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  1. Diesel Freak

    Fuel additive in the new trucks?

    Agree with Ben on this. Addatives are a waste of money.
  2. Diesel Freak

    Winter weather

    Holy retirement beard there Grizz.
  3. Ugh...unintended consequences. Militia looney types are converging on my town. Patriot Prayer is afdiliated with the Prowd Boys, and they always brawl with ANTIFA.
  4. Diesel Freak

    Tank level sending unit.

    Awesome!!!! Thanks guys!!!!
  5. Lmao. IMHO, of you feel like you need to hide your stuff, it's actually time to get your stuff out and be ready.
  6. Not leaving either. I have even reached out to the local VFW and offered to give free long range precision classes
  7. Diesel Freak

    Tank level sending unit.

    I have not gotten any text messages. 3609042765
  8. Diesel Freak

    Tank level sending unit.

    Tank is already empty, have a draw straw.
  9. Yup. At ots heart, 1639 is legislation that gives definitions to things that were previously undefined. Now that thinhs have a legal definition, they will now go after and ban the things that are defined. As you read thru the stuff on the books for this year, you will see how it all dovetails together. It really is bad juju. if we are honest, most any new legislation is either unenforceable, or violates some part of the constitution.
  10. If we blame others (the rich) then we are buying into being a victim.... Do you really want to give someone that much power??
  11. Actually, we have failed eachother. The .gov is put there by US. We own this, and its up to us to fix it.
  12. The tank level sending unit in my '01 finally took a crap. What is the part number for it? All i have been.able to find os the whole assembly that contains the in-tank lift pump. Dont need the pump as I have a 150GPH external pump.
  13. Ben, i wish i could blame a leaky tin foil hat....but as you start reading all that, ya may realise that 3 layers of tin may be needed.