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  1. There’s a rule about dumping crapper tanks on public roadways. Falls under same category
  2. EGT at front exhaust sensor would read 12-1300 during regen and pulling passes. Don’t have a clue what manifold temps were, but I’m betting pretty toasty. My temps overall went down, except regen cycles, after tuning.
  3. That horse collar interfere with beer drinking???
  4. It’s been 4-5 years since I’ve eaten at the food court. (I’ve been social distancing long before it was popular) When did they get rid of the polish dog???
  5. I don’t think there’s a ‘too small glove’ for him though.
  6. 3 days you’ll be saying the 95 degree weather caused way too much swamp-ass. Just no pleasing you
  7. Goats tend to eat whatever you don’t want them to. Sister had a goat growing up. Staked it out so it could browse blackberries, oak and cherry suckers, lilac bushes and other odds and ends. REFUSED to eat brush. Took the grass and weeds down to dirt.... and was becoming very poor (3-4 ribs showing) before we moved her. Dad promptly fattened her up, and we ate the hateful thing.
  8. Best part is they convert that green stuff into tasty beef!!! Do you even have a meat locker up there that slaughters??? I’d think the Seattle-ites would have shut them down. You know, it’s inhumane to slaughter and process your own when you can just buy it from the store.
  9. I’m not complaining. Last year I started feeding cows July 1st. This year looking like first part of August. I’ll take cheaper beef every time!!!
  10. Yep! But it still says ‘that particularly special person said something, but you just can’t see it’ Curiosity gets the best of you, needing to know just how special they’re feeling today, so it gets turned back on...... and you get pissed all over again. Wash rinse repeat.
  11. Had a 2 door chev II 1964 era for about 6 months. Bought it for 2200 bucks, put a mild small block in it, some decent sounding exhaust..... and stupidly sold to the first guy that offered 7500 cash. This was 20 years ago. I’d give 10k to get that car back.
  12. I’ll take the zf-6 over all of them.
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