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  1. marksmith

    Video: which electrical tape is best

    Been using super 88 for years. Glad to see he agreed.
  2. marksmith

    Seattle city loud exhaust fines

    And how do you pass a subjective law? What is ‘loud’ to me isn’t necessarily ‘loud’ to HOSS (might be a bad example ) What they are banking on is people paying the ticket without fighting it. All a decent lawyer would have to do is write a letter asking what they measured the sound with, and how far away it was measured. Then simply ask what guidelines were followed before they issued the citation. It’s the $500 fix for a $200 problem.....
  3. marksmith

    Valve adjustment.....

    When I go back under the valve cover in the next week or two, I am going to open them up to .008 and .018 and see if the usage of urea drops (or if the usage is in my head) As for fuel mileage.... it didn't change.
  4. marksmith

    Valve adjustment.....

    Factory specs are always best. I have been known to run them much tighter. Currently running .008 and .012 on my 18. Ran .008 and .010 on all my 12v trucks. Typically run .008 and .018 on anyone else’s truck without losing sleep. They are quieter imho set here.
  5. marksmith

    Sockeye opening

    ........ and they tend to get upset if you hook one and reel it across the store.
  6. marksmith

    Sockeye opening

    Still aren't as fresh, or taste near the same. Just saying.
  7. The GEO METRO for sure..
  8. With exception of the poor that was cutting the rotten core tree..... these were all operator error. The guy that had the tree blow apart at the stump on him.... is just lucky. Its a fallers worse nightmare.
  9. marksmith

    Put in some work!

    Glitter delete is 100% complete!! The seat bolsters and few other spots need a couple more good doses of conditioner to get the leather back to where it should be. You been using the chemical guys orange stuff? The green is awesome, but the orange brought the wifes rig right back into shape.
  10. marksmith

    Put in some work!

    #glitterdeletemod for the inside?
  11. marksmith

    Put in some work!

    Mine next?? These pictures look exceptionally good. Your latest accessory is perfect.
  12. marksmith

    Thinking about a new(er) truck

    The one above is a 17 or 18 Very nice rig sir!!!
  13. marksmith


    IGL Quartz+ I believe. He stands behind it for 3 years of maintenance. Guys that had it done early last spring might as well have had it done yesterday. It’s hard enough that branches don’t leave the typical light colored pinstripes.
  14. marksmith


    I'm having mine ceramic coated. Seems the North Idaho brush plays havoc on even the best wax. From the rigs I have seen him do, it'll be worth the price tag.
  15. marksmith

    Aug 18th roll call

    Might as well swing by and pick up her stuff???