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  1. That particular style of electronics is hard to come by. EFI, EZ Lynk, mini max are new out of box options. Just need to find someone with the correct 1's and 0's.
  2. His avatar is far better looking..... and I don't remember Gary wearing a hat.
  3. That was fast. Good thing too! I was contemplating buying that particular hole in the water to dump cash into.... I want something simular to play in the bay and hop over the bar now and again for bottom fish.
  4. That small pump can get you a nice driving truck with gov springs, fuel plate grind, and simple adjustment.
  5. Hydraulic press and a cage for the overdrive section. Good assembly lube, dial indicator and feeler guages. Get creative for pushing bushings out. They're simple as transmissions go. Tolerances are large and forgiving. Valve body has lots of parts, but clean and meticulous makes it fairly simple.
  6. What's wrong with the pump that's in it? 47rh finally has options for billet shafts, but the governor pressure hole will always be a weak spot. Wouldn't push 650-700 personally.
  7. Stock auto will not hold stock 215 pump power level.
  8. Northwest Dieselworks in Spokane would be a good choice. Jake (owner) is meticulous.
  9. Last I knew Lenny was focusing on injector work only. No repair/maintenance
  10. PS. Schaeffers isn't cheap oil.
  11. My Napa carries it. https://www.schaefferoil.com/retail-locations.html
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