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  1. The equity having log home vs manufactured home will pay back much better also.
  2. That's possible. I am thinking pitting caused by acidity and failing anti corrosion additives are making a smooth seal surface rough, tearing up the seal.
  3. I've noticed short water pump life in 6.7 trucks. The only thing I can think of is coolant. Upon testing the pH... the two trucks I tested were in the 5.5-6 range. I've tested my theory on a few rigs.... a few have gone 100k plus more miles without issue. pH tests have come back 9-10. Final Charge Global is my go to coolant for severe duty. It's not definitive.... but at least use dip strips to see what condition your coolant is in.
  4. I found it. Seems I buried it in comments vs posting like you did making it easy to find.
  5. I have that stapled to my shop wall. Use it constantly when wrenching on my sportwagen
  6. One ugga-dugga from a 3/8 cordless impact is a verifiable torque specification……
  7. Went to them after Costco said I needed an alignment check to keep my warranty. Got car back with about 10 degree tilt in my steering wheel. Mind you.... my before specs were green. After specs were green. Manager got me in the next morning. Alignment dude gave me lip about it 'not being off enough to bitch about' Manager shrugged and said 'Its as close as we can get it' Mind you, it was perfect before. Tire wear on VW's is due to lack of rotations. I should never have went back. It went from 'Its been ten years, I'll try it.... to 'Welcome to WalMart. I wont spend another nickel that benefits your establishment.'
  8. Their deal with Toyo went away when toyo decided it was counterproductive to have a sole distributor in the northwest. Now that buying/shipping tires online is feasible…. They could measure lost profits through dealer lost profit forms. Their contract said no shipping within xx miles of a store. Effectively Washington Oregon and North Idaho were no ship zones. Their contract expired in 2020 if I remember. This opens up the northwest to e commerce on toyo. The profit margin on most is now not large enough to consider stocking them.
  9. Definitely don't trade in. Private party market on first gen trucks is crazy.
  10. Pin in center of bumper allows it to lay down to facilitate opening the hood. Called it his deer strainer.
  11. I like the new rams best of all body styles. chev and gmc (now Toyota) are Fugly.
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