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  1. I did mine a couple weeks ago. Â I ordered all new banjo bolts from Wild Cat Diesel. Â I put a tapped banjo at the bottom of the fuel filter and connected the grease gun hose from NAPA (the one with the brass fittings). Â Rod at Wild Cat had suggested this location as it gets the sender even further from the injection pump and less likely to cause problems with the sender. Â It also leaves a connection at the injection pump if there is ever a need to test it. Â The only way I could get the hose on was to remove the fuel filter cannister. Â It wasn't very difficult, two bolts and two cable connections after removing the banjo bolts. Â The grease gun hose was then routed up by the brake fluid resevoir. Â I drilled a short length of sheet steel for a bracket and bolted it onto one of the brake booster bolts. Â Bolted a clamp to the bracket, put some tubing around the sensor and then clamped it in. Â Pretty clean looking install.
  2. Still doesn't explain why they are getting indications there is a problem with the MAP sensor.
  3. Have my 01 at Monroe Dodge right now being diagnosed. When Lenny at DDP dynoed it in stock form, as it is now, Â it would only put out 178 hp. Â After checking many things (hoses, clamps, etc.) nothing changed. Swapped out MAP sensor, no change. Checked fuel pressure and the shop guage indicated it was at 5 psi WOT. OK take it to stealer and hope they see the problem and replace lift pump. Â Stealer says no problem found (never went under 10 psi) and you owe $90. Â So, I finally get the guages in and replaced the banjo bolts with drilled ones from Wild Cat. Fuel pressure is acceptable, 12-13 idle, 10 medium throttle, and hard to get down to 8 at WOT. Boost #'s are good. Â Lenny suggested taking it back to dealer and seeing if they might reflash it. Knowing I would not get much cooperation at Bellevue, I took it to Monroe. They listened and agreed to take it in. They put it on the computer and indications were that the MAP sensor was bad. Â They replaced that and still got the same readings. They are saying the readings are indicating there is sufficient fueling and boost when there is not. Â They are baffled and have it for the next couple days trying to solve the problem. I know this is a bit long, but Lenny and the dealer are puzzled. Â Has anyone else experienced this or have a good solution? Â I am grateful for Monroe to at least listen and agree to look at it. Â I believe there is a good relationship building between them and Lenny. Â Hope to have favorable results from this to build on. Thanks, Doug
  4. The only decal on my truck is for Dyno-Mite. I have yet to purchase any PDR parts/accessories/goodies so haven't any advertising items from them. I believe the shirt I was wearing that day may have had an AT&T wireless marking (I work, they pay, I can afford bombs!) and I don't think we compete. I don't think I am on the BD mailing/customer list. Heck, I just started bombing so I have yet to weed out any vendor. I'm not going to sling mud. I just didn't want that Ford to have the top numbers. I was so surprised at my numbers I may have thought it was a dream, but I have the jacket to prove it.
  5. I was at Lenny's shop last night and mentioned it to him. Â He checked his calendar and is free that day. Â I would like to help set this up if you'd like. Â Lenny's been very fair to me and I'd like to show some appreciation. Â Just let me know. Thanks, Doug
  6. I don't see my name on the list. Â I ran in the under 300hp and recorded 273.8. Â It was the best qualifying in that group. Â I have the sheet if you need to verify. This is a big disappointment for me! Â Please be fair. Â I don't believe I have been around enough of this to have created any hard feelings. Â If so, please let me know. Â Thanks, Doug
  7. Will be trying to make this one. Â I have guages on order and might need some help getting them installed. Definitely will need someone to drill/tap for the pyro. Â Also, has anyone installed an Autometer electric fuel pressure guage? Could use some tips on where to locate the various components. Doug
  8. Looking at the numbers all morning I didn't think my truck would even come close to what had been run. I finally gave in and signed up. When they ran my truck I Â was :shocked: Â 273.8! Â Slightly more than than 264 I was able to get at Lenny's last week. Besides finishing first in the under 300hp, I edged out a FURD that had done 273.6. Whew, that would have been embarassing. Now that I've gotten the bug, I am definitely hooked. But no more until the tranny gets done. I think I'm already giving it problems.
  9. Stopped by the Dyno-Mite shop yesterday to meet Lenny and scope out his facility. We chatted for a bit and and after getting a feel for what I intend to do with my truck, Lenny put it on the dyno to get a baseline. My virgin trruck had less than stellar 182hp.  Lenny provided some thoughts on a good path for improvement and then set off to make the "adjustments".  A little tweaking and some parts enhancements (classified information, oh no, military flashbacks  ) and things improved to 242hp. It wasn't what Lenny expected so he and Ryan began tinkering and troubleshooting. Ultimately a fuel pressure guage revealed 15 psi at idle   then went to below 5 at WOT   So now its off to the stealer for replacement of the dreaded lift pump. Still, the improvement is very nice.  Now that I have given in to the bombing bug I know there is no turning back. I am looking forward to what the future brings and will definitely be taking it back to Lenny to do the work.  Great guys and I can say I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.
  10. I have the same vehicle and using the overhead computer am averaging 14.8 on this tank. I have been doing better lately due to a couple changes. First started using Power System additive on every tank (8 oz per tank never letting it go below 1/3). Thenb give up on the "cheap" stations and find a good quality fuel. I am not close to a Flying J so I have been using a Chevron. My mileage has been around 16 mpg for overall driving. I believe the Power System has not only improved the quality of the fuel but also cleaned the injectors. Overall result, better milage and improved responsiveness.
  11. Jon. I am hoping to make it out there myself. Is there anything I can bring. Never like to show up empty handed. Looking forward to meeting more of the "local" folks. Doug
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