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  1. Think Street Outlaws. No track prep, just reading conditions and adjusting accordingly. Run what you have, and hope it’s enough.
  2. It’s the reason I was looking for a better solution. You’ll like the difference
  3. The 10w difference hasn’t melted anything that I have heard of. I’m running a 65w bulb in place of 55 in my Jetta too with no issue
  4. I was thinking your truck was a mega cab. The thuren setup nets 1-5/8” on mega cabs your year. Having said that, I have always used metal spacers when using spacers to level. I simply don’t have faith in plastics. I haven’t ever had issues or thoughts of springs coming loose. Typically you bottom out the shock before unloading spring pressure on the seats.
  5. You should look at Thuren Fabrication overland setup. Much less spring rate on front and you can get coils that lift in your 1.5 inch range. I have zero issues with spacers on 12 and older trucks. The geometry on 13 and newer trucks are much different animals.
  6. Large reason I’m not in the industry any more.
  7. Thought about buying 12-14 sport wagon??? Bought mine and wife’s for 7200 with 85k on it and 8800 with 72k on it respectively. Love the DSG and servicing them is Easy (have to have vag com) By the time you get an older version and Beef up the trans..... you may just be right there pricing wise. I get 38-39 consistently for mileage.
  8. Best thing I did was get rid of facespace
  9. ‘Inch is a mile!’ Thinking that’s how the saying goes.
  10. They were good, but not amazing imho. My 04 super duty with good bulbs were a hair better than factory bulbs, and a hair better after upgrading bulbs.
  11. Fish tuning has them for 35 bucks. Simply pin your existing obd port. http://www.fishtuning.com/Cummins Bypass Cable
  12. The aev requires unlock cable pinned to different spot than the efi autocal for some reason.
  13. Yep. Two of them. One for tuning, one for AEV pro cal
  14. The security doesn’t allow 2 way communication. Read only. Bypass cable takes five minutes to install, and witchcraft happens allowing two way communication. Still trying to figure out how having two extra pins from the obd2 plug to a canbus block makes this happen..... but it does.
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