Lake dunes has camping all over the place. The last time we were there we camped by the power lines on the North end. At the time it was called the Geritol camp. There is a more dust free campground with a group camp area just a couple of miles from the dunes and it has a beach. Towing/hauling machines a few miles to the dunes is not a big deal. Camping on grass is nicer than gravel. Set a date and we will try to be there.