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  1. Ol Blue

    Going under the Knife

    What took you so long? How come I didn't get a call to supervise? Looks like a great start buddy. Congrats on the progress..... Finally.
  2. OMG! That looks fantastic! Looks like your patience payed off. Congratulations!
  3. Congrats. Pics are naturally required! Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. Ol Blue

    New to me - not Blue

  5. Ol Blue

    New to me - not Blue

    Oh! Looks like a dude not to mess with! He could use a Rams Head in the white spot on his chest. Hmmm....
  6. Ol Blue

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Awesome work! So..... What's next? Push push!
  7. Ol Blue

    New to me - not Blue

    My sheltered life leaves me unfamiliar with that name / paint scheme reference. What's the story behind it?
  8. Ol Blue

    New to me - not Blue

    I just looked at their site. Wow!
  9. Ol Blue

    New to me - not Blue

    You're a bad, bad man with this pu$hing! I hadn't thought of something like that though...
  10. Ol Blue

    New to me - not Blue

    The pickup's name and appearance still alludes me! I really like the slightly raised, sporty, tough looking appearance with pocket flares etc. I'm just not convinced that will work with this color. It may need to be a more elegant and classy style...? Since it can get out of its own way now, maybe it could be Red Hot, Too Hot, I dunno. Any thoughts?
  11. Ol Blue

    New to me - not Blue

    Brought home about 2,200 lbs in the bed of pellets and Cinder blocks. The rear was about 1/2" lower than the front, so.... I'll probably put one of the rear spacers back below the springs, add air bags, and see if I can find a 1" spacer to raise there front. Seems like I always have to change the rigs height in some manner. It's a desease obtained from this site! That slippery slope stuff... Hint, hint Gary!! LOL! Anyway, that would clear 35s on the front and give a little fenderwell opening while leveling the rig. All of this will be a "someday" adventure.
  12. Ol Blue

    New to me - not Blue

    Is it noticeable that the road ride seem rougher with that large if a wheel and shorter sidewall height? your ride!
  13. Ol Blue

    New to me - not Blue

    Vera and I just HAVE to be different! It can give us some fun and challenges... especially in the coming season!
  14. Ol Blue

    2006 3500 SRW LOW MILES! $26,500

    Nice rig and good price!
  15. Ol Blue

    New to me 2nd gen project

    That's the same revision number since 2014. It really made Ol Blue driver nice and was still great 5 years later!