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  1. marksmith

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    Fresh from her bath. Full disclosure. This winter when we were out of power due to downed trees, and most likely during hunting season last year, there’s a few light pinstripes on either side. They are hard to even take pictures of. Quick clay bar (it’s due) and a buff before a good coat or two of wax will take them right out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. marksmith

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    Thanks guys.
  3. marksmith

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    Set down and figured what I owe on it. 50k to a bomber. Spread the word
  4. marksmith

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    It actually doesn’t have adjustable pedals!!!
  5. marksmith

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    It has sunroof. Its snug for me too. I set higher in the saddle than most
  6. marksmith

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    Suddenly became unemployed. Something about ROI with me working remotely not being there. Want to to keep her, but can’t justify the payment.
  7. marksmith

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    Will post pictures when I can. Selling my pickup. Cc/lb delmonico red laramie bench front seat leveled with 37’s, 4.30 gears Tuned by calibrated power 25k miles. 50000 Bomber Pricing
  8. marksmith

    06 Radiator - fix or replace ?

    Performance Radiator has a factory replacement that I’ve never had issue with. Imho it isn’t worth cleaning them out vs replacing.
  9. marksmith

    What tires do you like?

    Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my truck are going strong. Nice grip in snow/ice. Does well in rain and water. Slick surfaces they do OK, but require some wheel spin to clean out. They air down very well for sand. Deeper mud and sloppy conditions...... not so much. BUT, if you're worried about deep mud, you'd be stepping up to a mud terrain. Overall, I give these a 8.5/10. They whine a little at highway speeds, but its not deafening. Regular rotations are a must. Mine like to cup a bit on the front (could be needing an alignment too) . So far, 21K miles on them and they are about 70%. Half this time has been loaded and/or pulling a trailer.
  10. marksmith

    In Search Of a 22cm BHT3B Turbine Housing

    My guy wants an ESN to see if they can see if it was superseded. Part number only hasn't had new in a few years, and used market is non existent.
  11. marksmith

    Need help

    Just for sake of information. The 7748 dipstick is a superseded part number. In order to use it, the dipstick tube needs to be replaced also.
  12. marksmith

    Need help

    Sent you a text to a couple pure diesel power links with both dipsticks. One is for 98-00. (37 bucks) 3935648 Cummins Part # One for 01-02 specifically (10 bucks) 3937748 Cummins Part # Didn’t I replace that one?? Or was it a different truck I’m thinking of?
  13. marksmith

    Tappet Cover oil leak...

    You have it covered then! The 24V ones are basically a very thin steel washer with a coating on them.
  14. marksmith

    Tappet Cover oil leak...

    I have never had issue with tightening pump before the gear nut. If you wanted to put it all back together, sans gear nut, you will be just fine. Just make sure your key is in the proper spot. Its a lot to take off if it isn't. Did the gasket come with bolt sealing washers for the tappet cover? If not, I strongly suggest getting some. Those bolts were my nemesis for one project.
  15. I was there.... just too smart to go play in that mess!!!