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  1. I would switch the rear axle disc is way better setup you can also use rotors and pads from 3rd gen for even better brakes. i would swap the 6sp you will need flywheel and clutch also the starter spacers not sure about transfer case I know driveline are different rear is shorter front is longer. I swapped my 99 from a 5-6 world of difference
  2. I figured you would test with the approximate operating pressure
  3. Do you have the ability to do a charged air test I seem to remember guys using adapter on turbo intake hooking air compressor up at 15-25 psi and then you can check each connection and the intercooler for leaks
  4. I read an article about use air soft ammo for the wheel balance supposed to work the same as the beads at less cost
  5. The rear hitch appears to be factory 2nd gen based on design and trailer plug mounts
  6. So awesome I’m curious to see if mileage changes
  7. I know the ho had different vp 44 with stock non ho injectors was good for few hp. I know auto and standard had different turbo exhaust housing
  8. The board should be easy they are on the front
  9. Someone once told me the best way was to list on eBay motors and let them be the front man so to speak giving you protection
  10. Awesome news you was able to fix it first one I worked on I nearly took off my finger when two pieces slipped with finger in between
  11. Curious does having a transformer mean 3-phase is a option
  12. Send me your old ones there’s a place locally in slc that will reline them
  13. Have Tyler watch in Utah the suv goes cheap they drop value like a rock could find nice suburban or explorer maybe expeditions
  14. We should design and sell a puller for this hydraulic hook into each hole the press off. soon I’m going to attempt to put tires on my 57 dodge dually not sure I’m guessing the ones on it haven’t been off since the 80’s from what I gather truck hasn’t run or driven since 94
  15. Very interesting vehicle wow extremely nice work looks like could be factory
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