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  1. So you're interested in doing something like this together? I will have OB's interior except the electronics to use so the donor's seats floor etc. can be trashed. I want to keep the disc brakes off OB and steering. Will that, along with the wiring and auro transmission make it worth swapping to the early frame or keeping OB's?
  2. I need to build a 24v p- pumped auto with Ol Blue's engine and body. Easiest would probably be starting with 98 or so club or quad cab auto. You could grab engine and would the NV5600 with Van Haisley dual disk in Ol Bkue work for you? We would need to come up with a 12v 4x4 auto Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. Ol Blue

    98 12V Quad Cab for Sale

    Thinking more and more about this. Probably makes more sense to get something in worse shape to start with though. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Ol Blue

    Looking for a NV5600

    I'm likely going to sell off Ol Blue's NV5600 if that helps. Paralyzed left leg does not operate a clutch. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. Ol Blue

    98 12V Quad Cab for Sale

    Some day, Ol Blue body will become a 4x4 12 valve or 24 valve p-pimped 4 door or quad cab auto. LOL lots of options!
  6. Ol Blue

    Theory of compound turbos

    The K31 below an S300 (62/65-14 works VERY well for daily driving. It is quick to spool with Mach 4s. The combo runs warm for towing. You can not get a silencer ring for the K31 and it likes to whistle.
  7. Do you have the driver's side negative battery cable?
  8. Driver's side negative battery cable?
  9. I would like the motors under the driver's seat.
  10. How about the driver's side negative battery cable?
  11. Hah! Found the emoticons! In the emoticons category of all places...
  12. Yes. They are 295/75 x 16s. Spoken for. Have a good day. ~OB~
  13. LOL! It was intended to be. I couldn't find the usual emoticons so I settled for that one. I'll dig around sometime for the other ones. Knowing you or any other competent NWBomber did the center makes them that much more appealing.
  14. Deal is done. Arrangements are complete. Thanks for the offers! Bob, what are you up to on the afternoon of the 5th?
  15. Arrangements are finalized. Thanks Joe.