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  1. It'll be a few hours behind the wheel before you're not unintentionally rut hunting trying to keep from running hunting. Tight steering is weird like that!
  2. The ad says total due to rear impact damage
  3. DSG autos need 40k services to be happy. I can tell when we're getting close. They start shifting slow.
  4. Rebuilt title would be a deal breaker. Most diesel gate cars have a much extended warranty. Timing belts are 120k intervals. What to watch for. Drive it. Cold to operating temperature pay attention to how the trans shifts. If it hiccups or shudders, pass on it. Make sure there's no fluid leakage under hood. That's basically it.
  5. They have a tendency to crack out the kingpin box. If that is beefed up, it moves down the line. You are effectively adding 16-18" of leverage to the mix. With things being manufactured to the minimum standards, it causes issues quickly.
  6. Having a background in repairing trailers.... be very careful with adapting 5th wheel to gooseneck hitches. The extra leverage plays hell on the pin box and attaching components. Its possible to revamp the structure to run gooseneck, but you will need to pull skin and beef it up. B&W stuff is the best IMHO. Turnover ball and companion is a ten minute prep for hauling the ol 5th wheel.
  7. I get 38-39 mpg. They are tons roomier than the 02 Jetta wagon Lisa had. We like them so much there's two in the stable. A 13 and a 14.
  8. But my roundness makes me an ogre sized person vs you Sasquatch built people.
  9. I’d compare newer Jetta to older Passat models. If front seat people are courteous, a few notches forward, my rotund butt is comfortable enough.
  10. Deals can be had on 13-15 Jetta wagons. I bought mine for 7200 off a dealer lot in marysville 68000 miles.
  11. PMS in Spokane never had issue turning a crank.
  12. It’s messy. It’s messy. Even popping the top, using my liquid vac, wrestling a gallon ziplock in there...... it’s messy.
  13. Idle doesn’t work like this in our trucks. Once you have any input with throttle, idle speed is out of the equation. The ONLY thing that can cause a higher cruise rpm at a certain speed is butt gears, torque converter and/or slipping transmission.
  14. How much time do you spend at idle? It’d have to be a fair amount to cause overall mileage drops.
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