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  1. SRT6 has a set of traction bars less the frame mounts in the market place. But I'm not sure traction bars are going to work of road. Not hard trail climbing, but some pretty bad logging roads. ???
  2. How did you measure u-joint angles? I'm having a difficult time trying to go by the angles in the TSB.
  3. Raising the center carrier makes more sense to me since the front of the axle rotates up under torque. Lowering it would seem to put the u-joints on the rear section at even more of a bind....
  4. TSB 03-003-04. I'll do some guesstimating on the angles and try that. Thanks all!
  5. No lift. I'll look for the TSB.
  6. Is there a way to test the carrier?
  7. Thanks guys. When we had the carrier bearing replaced a few years ago, it made no difference
  8. Hi all. My nephew has a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins, automatic transmission, and 4x4. It's the 4 door version long bed. He got it with 30,000 miles on the odometer, it now has 150,000 miles. Every since he got it, the pickup would shake when towing or hauling. It is worse at low speeds but is still detectable all the times if you pay attention. It does it a little bit without a load on it too. I looked at all u joints, center carrier for the driver shaft was replaced a couple of years ago and seems fine. Drive line looks straight. The shudder starts right from a stop in 1st gear before converter is locked and continues, so I don't expect the converter. Does the '04 have an extreme issue with axle wrap? The transmission support has a "V" shaped plate that rides on a matching "V" shaped bracket that is bolted to the cross member. It is not hard to separate them or move the transmission sideways with a small pry bar. The transmission "V" and cross member "V" are not bolted together through the rubber isolation pads. Seems weird, but there is a cross brace on the cross member bracket that goes above the transmission "V" so they can't come apart. Anyway, the transmission mount seems to be the only thing that could cause this issue. Has anyone had a similar issue of shuddering under load when power is applied? Thanks!
  9. I've never used one. The AC side is nicely isolated from the DC side in the inverter. Are you concerned about electronic like s computer being plugged into a 120V receptacle?
  10. Haven't installed mud flaps or leveling kit yet. It's been too busy working and doing a great job of it too! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. It looks even better in person! I was scart to touch it!
  12. I spy a very clean, sharp pickup!😍👍
  13. Hi everyone. I would like to gt the stock horizontal bar polished billet inserts for the 2012 Ram 2500/3500 pickup. The aftermarket ones have too many bars for my taste. Thank you, ~OB~
  14. I didn't look up the year for TPMS requirements. I had Schwab install metal barrel valve stems for appearance. No TPMS sensors, no lights, no problems. With those tires and wheels on there I can now correctly locate the mud flaps. The leveling kit didn't go in earlier just because it would have looked even worse...and because I'm lazy!
  15. Bentley photobombed, but I dint really mind. Just don't tell him that! The leveling kit and mud flaps are in the garage for installation... Sometime. It is really nice not being in a hurry. A good deal usually comes along. I was very surprised to find out that there is no TPMS system on the 1 ton. I thought everything except commercial vehicles had to have it since about 2006!
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