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  1. Scotty, exhaust system are available on the states. They come from Canada!😆
  2. Spokane just quit the tests due largely to the cost. I'm hoping that it is not going to get more strict, but that we are near the apex and it will settle down.
  3. Well.... Maybe.... Perhaps.... Well let the pics go for this week. HOWEVER, you have your cell phone with you most all the time! Hint hint!
  4. Hi Mark! Thuren's springs for the 2012 look to start at 2". I just looked again...in case I missed something. Did you use steel or polyurethane spacers? I can see where the steel spacers don't cradle the rubber isolator, so the isolator and the spring could come off. The poly spacers don't have a metal tube in the middle so if one splits the spring could come off.... Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, any recommendations on using soirt suspension lift spacers? Say 1.5" to 1.75"? Thanks!
  6. I think I'll go join it! Got any pics of the progress? ...... or it isn't happening!
  7. Hey Wes, how about an update!!?
  8. 2012 Laramie Longhorn 3500 Crew Cab 4x4 I'll keep working on trying to get the pic right side up. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. I want to put at least one of the factory spacers back under the rear spring pack. There is just something bugging me about having the springs riding on the axle mounting plate. The pickup sits 1-1/4" higher in the back when empty and 1" lower than the front with 2,000 lbs in the bed. I'm thinking about a 1.5" front spacer and putting one of the 1/2" factory spacer back under the rear springs. Or a 1.75" front spacer and 2 of the 1/2 inch rear spacers. Has anyone run spacers instead of springs? Do you recommend the steel spacers or the polyurethane spacers? Thanks!
  10. Awesome work! Thanks!! What time this morning did you finally get some sleep Russ?
  11. What took you so long? How come I didn't get a call to supervise? Looks like a great start buddy. Congrats on the progress..... Finally.
  12. OMG! That looks fantastic! Looks like your patience payed off. Congratulations!
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