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  1. I woulda come nekkid if that’s what it would have taken.....
  2. Pull the access cover and look at the bolts. Every flex plate I’ve seen broken sounds much like that, and every one had shiny bolt heads.
  3. I have one hanging in my shop. Don’t know how I ever did it that other way. Let’s you raise and lower the car so you work where it’s comfortable.
  4. I have the stuff to do Lisa’s too. Not looking forward to it.
  5. Follow the vacuum line from firewall, next to brake master cylinder down to vacuum pump. Remove hose from right there and see if it’s pulling vacuum. If not, fix the vacuum pump. As well as the ol girl was running, I cannot imagine a blow by issue from anywhere else. White smoke on start and rough sounds like fuel lines at back of block in drivers side. 3/8 and 5/16 about 2’ long each. I remember resealing the tappet cover, which requires removing injector pump. I cannot imagine me putting it back together without new lines, but I don’t remember specifically changing them either. I w
  6. Yes. Difference between stock and tuned is night and day.
  7. Tuning makes the throttle very much so more responsive. Stock is much to be desired.
  8. As long as the caliper mount and caliper can come off it will come out. I had to get creative with a universal joint and custom length extension so the rotor didn’t bind it up before pressing.
  9. 2018 is simply a wire pinned into the OBD port and terminated on a canbus strip right near it. Wire is about 12” long. After that, flashing isn’t an issue.
  10. I have also liked manuals for towing. Less rpm drop between gears (6 speed) and as long as the driver is paying attention, mountains aren’t an issue. Having said that.... we are talking 47re vs 6spd manual. 2007.5+ trucks are a different animal.
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