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  1. Diesel Freak

    Builing a compound set up

    Stock HX35 would need to be fed with a primary that has a 75mm inducer. As your measurements show, the Hx35 and He351 are too similar in size to make a compound set.
  2. Diesel Freak

    Builing a compound set up

    I think you will find that the HE351 turbo is way to small for a primary turbo
  3. HIR bulbs are awesome. Did this a while back on the subi along with a H9 upgrade from the H11s.
  4. Diesel Freak

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    Ugh. Banks missed one big point. A little lube goes a long way.
  5. Diesel Freak

    8200 rpm Cummins explosion!

  6. Diesel Freak

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    Awe crap. Completely forgot about this. Sorry about that.
  7. Diesel Freak

    New to me 2nd gen project

    630 RWHP: ported and extrude honed head. 45 degree valve seats, and exhaust valves throughout. Top hat style seals. EE crossheads F1 valvesprings F1 helix 2 cam ISB 275 pistons O ringed deck Block stiffener plate All balanced F1 Mach 6+ injectors SO VP44 edge EZ with a race blue box Fass 150 hpfp BD intercooler Hx40 over Garrett Gt42-02
  8. Diesel Freak

    Hella Rally 1000 black magic

    Put in some 100 watt bulbs. Will try it tonight. The 55 watters were just slightly brighter than the upgraded H9-HIR2 hi-lo combo.
  9. Diesel Freak

    Hella Rally 1000 black magic

    So, after further looking, the Hella H2 bulb is funky...nothing really fits that hole.
  10. Diesel Freak

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    Migjt actually be able to make it.
  11. Diesel Freak

    Hella Rally 1000 black magic

    Lol, its 85% restored. The media does not know crap as usual.
  12. Diesel Freak

    Hella Rally 1000 black magic

    Yeah. No more tropical islands for a while.
  13. Has anyone converted these to HID? If so, what parts were used?
  14. Diesel Freak

    Pump wire...

    Solder it.
  15. Diesel Freak

    Went shooting this afternoon