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  1. My buddy had a viper I remember him telling me he found out really fast the tires didn’t like cold weather and the wear was incredible under 60* looks like a fun car to drive glad you have it tuned in and running great
  2. I’m interested to see the parking feature with the stuff getting stolen in work employee parking lot security might be nice it’s no fenced lot next to public road someone stole a cat off a truck in broad daylight
  3. Most people are clueless about headlight aiming when I would slip seat first thing I did was aim the lights non of the trucks at my work are set with brights maybe 30-40 ft in front of the truck
  4. Great work especially considering your in a parking lot not a shop. might pay to work part time at mechanic shop if you could work on your own stuff when off the clock
  5. I’m not seeing a downside use new bolts for the torque to spec in reality if you don’t swap his clutch into yours in the end you will purchase two as long as his isn’t glazed burnt or warped like you said it’s basically broken in. in my early years I figured if you had it apart replace with new after pulling the transmission on my 99 ctd numerous times I only replaced what was bad and never had clutch failure that a new one would have prevented
  6. Nice looking ride I’m not sure if Les schwabb has one or who does I know someone online has a simulation where you can take a generic picture of a car like yours and see what different wheels look like kinda cool to picture it before you buy it
  7. Totally crazy the homeless situation just keeps getting worse around Salt Lake City the industrial streets are lined with old Rv’s with people living in them and in other areas countless tents
  8. That’s impressive at what speed and times is more safety equipment required like a roll cage
  9. The only difference is every time you hook and unhook you’re going that extra just more wear and tear on the jacks is all
  10. I have a friend that built an enclosed using corex ( looks like plastic cardboard) used pvc pipe for frame and glued the corex to the frame was strong and light I was impressed
  11. What was the advantage and noticeable difference keep hearing about them and curious if they are worth it
  12. Here’s one in Salt Lake City Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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