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  1. marksmith

    Time for a new hobby

    I stopped on road when I was ran off the road twice. Both times by inattentive drivers. I found that it was surface streets and lower speed roads that were a pain in the butt. Keep your eyes open and don’t get complacent. I’d even go as far as wearing a GoPro or something similar during your rides. He said/she said goes out the window with video rolling. Have fun with it. It’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve done so far.
  2. Hey! I like pacbrake remote mount units personally. Allows for upgraded turbo in the future without buying a new brake. Welcome to the group.
  3. Don’t kid yourself. You’d find yourself in the bottom of a hole somewhere. She’s ornery enough to do it too!!!
  4. The one thing you actually listen about too!!!
  5. marksmith

    Floating tachometer on mercruiser i/o

    Have you hooked the ‘normal’ tach up to the non normal side?
  6. That’s a Deviant EGR delete. They are like hens teeth any more.
  7. marksmith

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Should be comparable to running stock with 3.8x from what I recall.
  8. marksmith

    One Up Offroad traction bars

    I would remove both if I were you. Having one bent or missing bar has had odd reactions when driving in my experience.
  9. marksmith

    Aiming for a "new" (yeah, used) truck

    Undercarriage says oil field rig. Battery hold down kinda confirms.
  10. marksmith

    4th gen tricks

    Hit set. Then accelerate/coast to adjust idle in park.
  11. marksmith

    New to me - not Blue

    They muddy to about halfway up the door. Mirrors and rest of body stayed relatively clean.
  12. marksmith

    New to me - not Blue

    https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/433652/2018-ram-3500-method-the-standard-custom-leveling-kit These are 37x12.50 on a 9 wide wheel. +18 offset. Front is 2” leveled.
  13. marksmith

    Fishing 2019

    Man I’d give my eye teeth for that combo
  14. marksmith

    New trucks are so expensive

    Somebody likes the new trucks!
  15. marksmith

    School me on 5th Wheels.

    Move heavy stuff around and get the nose heavier.