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  1. Yup. That stiffener plate is in my motor. Went with OEM ceramic coated pistons from a QSB275 tho, and a SO VP44.0
  2. My $.02. Twins are fun. 450HP (for continuous use) takes a LOT of air. 24valves need head work and a cam to really get it all to work well. Better upgrade the radiator and intercooler too. 6spd trannes work better than autos.
  3. All installed and running. I do need to put in a relief valve to dump fuel pressure some and keep it below 15-20 psi.
  4. What fitring did you use on the discharge side of the 12valve lift pump???? I tried a 14mm to 6AN...no bueno as the 90 degree hose fitting hits the bolt that holds the ECU to the block.
  5. Is this thick enough? Its the stock plate from a 24 valve.
  6. So, does this pump need the 1/4" spacer plate between it and the block, or can it bolt directly to the block without issues?
  7. Yup, FASS 150 Hpfp crapped itself. Time for a 12 valve mechanical lift pump (have a cam for it). Any issues i need to know about? I have a P7100 bypass valve installed in the VP44 already. Should be a quick swap (i hope)
  8. Im just gonna ride it out in an alphabet boy bunker. See ya on the other side.
  9. Hmmm i remember those days. Ran my cracked block a whole summer with a 5 psi cap, and jb-weld on the crack. Was a good excuse to build me an engine.
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