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  1. Special_Purpose

    Motorhome fuel pump fuse/relay

    i may try that if I can have any luck tracing the wires to the pump... Not looking forward to dropping the tank
  2. Special_Purpose

    Motorhome fuel pump fuse/relay

    I have a 98 Georgie Boy and it has decided to not start. It has the big GM engine and appears to have no fuel at the fuel rail. I believe the pump is in the tank, but is there a fuse or relay hiding somewhere?? The owners manual has electrical diagram, but not for the chassis items, just the added motorhome circuits. I'm really not in a hurry to pull the tank, would much rather discover a fuse or relay that was bad.... any help would be appreciated...
  3. Special_Purpose

    2006 Chrysler 300C AWD

    Hey, isn't that the car you poached from my area?? Catch and release in Utah?? It's OK, I think I like my 2011 Charger better anyway. These are old man cars, white with 4 doors, AWD. I think i may get better mileage than you, course I drive like the old guy I am...
  4. Special_Purpose

    HELP!! The Belt Squeal that just wont go away!

    could it be the A/C compressor when engaged?
  5. Special_Purpose

    Ram recall slipping out of Park

    I got a recall notice on my 2011 Charger... looks like I'm getting a new alternator due to a few smoke and fire problems.. Hope they don't screw up anything else while they are in there, this thing has been very good to me so fare...
  6. Special_Purpose

    Isspro Performance Gauge Install 2011 Duramax

    That is the way it should have come from the factory. But then you wouldn't have had all the fun of installing them! Those look great, I've had no trouble with my ISSpro gauges either. Great job on the install.
  7. Special_Purpose

    I'd all my SxS for this in a heartbeat

    looks like a lot of fun, not sure why I'd want to be out in the middle of all that water...
  8. Special_Purpose

    1998 25' 5th Wheel

    I'm getting my motorhome ready to sell, and also working on the old Airstream for when I'm out alone or with my son. If the motorhome sells I might be interested in yours. But don't count on mine selling soon, I have not cleaned out my stuff or cleaned the carpets yet. I did get the windshield replaced finally... that was my excuse for awhile....
  9. Special_Purpose

    Snap test

    He got it thru the second time, not sure how much money or what they did... The next thing I know he had it towed home thinking his bearings were out in the front end. I explained how fun they are and he remembered when we tore apart the front end to do brakes and the front axle u-joints, so he was going to have his shop do it for him. The guy at the shop checked it all out and told him his tires were crap, and it wasn't the bearings. Short story is he had another set of tires on rims so they swapped them out and he says it's smooth now. Some guys have all the luck. The tires that came off were about 13 years old, plenty of tread, but were bouncing all over the road. Think he got shocks too... Thanks for the replies, I didn't make the drive this time for a change so glad he didn't get screwed at the shop...
  10. Special_Purpose

    Snap test

    Brother's truck won't pass the snap throttle test. He lives in spokane, truck has a banks system on it, but he says it is set to stock. It never passes. What is the trick???
  11. Special_Purpose

    Week of Clutches

    That looks about as bad as my kids disc brake pads when the car decided he needed to change them. He applied the brake and then let off and one of the backing plates dropped out onto the ground! There was no pad left at all. Piston popped out of the bore also. Scared him a lot as he was just heading down a steep hill, got it stopped with the emergency brake before it was too late...
  12. Special_Purpose

    Traveling with propane on

    I bought a toy hauler back around 2000 and the first trip I took it on my beer wasn't nearly cold enough in the refer. I started troubleshooting and you will not believe what i finally found to be the trouble.... I couldn't find any issues with it, and decided to remove the plastic cover on the roof to check and see if the bees had plugged it up with a well hidden hive. I couldn't believe it when I found that there was no hole cut in the roof under the vent... I was just a little hot when telling the dealer he was lucky me and my family didn't die from fumes that had nowhere else to go but into the living area. Later I discovered the stove was sharing the same compartment as the furnace, and whenever the furnace kicked on the burners on the stove got sucked downward, melting the solder and ruining the burners. I have made very detailed inspections of every RV I've purchased since then, got to make sure you don't get a Monday or Friday unit.
  13. Special_Purpose

    WTB golf cart batteries

    He is going to love driving that around. With a set of new batteries it should go for most the day. This should start the downhill slide for a boy that age to begin the gearhead stage.
  14. Special_Purpose

    2009 R/T Dodge Challenger

    yep, that's me. I got about 75 too many pounds on me right now
  15. Special_Purpose

    2009 R/T Dodge Challenger

    I saw this too late, I call this "Fat guy in a white charger".