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  1. Do you have the driver's side negative battery cable?
  2. Driver's side negative battery cable?
  3. I would like the motors under the driver's seat.
  4. How about the driver's side negative battery cable?
  5. Hah! Found the emoticons! In the emoticons category of all places...
  6. Yes. They are 295/75 x 16s. Spoken for. Have a good day. ~OB~
  7. LOL! It was intended to be. I couldn't find the usual emoticons so I settled for that one. I'll dig around sometime for the other ones. Knowing you or any other competent NWBomber did the center makes them that much more appealing.
  8. Deal is done. Arrangements are complete. Thanks for the offers! Bob, what are you up to on the afternoon of the 5th?
  9. Arrangements are finalized. Thanks Joe.
  10. Wish I knew YOU had done this BEFORE buying them! 🤣
  11. I think they are 295/75-16 but I should look if the exact size is important. As tall and wide as I could "correctly" go on the OEM width wheels. The wheels are 16" so that part is definitely right....one out of 3 ain't bad! 🙂
  12. (4) OEM 16" alloy rims with Hancook MT-RT03 mud tires: Wheels have some white under clear coat from winter road deicer. Tires are 30+% before wear bars. These have been used for winter tires in the past and have been sitting in the barn for the past couple of years. Looks like I'm going to need some room, so these need to find a new, good home. If you want them, let me know. I can have them in the Tacoma/Seattle area Nov. 5 or points between Moscow/Pullman and Tacoma on Nov 5.
  13. Joe, I typed the date wrong. It is Nov. 5, 6 instead 25, 26.
  14. Do you also have pics (front and / or rear) of them on your pickup to see how the sit in the fenders? Thanks.
  15. Got pics? Im intersted if the offset will move the tires out a little.