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  1. Play or work? Play might dictate an LS or Big Block, but since it started life with a diesel, it should already be set up in the dash for things like grid heaters...... Everything will be vacuum operated on it.... So, I'll choose an option only partially in the poll... 5.9L or 6.7L Cummins with mechanical fuel (retains cruise control) and Allison transmission (the only electronics to mess with).
  2. Looks awesome! Congratulations!!
  3. Quite a bit different. Even the brake reservoir. At least the power steering lines looking the same. 👍
  4. Grab the proportioning valve for the disc brakes. I'm pretty sure it's a different rate than drum brakes. If I remember this right, the backup switch for the 6sp and 5sp are different, but the plug side for the chassis wiring harness is the same. The 6sp sits further back, but there should be enough slack in the harness to still reach it. I don't remember changing the transfer case indicator switch. Maybe they are the same between DLD and DHD.. Your already know about drive lines and cross member, fly wheel, clutch, and shifters. I think I kept the 5sp starter.
  5. Thanks. Some of the reading stated a height difference but I thought it was between the original Reese signature series and the Elite series. Do you have a Reese hitch? Which one? Should I try to find a Reese slider instead of a Curt or maybe B&W in your opinion? Thanks!
  6. I've been reading and calling RV places and feel like I'm getting no where. I'm after a slider 5th wheel hitch that mounts to an under bed rail and puck system like the Reese Elite gooseneck and pucks under bed 30158-52 and matching slider hitch (haven't found part number fire this) OR B&W turn over ball GNRK1313 (clamp to frame-diesel engine) or GNRK1308 (bolt to frame-gas engine) with slider companion hitch RVK3400. REALLY, I would liked the Reese puck system with the B&W slider. A better hitch it's looks like plus all 4 points works be supported by steel fame (pucks) and not just the bed metal when using the B&W turn over ball hitch underneath. I've read that Reese makes the OEM under bed puck system for Ford and that the Reese puck dimensions are supposed to be the same as the Ford OEM system. If so, a B&W OEM slider for Ford would then work with the Reese underbed puck system in my Ram. Does anyone know if the Ford OEM mounting point dimensions are the same as what Reese uses for their under bed power puck? Confused much? My head hurts from trying to get the "best of both worlds".. Full support under the hitch and a good hitch. Thanks
  7. But it's all bent and twisted! 😉 Sweet.. Have fun! 👍
  8. You were that close and I didn't know it! 😟 Would have been nice to see you and said hi. Hopefully next time I'll see this and stop by.
  9. Thumper 549 The drag link length not matching the movement arc of the trac bar causes bump steer on our rigs. 😟
  10. Thumper 549, Exactly why I asked! I hope Paul will give you a real answer.
  11. Looks pretty stout. Hopefully that is a good solution where good steering boxes are hard to find. 👍
  12. Teaching them to do an oil change is a great thing to do! Have a good, safe, and enjoyable relaxing trip!
  13. I've been looking and looking then remembered, I think I sent it (hubcap) to you quite a while back. ?? Somebody picked it up and got it your way. I don't remember who he was.. Anyway, that was the one I thought I had.
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