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  1. Ol Blue

    Electical gremlins on a 2002

    Did you check the fuse? Did the electric pop sound like it was in the cab or out? In front of you or behind?
  2. Ol Blue

    Looking at a 4th gen 2014 3500 day cab 4x4 stick....

    Here's to hundreds of thousands of fun miles. Congrats!
  3. Ol Blue

    2007 5.9

    Very nice! Congrats!!
  4. Ol Blue


    Have a great time!
  5. Ol Blue

    Electical gremlins on a 2002

    Pay attention to which side of the fuse the tap is in. That is the side that is protected by the fuse. Don't put it on the other side. There is no sufficient fuse ahead of it in the other side to keep the wire from getting hot and possibly burning. Assuming the fuse is the problem, any idea why the fuse blew?
  6. Ol Blue

    Electical gremlins on a 2002

    Check the fuse in the PDC at the driver's door. It will have the fuse tap. Careful with the fuse tap, they can be fragile. Can't think of a reason for it to blow though. It might be number 6 or 17 fuse. Not sure I remember which. It powers both the Edge Competition Fueling Box and the A-Pillar gauges. The light switches in the 2nd gen Ram pickups get hot to the touch. Just the nature of the beast.
  7. Ol Blue

    Electical gremlins on a 2002

    Racking my brains here. I'm pretty sure the Edge box is grounded behind the knee bolster below the steering wheel on its own screw. It gets power from a fuse tap in the PDC at the driver's door. Is this the fuel booster mod? The Edge box has nothing in common with the headlight or interior dome light circuits. On second thought, the ground screw for the Edge box behind the knee bolster also grounds the lights in the A-Pillar gauges. The source is tapped off the switch dimmer circuit so the A-Pillar gauge lights dim with the dash. The common connection between the Edge box and dimmer switch could be the ground screw below the steering wheel. I can't imagine it came loose, but....?
  8. Ol Blue

    Electical gremlins on a 2002

    Head light and dome light circuits are completely separate in the switch except the power source at the switch. Did he ever download the service manual from here? It has all the circuit digrams.
  9. Ol Blue

    Electical gremlins on a 2002

    Is this the one he got from me? What fuel booster mod? Fuel pump and filters at the frame are NOT grounded through anything.
  10. Ol Blue

    New to campers

    Looks great. Have fun!
  11. Ol Blue

    Gary’s new truck

    Safe travels my friend.
  12. Ol Blue

    Gary’s new truck

    Wow. What caused all that!!? Not sure even dirty fuel will damage injector lines...
  13. Congrats on getting the long day behind you! Glad the new rig is working good too.