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  1. marksmith

    Back into a CTD

    I like everything about my 18 so far. Theres a write up on the lights if they seem a touch lacking to you. Be forwarned though, HOSS had different lights in his 2014.
  2. marksmith

    2002 rebuilt title

    Rob, sent you a PM. Good luck sir.
  3. marksmith

    2002 rebuilt title

    Rob, I have a friend that buys wrecked and sells them. Its his money maker. Would you like me to get him in touch with you and see if he'd sell it for you, minus a fee?
  4. marksmith

    Know this pickup?

    The pickup in the picture is a 68rfe aisins were in cab and chassis trucks since 07.5, and optional in 3500 trucks since 2013.
  5. marksmith

    Know this pickup?

    3.42's with Aisin is a whole different animal. First gear in the aisin is much lower than the 68rfe
  6. marksmith

    5ver hitch for 6'4" bed?

    Ouch!!!!! Find a used one????
  7. marksmith

    5ver hitch for 6'4" bed?

    Depends on the nose of the fifth wheel Rob. If the the nose is rounded and hitch is out in front vs under you might get away with it as long as a person pays attention in tight quarters. Chad with alligator hauls his without using the slider and doesn’t get close to the cab. Personally, the slider style companion hitch isn’t that much more money and easily changes for those situations that arise.
  8. I vote.... most of the time its literally so I can bitch about what was voted in. (it makes sense in my head) The major issue I am seeing is that I truly believe 'right minded' individuals today feel like they have zero say in the matter, so why bother. The left has this down to a science. When it comes to registered voters, the last I saw was 40 percent of all registered voters were democrat, 29% Republican and 28% Independent. This past midterm was the highest turnout of registered voters vs eligible voters at 47%. Yes, an estimated 53% of the population that CAN vote, didn't even register. Last closest numbers to this midterm was 1966, when 49% of eligible voters showed up. The conservative right, needs to do better. I know we are busy. I know we 'simply dont have time' . This is why we are getting our asses handed to us. Our priorities are out of whack. We need to stand up and start changing it. Campaigns and support to get the masses out to vote. THEN campaigns and masses to actually make their mark on the ballot. I gave a 2 hour paid period of time at the end of the day for my guys to go vote for example. I didn't give two craps WHO they voted for (99.9999% sure they all lean way right) . I just care that they go out and did it. Couple hours early at the end of voting day was incentive to do so. All I requested was a picture of the polling place. I do feel we are going to be in Venezuelas footsteps very soon. Rioting and protesting in the streets because we rolled over and let 'them' pull our teeth before we became pissed enough to need them.
  9. marksmith

    Let's make a difference....

    Had it all squared away with Rob for borrowing a hay bale or five to sleep on. He pulled the ol' switcharoo. Pretty sure if I didn't sleep in the house, and insisted on the barn, he would have joined me. Good times for sure.
  10. marksmith

    No 4WD

    Does the heater move air from defrost to floor?
  11. marksmith

    Bought 2018 dodge 2500, need

    Look up 3D Maxspider and Aries mats. Ill never go back to weather tech
  12. marksmith

    Skif Knives

    As for being stiff. Take out pivot screw and use loctite on the threads. Tighten pivot to where you like it. Next day it'll be perfect until you need to adjust again. The loctite lets you adjust in the future without having to take completely out.
  13. marksmith

    Skif Knives

    Its about as hard as an AUS8 steel without as much nickel in it. If it holds like my AUS8 kitchen knife that I love, you will be tickled with its performance.
  14. marksmith

    New Transmission

    Future reference. Crossing a couple ratchet straps will get a guy home if needed. Broke several when I had the 3rd gen conversion on my 95. Didn’t have the luxury of a quick ratio gearbox.... it was lots of turning before she caught up.
  15. marksmith

    Parts Internet Links

    I use idparts almost exclusively. Not as fast as cascade..... but site is easier to use for me.