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  1. Diesel Freak

    Injectors question.

  2. Diesel Freak

    Injectors question.

    Still have my F1 Mach 6+ sticks. Gnarlly!!!! Have not talked to old Donny in years. Probably should look him up.
  3. Diesel Freak

    Vulcan Perfomance

    Oh yeah, he is a talker. Picked up a new fuel module. Now i gotta pressure wash the moss off the truck.
  4. Diesel Freak

    Ultimate Callout Challenge

    Yeah, i was happy at 630 wheel hp...now its tripple that. Insane.
  5. Diesel Freak

    Vulcan Perfomance

    Is he still around???
  6. Diesel Freak

    Are there any other Bombers who drive SxS's

    Ive been known to roll, jump and race some SxS stuff. But i usually stick to two wheels.
  7. Diesel Freak

    Headstud Comparrison

    They all will pull the cylinder out of round before they permanently deform.
  8. Diesel Freak

    Sounds of Spring

    I gots all sorts of crickets, yotes, birds, dirt bikes, quads, and not to forget the PDX spray and prayers doin full auto magdumps. Its a symphony.
  9. Diesel Freak

    Fuel additive in the new trucks?

    Agree with Ben on this. Addatives are a waste of money.
  10. Diesel Freak

    Winter weather

    Holy retirement beard there Grizz.
  11. Ugh...unintended consequences. Militia looney types are converging on my town. Patriot Prayer is afdiliated with the Prowd Boys, and they always brawl with ANTIFA.