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  1. The really nice part is by changing different parts at intervals you can see what each part does which most of us don’t do we end up doing everything at once finding the end result without knowing which piece made the biggest improvement. enjoy a truck that’s fun and easy to drive
  2. Here’s one dpf issue little Malone delete hood to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. My bad I commented without reading add I remember buying a totaled car for $500 needed bumper and taillights and the trunk was dented it was just to old to fix. I would definitely want a big discount on newer car for rebuilt title beings it can effect insurance and resale in future
  4. It would be interesting to call the dealer if they updated after the rebuilt title they may have to cover. Also be interesting to find out why it’s rebuilt I know in Utah it’s value based example is you hit a deer lose oil and it kills motor and the only real damage to the car is radiator but the accident exceeds the value. also most of the time hail damage will total a vehicle due to complete repair and repaint where vehicle had no hard core damage
  5. Diesel gate has warranty on emissions related issues for 4 yr 40000 miles on them starting the date updated
  6. Don’t worry about height it’s all adjustable to desired clearance when hauling new trailers with 4X4 never had issues also seems manufactures realize trucks are taller if needed you can lift trailer to level
  7. My Bil used the rails welded a nut on bottom bracket under the bed utilizing 4,5/8” bolts instead of the 8, 1/2 then he pulls 4 bolts and rails come out leaving bed clear
  8. Depends on the truck my 5th wheel is designed to be towed without slider on short bed most newer ones are beings longbed are getting rare
  9. This is what I don’t like about the adapter that attached to kingpin so does the goosebox put strain on bad ?
  10. I think the b&w is the stoutest I’m not a fan of Anderson just because my mind won’t let me accept the design is tough enough in an accident I picture trailer coming through the cab. I’ve looked into the goosebox having a flatbed it would be nice to get rid of the rails
  11. I had a 05 Passat tdi I was less than impressed by the car the auto worked fine I couldn’t do better than 34 mpg on the same commute the Jetta gets 40 it was a difficult car to work on I really like the 2013 Passat we have it’s a good car gets between 38-42 depending and so much bigger than Jetta
  12. I guess I need to call industrial injection see if they work on them they are local
  13. Not sure it’s the Pd motor no injection pump it’s cam run electronic injectors
  14. I’m curious how was it changing the nozzles ? My 06 is pushing 300k acts like you describe yours been thinking about some injector love
  15. Is the mechanic still around might be able to find out what was done did he change lift pump or the injection pump? My guess is he did injectors and either modified or changed injection pump being first gen with rotary pump I believe changing timing is easy that being said I’m not sure the proper method of setting it
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