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    Well I finally got tired of paying high prices for propane to keep my trailer warm. I couldn't afford to keep it as warm as I would like to have. So I picked up a used pellet stove and moved the furniture around a bit and I now have warm trailer! .
  2. livingez_123


    Dry storage for a pallet could be an issue. I could probably find room at the shop and then bring home a bag or two at a time. It does bring the price down a bit when you do buy a pallet at a time.
  3. livingez_123

    Project EOS

    Well it's home and the fun begins tomorrow! I will try and take a lot of pictures of the progress.
  4. livingez_123

    Project EOS

    Didn't get a lot done today. I cleaned up a few parts and smoothed out the top of the Pistons where the valves made contact with them, got rid of the Sharp edges. Ordered new valves the other day so as soon as they get in the head will go and get taken care of.
  5. livingez_123

    Project EOS

    The chain guide was broken and allowed to much slack in the timing chain and the end result is 8 bent intake valves. I will clean the head up and pull the intake valves and see if there is any damage to the head. Then I guess it will go to the machine shop and get surfaced and the new intake valves put in.
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    Project EOS

  7. livingez_123

    Trailer supply places ???

    Etrailer.com for me too!
  8. livingez_123

    2002 rebuilt title

    To me there is a big difference between a rebuilt title and a salvage title. I will consider a rebuilt title long before a salvage title car. To me a salvage title to me is just a parts car with no intention of it being a driver.
  9. livingez_123

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    The manufacturers would change the master key every couple of years, I have 6 and go back over 20years.
  10. livingez_123

    Project EOS

    Waiting for one more tool then off with it's head!
  11. livingez_123

    Project EOS

    Well the head is almost off, I have pictures but they are to big to post. I'm waiting for a couple of specialty tools so I can finish taking this thing apart. I can say with 100% certainly that every intake valve is bent, I can see them all open looking into the ports. It hasn't been that tough of a job, the turbo manifold and some small fasteners in that are were a bit difficult to get to. The water pump design is like nothing I have ever seen on a VW, this thing is mounted towards the back of the block and is driven by a small cogged belt off the balance shaft. It's made out of plastic and is pron to cracking and failure. While I have it apart I will replace it with a new all aluminum unit.
  12. livingez_123

    ISO Canopy for new truck

    They have this new fastback looking canopy.....just a thought...or not. https://www.mivehiclesolutions.com/aero-x-conversion-kit/
  13. livingez_123

    5ver hitch for 6'4" bed?

    Nothing wrong with rails in the bed.
  14. livingez_123

    Project EOS

    I went and got my registration done on the car today, 2hrs at the DMV. I was lucky and parked just outside the door and I could see the now serving number sign. So I sat in the warm Denali and played with the dog and surfed the net. Now to order some more that I needed proof of ownership. Tomorrow I'm going to the shop no matter how much snow is on the ground!
  15. livingez_123

    5ver hitch for 6'4" bed?

    I think a slider hitch would be worth the money considering the amount of damage a cab into a fifth-wheel wheel can cause.
  16. livingez_123

    5X100 wheels and new tires

    Beetle is gone....wheels and tires too!
  17. livingez_123

    5X100 wheels and new tires

    I have a set of 17" wheels and new Nokian 225/45/17 Nokian entyre 2.0 Tires have less than 1000 miles on them Comes with new lug bolts and tool Asking $450
  18. livingez_123

    I've got to get busy today

    You will like the new SB hydraulics, I put a set on the 04.5 when I put the SB clutch in. Did you get the one with the adjustable pedal?
  19. livingez_123

    Winter weather

    The doggies look like they are having fun.
  20. livingez_123

    No 4WD

    I like this solution.
  21. livingez_123

    VW DSG trans

    I have the filter, liquid moly DSG oil, drain and fill fitting on the way. I think I will do it again in 40K just to be sure it's getting the love it needs.
  22. livingez_123

    VW DSG trans

    Those of you that have them, how are they holding up? Do any of you run a tune? My next possible project has the 6spd DSG and thinking of going to a stage II tune with 350ftlb of torque. My ears are open and I'm listening!
  23. livingez_123

    Project EOS

    snowy and cold today didn't go to the shop.
  24. livingez_123

    Project EOS

    Well after today I now know why my Beetle was running so poorly. I was pulling the down pipe and cat to sell and when the pipe came apart lot of cat material came out of the resonator pipe. Then I looked into the cat and it was destroyed. So bad cat leaves lots of crap in the exhaust system causing too much back pressure and cooked exhaust valves. Oh well. Back to the EOS tomorrow, I will see if I can get the top end taken apart in the time I have. The camera is going with me.
  25. livingez_123

    Headliner out and sunroof leak fixed?

    Very common problem with the VW sunroofs.