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  1. To use the airsoft pellets you would have to break the tire off the bead. The balancing beads are tiny glass beads. Feeding them through the valve stem is easy. Just takes a bit of time to get all 6oz. in. Just don't let the hose pop out while loading. I did mine with the wheels off the truck. I had two sets that I was swapping around. Both seemed to have improved with the beads. Doug
  2. You can do it all by yourself at home. I did it with my 2008 dually. The kit comes with the valve stem puller, a bottle and hose to feed them into the wheel. It takes 6 ounces of beads per wheel. Doug
  3. Just might have to visit it some day. Will be even closer when we move next year.
  4. Let me check with my brother. They have an expensive little teardrop trailer that they travel all over the country with. I know he has a wheel lock of some sort and uses it whenever he disconnects it from their SUV. Doug
  5. Last time mine seemed to take quite a bit to get going. It has the keyless ignition, just push run. Hard to interrupt it to stop it. Doug
  6. I was thinking of posting something sarcastic like picking up a full figured woman, then you posted this. Thank you for adding some humor to my week. 😁 Doug
  7. Just did mine a couple weeks ago. On the floor in the garage. First off I have the wrench for the rear filter that works perfect. For the front engine one I bought the short 22mm socket. A neat tip I found on one video was to use long extension coming down from above just behind the wire loom. It's an almost straight line so not so much worry of messing up the cap. On the rear I had cut open a plastic gallon milk jug and stuffed it up over the driveshaft and drained it via the water drain. The bad part came when it was time to remove the jug full of fuel. Yup, it spilt all over me. But it was out and getting the new one in was easy. The front one I got a ketchup bottle out of the recycle bin and was able to get it up to the end of the drain tube. Opened the water drain and it emptied the fuel bowl and had just enough room in the ketchup bottle. That one came out without spilling and making a mess. Having the wrench and socket makes it an easy job, just messy. The following week one of my teammates was complaining on our daily call that with his wife and daughters at home for the holidays his house smelled like hair spray and perfume. I told him the remedy was to get a real diesel truck and then do a fuel filter change. That would reestablish his male dominance in his household. My boss who has a Ford said just make sure to throw away the clothes you wore. Said he threw his in the wash and his wife then added more and washed them all together. Everything gets the diesel smell. Mine are still airing out after two washes on the sanitize cycle. Doug
  8. We have one more trip in a couple weeks. Had originally reserved a site at Schoodic Woods campground in Winter Harbor, Maine (part of Acadia). Got notified several weeks ago the campground would not be opening. Add to that Maine is requiring Massachusetts folks to either get tested within 72 hours or quarantine for 14 days. Darn. Was really looking forward to the great lobsters from the store just down the road. OK, on to plan B. Now we're headed to Upstate New York. A few days in Webster Park on on Lake Ontario and then south to Sampson State Park and some wine and brewery tasting. Leaf Peeping (when the leaves turn to those beautiful colors) should be starting. Oh the Northeast in the fall! Then it will be winterizing time. Doug
  9. I did have a sensor go bad on my 2016 2500 with around 72K miles. The see dealer warning popped up a few times over a few months then in November it came on with the warning that in 200 miles it would go into limp mode. Was in a bind so I took it to the dealer. It was the downstream sensor. Expensive at their price and the added hours they justify for having to go through regens. I know I could have replaced it myself and saved a lot but I was in a bind. Now this was all on a vehicle I bought used from a dealer the previous spring with 65K miles on it. I didn't have a service history so I can't say what may have been done before. The truck is exceptionally clean and looks to have been well taken care of. And a big thing here in the northeast is it has no rust! I have since put on about 4K miles without any further issues. I do use the Blue DEF. When towing my 8,000 lbs camper (trailer) I can go through 5 gallons in around 1K miles. I always try to find the date on the carton and try to not buy anything over few months old. If I can't find a date I will not buy it. Doug
  10. I am so grateful for Google maps and their street view. Now that I have the 30' travel trailer it isn't so easy doing fuel stops. When I am planning our long trips I search out my fueling stops. Interstate isn't too hard but off on the secondary roads can get tricky. I was also able to figure out how to make our stop to pick up sushi to go in Albany. There is an office park behind the shopping center where the restaurant is so as long as it's not during office hours we are fine. But having the trailer does make things a lot easier when the trailer is dropped at the camping site. I didn't like taking the camper off the truck so most of the time it came along wherever we went. Missed out on some nice scenery in Acadia on our first trip. So glad we got to do it last time we were there. Was really looking forward to going again this September but just got an email saying the park campground was not going to open and they cancelled my reservations. Dang! The fresh lobsters just down the road are just so tasty and quite affordable. Doug
  11. I haven't done 26 from Casper as I was usually going through Cheyenne. But 26 from the junction of 287 into Jackson is not a problem depending on weather. From Jackson south on 191 to 89 then 26 to Idaho Falls is not bad. Taking Hwy 20 across to Mountain Home is an easy route too. Craters of the Moon is a really interesting area. Doug
