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  1. marksmith

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    If it has to be in a hurry.... he doesn’t let it in the shop.
  2. marksmith

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    This job is destined to be done twice....... on everything.
  3. marksmith

    Fifth wheel gooseneck prep into 2011

    I’m not familiar with the puck system that dodge uses. My pickup has a B&W gooseneck. Center section bolted directly to factory reinforced area drlirectly above axle. If you like I can snap a picture tomorrow of my setup.
  4. marksmith

    Trailer Hitch?

    Hitch on a beetle and a Jetta. It’s the small receiver 1.5” maybe??? I’d be comfortable with a couple hundred pounds hanging on them if needed.
  5. marksmith

    2015 side steps

    I have one of those wives too!!!!
  6. marksmith

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    He did it a couple times on the lathe. Im jealous
  7. marksmith

    01.5 Ram 2500 Lost O.D.

    Do you have converter lockup? The 94-95 trucks were notorious for having a temp sender go bad, or come unplugged that would kick out overdrive and lockup. 47re is my weak spot though....
  8. marksmith

    4.30’s in the truck!!

    I’m down for that! The bank and your name would look great on the title. They’d ask you for the payment, I’d keep driving it. Win/Win
  9. marksmith

    4.30’s in the truck!!

    That was the plan. Plus a touch for the rotating mass. Ben said it felt like a stock pickup. Biggest compliment of the day!
  10. marksmith

    4.30’s in the truck!!

    I wanted 1700-1800 rpm when cruising down the road. IMHO it’s a good balance between mileage and killing my trans/truck when I tow and work the pickup.
  11. marksmith

    4.30’s in the truck!!

    I am using the procal. It was my tire size changer before I tuned it. When i adjusted gearing, it didn’t honk and confirm changes. I am not sure if the change stuck or not. But, my lie-o-meter is closer than it ever has been. 17.7 hand calculation and 18.2 indicated. Pretty sure I’m going to leave well enough alone.
  12. marksmith

    4.30’s in the truck!!

    Mileage results are in. Best mileage I’ve ever gotten out of this truck was 18.3, stock everything. Average before tires was 15.3-16.8 I netted 17.7mpg traveling 72-75 the whole way. I’ll take it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. marksmith

    4.30’s in the truck!!

    I have to thank Ben for letting me kill his weekend and do gears in my pickup. Words don’t describe how thankful I am for the help and learning experience. Yes I have new tools I need. Lathe, mill, router, pinion depth tools.... it’s all his fault!!! Now the truck. Dead on 1750 at 70 mph. I am filling up shortly and will update as to what it did for my mileage. Drivability is way better. Trans shifts crisp and neat. Everything I was hoping it would do. Thank you again Ben. I will be sending you a care package.
  14. marksmith

    New truck def gauge

    37s and 4.30’s=1750 rpms
  15. marksmith

    2015 side steps

    HOSS have any yet??