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  1. Sasquash

    Big Load

    How heavy is the shaft?
  2. Sasquash

    Wheels and Tires

    Do you know why he’s selling? I’m interested.
  3. Sasquash

    Had to do a few things to the new truck

    How large is the air tank you installed?
  4. Sasquash

    FISHING 2018!

    That's one of the funniest pictures I've ever seen!! I'm still laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. Sasquash

    Low voltage on the gauge

    On my 04.5 I've had to replace my alternator and starter contacts. I used the Larry B starter rebuild kit. My alternator was getting sprayed with antifreeze from a pinhole leak in the top radiator hose which caused all kinds of strange electrical grimlins. After that I had all of my different dash gauges reading erratically. I kept changing different sensors and things even though they would test okay but would still not read intermittently. I then found a local guy who repaired instrument panels and had him go through the entire panel. He replaced a few of the cluster components and touched up all of the solder points and that cleared up all of the problems.
  6. Mark, does the increased lumens add a lot of heat, or is there sufficient space in the assembly to protect it. I know that I melted the fog light lens on my '98.5 trying brighter bulbs. The added brightness looks great.
  7. Sasquash

    Trying a couple new cleaning products

    You're reversed with the decimal point. 100ml is 0.1 liter. Expensive stuff.
  8. Sasquash

    I have a car stuck in my brain

    So is there some place that we can watch the cliff diving? It sounds like it could be a good video!!
  9. Sasquash


    I don't know for sure, but I think that Ben might have a set of stacks that would look great on it!!!!
  10. Sasquash

    [early] Gen2 headlight switch w/fog switch/function?

    I had the integrated switch on my 98.5.
  11. Sasquash

    Costco Solar Charger

    I don't have this specific brand, but I have a 100 w solar panel on my 5th wheel. It works great for keeping my batteries up when I'm elk hunting. I only need to run the generator if I want to turn the TV on to watch a video. Other than that I can run the lights and the furnace and the batteries stay charged the whole time.
  12. Sasquash

    Annual August bomb party! Aug 18th

    I'm bummed! That's the same weekend as Country Music Fest in Brownsville. We already bought our tickets
  13. Is the spots for different slide out configurations on the passenger side of the cover? In th picture it almost looks like there is.
  14. I was out at Source today and got to say hi to everyone. I found out that if you're around on Fridays that Rip makes lunch. Today he made homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches that tasted great. Great to see them all.