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  1. livingez_123

    Dead pedal on the beetle.

    Mine would start and idle but when the pedal was pushed nothing would happen...it was a bad ECU.
  2. livingez_123

    90 12v grid heaters

    I will find out tomorrow, just helping a local kid with his truck.
  3. Is there a master fuse or fuseable link for the grind heaters on a 1990 Dodge with a 12v VE pump?
  4. livingez_123

    90 12v grid heaters

    I think I found what I was looking for. I found a wiring diagram and it shows 2 fuseable links going into the ignition switch. I think that will answer the power issue that I need to sort out tomorrow.
  5. livingez_123

    Fire pit patio project

    Don't they make a special sand that hardens?
  6. livingez_123

    clutch not disengaging

    Well, cash buys more ammo, more ammo buys peace of mind. You can only drive one at a time so thin the heard now while you can. Before long they will all need fixing and you won't have anything to drive! I only have one that I consider special, everything else has a price.
  7. livingez_123

    Time to fix hunting trip damage

    X2 on the prothane
  8. livingez_123

    Dodge C Class RV in our park. Very nice.

    I just saw my first one this week, definitely a nice unit.
  9. livingez_123

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    I just watched part 3 and he is making a mountain out of a mole hill. I had more mile on my 97 with the mag Hy tec cover and never had a failure. He's trying to dramatize what people are seeing to maybe make them think that his product....and there will be one is better than the rest. He's also not addressing the fact that oil is still on the ring gear and being forced out of the pinion towards the pinion bearings. Nothing but hype.
  10. livingez_123

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    I'm guilty for turning the crank really fast too!
  11. livingez_123

    Look what followed me home....

    New coil packs went in and no more heat soak missfire. Found my boost leak, it was one of the check valve, it had broken apart. Replaced a few more vacuum lines and it's running so smooth now. All of my fuel trims and sensor readings are good. Now just some more fine tuning and tidy up the engine compartment and call it good. Then I can move on to the body next.
  12. I just don't understand why these things keep happening to me. I think it could be the German in my genes! 2001 VW Beetle, 1.8 turbo, 5spd, 157k, leather, heated seats, blah blah blah. I only gave $200 for it!
  13. That can am is bad ass! How's is it on the back? I would love to have a toy like that, a long travel sand rail is out of the budget!
  14. livingez_123

    For Sale 1999.5 VW Jetta TDI

    I really like the silver wheels.
  15. Honestly, Delo at 10k intervals. I ran oil reports twice a year. But, if your an in town driver I would go 7.5k and get it checked, if ok go to 10k and call it good. This is with over 800k miles worth of driving my 2 Dodges.
  16. livingez_123

    Want to buy dually rear end

    Bob's right, AAM. I must have had a Cuda on the brain! That's what as in my 04 3500 and I ran it up to 26k all the time with no issues.
  17. livingez_123

    Want to buy dually rear end

    Can you use an AAR from a 3rd gen dually?
  18. livingez_123

    Want to buy dually rear end

    Sounds like a fun road trip down to Gary's.
  19. livingez_123

    need help deciding

    The only negative I have heard about with the eco diesel is when they first came out they had an issue with the exhaust cam gear coming lose on the camshaft.
  20. livingez_123

    Look what followed me home....

    I got a few more things taken care of today. I put on new front wheel bearings and hubs, new lower control arm bushings and new sway bar end links. The driver's side bearing was toast. It's much quieter now.
  21. livingez_123

    For Sale 1999.5 VW Jetta TDI

    That will be a nice ride for sure, it's a good thing you do your own maintenance!
  22. livingez_123

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    And this is why if it ain't broke...don't fix it! Unless you plan on racing it and want every last bit of power possible. After a while, most common owners just get tired of looking at numbers and want real wold dring data that fits there application. idk, I could be doing it all wrong!
  23. livingez_123

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    A 6.7 liter is only going to flow X amount of CFM....period. so when your intake elbow exceeds the maximum CFM that the engine will ever use is a waste. Also, a system under pressure acts differently than a system under vacuum. It looks like he just tested air flow, at what PSI does the CFM become moot?
  24. livingez_123

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    I could have saved him a bunch of time if I would have data logged all of my miles driven with the MHT and stock diff covers. I never saw anything close to 300deg in the diff or trans and that was with heavy loads going over all the local passes. He definitely has a point when it comes to fluid dynamics and the flow of the oil around the ring gear and cover. After watching temps on my own truck for over a year I got rid of the gauges because there was no need for them as the temps never got high enough to worry about. The Dana in my 97 was never apart for any kind of bearing work and my 04.5 never had a failure of any kind. With the info and real-world miles under my belt, I wouldn't buy an aftermarket cover.