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  1. So is that new mower for him to use at your house as a reward?
  2. Looking good! What front bumper is that?
  3. In its simplest form, minimum advertised pricing (MAP) is the lowest price a retailer can advertise the product for sale.
  4. Once you get it in the sun you’re going to blind people! Looks great!
  5. For the ones I bought were about double that, but they stood by their warranty when there was a problem
  6. I was able to stop by Ben’s house this morning. He was able to help figure out how the new PIAA LED headlights needed to be manipulated to fit properly and stay in the housing. What a difference in the amount of light output. I had them on all of the way home and never got flashed once. The real test will be later tonight. for those who haven’t been to his shop, you need to stop by and see all of the cool things he’s working on. Dan
  7. Has anyone used the PIAA Platinum LED Bulbs in a ‘04.5 or ‘06? I’ve used the PIAA ultra white bulbs for years but still looking for better lighting.
  8. I was elk hunting last week in SE Oregon. After hunting in the same area for 25 years this was the first time I've never seen mule deer while elk hunting. Talking with the locals, they're blaming it on the increase of cougars and the introduction of wolves. I saw wolf tracks everywhere! They made my dog's track look like like a tiny puppy. Our group got one spike on opening day and that was the only elk any of us saw during the season. Good luck to you!
  9. Well, I’m back over here hunting in the rocky area. When I got back to camp last night I kept hearing a weird noise. I stopped and looked for a problem a couple of times but didn’t find anything. Later when I was walking towards the truck I saw the problem. The front mount on the driver side bar was laying on the ground!!!! It looks like all of the special bolts broke off clean. There’s empty holes in the frame and no sign of them. I removed the bar and am driving with just one installed. Is that going to be ok, or should I take it off too?
  10. Weird! It works on my iPhone and my laptop. It’s embedded about half way down the page right above an ad to enter other mfg vin numbers
  11. The link just goes to the site and asks for a vin number for me on my phone anyway. Scroll all the way down and you can see the window sticker
  12. So what are the rest of us who don’t do Facebook either do? Please post links that we can see.
  13. I’ve had problems with my 3600 in the past and a little spray of starting fluid in the air filter once at the new elevation and it works great the rest of a trip. Give it a try!
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