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  1. wow all I asked for was to borrow a socket. guess everyone forgot this site originated to help others. I guess its not about that anymore. If you don't have a socket don't post on my thread anymore please. I don't need to be belittled for what I want to do with my time.
  2. I haven't got to put any of my cool stuff to use yet I build what I can while I save money to buy the stuff I have to lol. I tried to post a couple pics but for some reason it wouldn't? I click the image icon post my url into the box click ok and nothing happens. have to click the back button and then loose my post typed the last post 4 different times. was even thinking I was going to try to cut my delivery valves down to a 024 or so, going to buy a set anyways so I figured I would play with my stock ones. so if im ever in a situation I can cut a set down and save money in the future too. I am trying to get ahead on my homework so I can utilize my open shop time in the mornings before everyone gets there, my instructor gets there at 4:00am to open it up for those who want to use it. Thanks for your posts woody different opinions are always welcom
  3. I understand what you are saying but I have more time than money. its not that big of a deal what I want to do and if something were to happen how many 19mm sockets and wrenches are there compared to DV sockets? search for a guy 6spd12v on cummins forum and look at the picture not a big deal in my eyes. I do this I will have saved myself 179.00. I made my own indicator holder that screws into the DV for timing, ill machine the holder for a wrench, made my gear puller and the little tool like Torque Monkey so all in all I have saved over 200 and done nothing but learned more skills. I wont even talk about the Dual intake I made for my truck that saved me 700 dollars for nothing but time. can someone please let me borrow a socket?
  4. Does anybody have one that I can use for the time it takes to remove the DV holder? I want to take them to school and cut them to fit a 19mm / 3/4 socket/wrench. so I don't really want to spend 50 bucks on a socket ill use once. I live in between soper hill and the new Walmart on the Marysville side of hwy 9. thanks for the help.
  5. yes I called mr bob he is going to call me back tomorrow. he returned my call but wasn't at the office. awesome guy
  6. got the boots form bob. only problem is the kit was for a 24v everything fit except the upper rad hose and the heater core hoses.
  7. no what I got from you bob is I don't know what im doing. I have been talking to a guy that builds these turbos all the time and him telling me what needs to be done to the housing. instead of me shipping all the weight to him and back. I really wanted to get a junk housing to learn an affective way to lock the thing down to do what needed to be done. didn't really want to tear apart my working turbo down to experiment botch it and then screw myself out of a running truck. if I had junk it wouldn't affect anything but the weight in my garbage can. I know with the 35/40 hybrid they like to snap the shaft the bigger compressor wheel and the small stock turbine cause an imbalance but when you open up and get a bigger turbine it balances out the pressures that lead to turbo bark that eventually lead to turbo failure. am I not correct? im sorry I don't know all the technical terms. I never seen an offer to help all I saw pointed out is what I don't know. Sorry if im taking this all wrong but when all I get is learn to read a turbo map I don't really consider that help.
  8. not trying to sound like a jerk but this is and add in the for sale section. this isn't a discussion thread. if you don't have a junk turbo don't sit here and tell me what I can and cant do. if you got nothing for me move along. I came in here to ask to possibly save on some shipping charges. I didn't come in here to be told what im doing cant be done because it is being done and pretty affectively. so if yall are happy with spending 2000+ dollars on a turbo cool on you. personally if I can pop out some machining and get more flow out of my turbo for a 3rd of that im fine with that.
  9. woody yes exactly. Bob I am trying I read and research a lot but without turbos in hand reading fro me does nothing. if I had a piece to tear apart and have my hands on things make more sense to me if I can put the 2 together to follow what im reading. I am getting familiar with them do I fully understand yet no but give it time . im not talking about trying to open an HX35 to take a 70mm wheel or anything like that but I know that everything has a margin to be modified. taterturbo says he can build me a 63/65 HX35 that will support 5-550. from what I have researched about him he does this all the time. so if its a matter of a little machining and a bigger wheel and I have access to as much shop time as I want what would be wrong with figuring it out for my self??
  10. im not talking about just making a 35/40 hybrid im talking about machining the compressor/ turbine area and getting a bigger wheel in there. if nothing else I will learn more about turbos. if nothing else I will gain experience of set up and 1 off mounting for specialty pieces. thats why I was just asking for junk. if I completely botch something and pitch a compressor housing I wont feel bad about throwing it in the garbage. I just know there are size limitations but, if I could chuck up a compressor open it up a bit get a bigger wheel to move more air that works for me. im not thinking of a business strategy but just experimenting with my truck. Tater turbo does this exact same thing and builds some pretty nice units.
  11. been looking around and reading about machining turbos to get bigger wheels in them. I really don't have the money to go but a 2000.00 dollar turbo but I do have the means to a machine shop and lots of time. I can afford a wheel or two and a rebuild kit. all I got is the HX35 on my truck so I cant really pull it off and experiment with it. so if you got some housings with damage and don't know what to do with them let me know. looking for the HX35/40s and HE351 even the HE341 just something to play with.
  12. go to your stereo store. you might not think you need it but all those features are great. 1 answer make calls all hands free 2 your books you listen to, can all be downloaded on a flashdrive and plugged in to the head unit. 3 you got GPS? these new units all have GPS so no more GPS unit stuck to your window and falling off or wires running across your dash. 4 go someplace and ask to talk to the tech they are not sales men they will tell you the truth about PRO/CON of products.
  13. hi all im looking for some second gen intercooler boots. was wondering if any might be laying around collecting dust. since everyone is running plug and play trucks now.
  14. I must have, as I have no fuel heater any more(got rid of it) and I have no FSS right now don't have the money to replace it right now. so my blue and orange fuisable links are nothing of importance now?
  15. I got dimensions on it and met my instructor at school at 4:00 am and I made 3 of them. wrote the program up on master cam loaded material plugged in my usb drive and wala had 3 sitting in the tray.
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