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  1. Did you get this sorted out with the correct parts? I’m sure if needed I could find the right used hinges in slc and ship to you
  2. You sound like me I’m generally told when and where rarely even asked if I wanna just told I’m gonna and have everything ready lol it’s a good life
  3. My dad bought this truck when I was 1-2 years old all my child hood memories of him and I was in it labor of love and intense sentimental value
  4. I’m not even sure on this project what a budget is lol it’s been whatever I can scrape together. Been 4 years with lots of changes went from minimum and running to complete overhaul and then a divorce changed the momentum for the better I was doing the frame work already yet I was going to build panels and patch the floor then while in storage I found the parts truck and made a deal securing the replacement floor I’m in a hurry because I wanna enjoy with my 71 year old dad while he’s alive and able I also wanna do it once and done I don’t plan on ever tearing it down this far again
  5. I’m really toying with getting it blasted then coating with por-15 estimates are $500 to $1000 to blast cab doors and front clip I can do glass blasting or more traditional
  6. It’s amazing how little bit of progress motivates the mind and body wanting to do more. I remember years ago I had a gentleman tell me every chance you get drive your project around it keeps the motivation going on the project I’ve realized the more something sits the easier to let it sit
  7. Nice forks the fact they are universal is best part definitely a score
  8. Tonight’s progress the floor is all welded in still have some little holes to fill in and clean up the welds I’m finally feeling like I’m getting somewhere after 3 years Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Little progress this weekend it’s welded in place still need to weld firewall and the back of cab exciting making some progress. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I would see if someone near you could do little better weld on the old one and call it a day. Also see if there’s self service wrecking yard nearby lots of gas trucks may have the correct part. And maybe call rock auto I know sometimes on older parts they superceed to something else and it’s close and not the same I had hell finding brake pads for 92 dodge caravan they all looked right was little smaller I finally found the right ones took 3 local parts stores.
  11. Where’s the truck now? Is it still being raced? Was a cool truck I remember meeting you and watching you race at firebird good times
  12. Regardless of what they are into does the creature not have any self respect 😳
  13. The floor is almost ready to weld back in finally some progress Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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