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  1. I guess that I should have added that too. The 6.7’s are readily available and a lot cheaper than the 5.9 ass’y and offer better oiling properties. I’m running the 0.1 BBI’s
  2. New on top. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I had to replace the rocker assembly on my 2004.5. I used the 2008 style upgraded style with the extra oil grooves. At the same time I added BBI’s too. I think that you’re on the right track Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Since my entrance steps are towards the rear of the trailer it seems like I always have to raise the front jacks up to get the trailer leveled up anyway so I don’t think that it’s something to worry about. As long as I can safely install and remove the hitch without assistance I think that it’s a win for me. Currently there isn’t a way that I can do that with my Reese hitch. The 20 R hitch might be for sale soon.
  5. I don't see how an extra 3 or 4" of lift to set the PIN section down on the ball is going to cause any issues since the overall height of the 5th wheel needs to ride at the same level above the bed rails as before. Am I missing something here? Thanks, Dan
  6. Some states, Idaho being one of them and where these are made don’t require them. I personally would want them, law or not. fortunately my 5th wheel is only around 11k loaded.
  7. They do have safety chain kits available that bolt to the king pin plate and then to the rails. There’s videos showing the destructive testing of the hitches and the amount of force that they can withstand. I’m not concerned about strength of the hitch engineering but very curious about what noises it will make. My 20R Reese hitch makes so much noise and is very annoying.
  8. Is anyone here using an Andersen 5th wheel hitch that connects to the rails from your conventional 5th wheel hitch? I see several trucks that have them that attach to the Gooseneck ball and then get torqued down, but not seeing the other. I’m curious if they’re as quiet as the Gooseneck model. thanks, Dan
  9. "bigest question is the coouter programing.." I didn't even know that was a thing these days!
  10. As my signature says it’s a 2004.5 3500 that I have had since I ordered it new. It has the 2008 type upgrade done already. And when the steering gear failed it was upgraded to the 2008 style with the new pump and reservoir. I’ll have to have someone look at the hoses while I turn the wheel.
  11. I’m hearing a clunking type noise from the steering column when turning slowly to either direction. Is there anything in the column that can cause it, or am I hearing it from outside? I have 272k on the truck now. I’m noticing a little wonder in the steering at highway speeds too. It’s been e while since things have been changed upfront since the steering gear and pump were replaced and the upgraded components were replaced.
  12. I’d recommend looking at Big Bang injectors 😎 I love mine.
  13. We had a good time this year! Two of the guys got nice spikes on opening day. That always takes some of the pressure off. We continued hunting hard everyday, it was extremely dry this year. An old timer that lives near the area we go kept telling us about a big black bear that he'd seen a couple of times, but he wasn't comfortable trying to shoot it with the rifle he had. So on the last day of our season I decided to go and look for the bear. I got a really big surprise when I came up over a ridge and saw a big 5 point standing broadside at 420 yards I didn't realize that he was tha
  14. Me too! I’d rather shoot a rag horn or a spike for the tender meat if possible. And I agree with Gary on the curry, I’ve tried it several times and it always seems to bounce back soon after so I’ve given up on trying anymore. Dan
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