  12. I know a bit about the area from Laramie, WY through Colorado. The 287 highway from Laramie to Ft Collins may avoid steep grades but it is a dangerous highway with a lot of bad accidents. I don't think you'll have issues though. When you get to Ft Collins take Hwy 14 east at least to Ault where you can pick up US 85. I would go further east to Hwy 17 south to stay way east of Denver. Hwy 17 is used a lot by the trucks hauling livestock and grain so it could be a better choice. The further east you stay from Denver would keep you out of the urban traffic. Doug
  13. I grew up in Upstate New York and most of our vacations were to Canada. Our Boy Scout troop took several trips up to Algonquin Park. We did canoe trips through various lakes. A lot of it was still pretty wild as this was around 1969. We also did a family trip to Quebec near Mont Tremblant. We had a little cottage on a sparsely populated lake. Fishing was great. Trying to communicate with the French speaking locals was not so easy. But it was fun and memorable. Our whole family, mom, dad and 7 kids in the station wagon hauling the homemade cargo trailer with a week's worth of provisions. Not too funny when Canadian Customs wanted to inspect everything in the trailer. The wrath of a mother with 7 kids standing around at the border while they nitpick their way through the carefully packed contents sure made their day a lot more difficult. But the fun we had that week still comes out when we're together 50 years later. Doug
  14. I would say that if you have the time and opportunity, visit TLCentral (TorkLift) in Kent. They are pretty straightforward and know their stuff. I was happy they were local when I needed both my 2003 and 2008 set up for hauling my campers. They aren't cheap, but they do stand behind their products. They will always make it right. Doug
  15. Very easy 15 minutes. There is a nut on the top, just unbolt and remove. I haven't looked at the StableLoads so not sure how they are set up. But I have used a lot of their other products and have been quite pleased. It's a local company for you folks up there. Stop and chat with them if you can. Doug
  16. With the 2017 Ram 3500 I would start with a set of extended bumpstops. I found that by having all four corners of the overload springs engaged the sway was greatly reduced. Add just enough air to the bags to raise it a bit but still keep the overloads engaged. I found with my Lance camper that due to the weight difference from side to side it was best to inflate one side, measure the distance from the top of the tire to the wheel well then add air to the other side to get the same distance. One side always took several more pounds of pressure to get things even. But once done, it rode very well. Doug
  17. Too much air in the bags can be a bad thing. I am not familiar enough with the suspension on your GM rig so I can't say what exactly I would do. But I will say that if there is no load on your springs, then you need to get them in contact. I know a lot of folks have used the TorkLift Stable Loads to help get rid of the sway. Perhaps check them out? Doug
  18. I had that Atlantic Blue 2003 3500 SRW. To that I had added the extended bumpstops, airbags and a thick sway bar. With just the camper it wasn't too bad if I got the airbags just right. The boat pushing it was just too much. With the dually there were no white knuckle moments. Even when some jerk cut me off in traffic on I-5 in Los Angeles. The look on his face as I came at him was pretty good. He got off at the next exit. I'm thinking he has to clean his seat. Doug
  19. My old Arctic Fox 990 and towing my 20' Sea Ray was the reason I bought my 2008 dually. One trip westbound over Stevens Pass was all it took to convince my wife. I did put on the Firestone air bags and extended bumpstops but that was all it needed. When I upgraded to the Lance 1160 all I needed was a longer hitch extension. Put a lot of miles on with that setup up and down the west coast a few times and then our big trip cross country from Washington to Massachusetts towing a 7x14 enclosed cargo trailer. Never a problem and the wife was quite happy with it. One upgrade I did that I thought made a difference was replacing the stock disk rotors with dimpled/slotted ones. Doug
  20. Had to replace the downstream NOX sensor a couple months ago. TIme and need were critical so I had a dealer do it. Big $$$ bill. Learned my lesson and have resources to get it done myself now. Can't have any issues as we have state inspections here in Massachusetts so any warning light or anything will get a failure. Still loving the truck so I'm not planning any changes for a long time. Doug
  21. I always schedule for the maximum allowed maintenance window, usually 6 hours. Most times I can be done in less than 3. Setting the expectation and getting it done well under makes you look a lot better. Now if they go beyond their time then folks tend to get a bit upset and you don't want that. Signed, Doug, the guy that it is timing his retirement to coincide with having to be versed on cloud computing. I cannot comprehend the virtual world!
  22. I may have to adjust mine. Since I put in the 9011 bulbs I am constantly getting flashed by people thinking my high beams are on. I know the high beams are not on as I have the auto dimming dimming feature and it definitely works. Finally got an opportunity to use it on my trip to my brother's place in rural upstate New York. Doug
  23. I actually found replacing the filters on my 2016 was a lot easier than my 2008. The fuel filter at the rear axle is not difficult to do with the right wrench. It's just that you will get soaked. The front filter is easy enough with socket extensions and the correct size socket. The oil filter is just a slight pain as it can only be reached through the passenger side wheel well. Just enough room to get the filter wrench in there and then slip on a ziplock bag after breaking it loose. Oh, and get the filter plug! No dripping when removing or installing. Doug
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