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  1. Diesel Freak

    Wtb second gen 4x4 cummins

    Nice truck.
  2. Diesel Freak

    Time for a new hobby

    125s, 250s, 450s, 500s...all the same. Just pick somethin and ride.
  3. Diesel Freak

    Offroad Lights

    Or these. Other stuff on the site too. http://www.aveoengineering.com/hercules-30/
  4. Diesel Freak

    Offroad Lights

    Re. Buckstop and lights, i ended up with Hella Black magics in mine as they were not so deep. Put in 100 watt bulbs are they work ok.
  5. Diesel Freak

    Offroad Lights

  6. Diesel Freak

    Offroad Lights

    These will be hard to beat. And since they are HID, they wont ice over like LEDs will. https://www.kchilites.com/6-pro-sport-hid-pair-pack-system.html
  7. Diesel Freak

    Offroad Lights

    I know what i would use, but its not in your price range.
  8. Diesel Freak

    Injectors question.

    BOOM. Now we just need Waggy to sell a STD.
  9. Diesel Freak

    Injectors question.

  10. Diesel Freak

    Injectors question.

    Still have my F1 Mach 6+ sticks. Gnarlly!!!! Have not talked to old Donny in years. Probably should look him up.
  11. Diesel Freak

    Vulcan Perfomance

    Oh yeah, he is a talker. Picked up a new fuel module. Now i gotta pressure wash the moss off the truck.
  12. Diesel Freak

    Ultimate Callout Challenge

    Yeah, i was happy at 630 wheel hp...now its tripple that. Insane.
  13. Diesel Freak

    Vulcan Perfomance

    Is he still around???