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  1. What fitring did you use on the discharge side of the 12valve lift pump???? I tried a 14mm to 6AN...no bueno as the 90 degree hose fitting hits the bolt that holds the ECU to the block.
  2. Is this thick enough? Its the stock plate from a 24 valve.
  3. So, does this pump need the 1/4" spacer plate between it and the block, or can it bolt directly to the block without issues?
  4. Yup, FASS 150 Hpfp crapped itself. Time for a 12 valve mechanical lift pump (have a cam for it). Any issues i need to know about? I have a P7100 bypass valve installed in the VP44 already. Should be a quick swap (i hope)
  5. Im just gonna ride it out in an alphabet boy bunker. See ya on the other side.
  6. Hmmm i remember those days. Ran my cracked block a whole summer with a 5 psi cap, and jb-weld on the crack. Was a good excuse to build me an engine.
  7. No, thats not why Bill left. He has his own reasons. However, the asshat that did turn them in will forever be in my memory as a complete turd (hope yer reading this).
  8. If ya wanna stay off the radar, tune ot yourself. I have tuned my subi...and its a whole lot more complicated than a diesel. Just make small tweaks, and data log a lot.
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