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  1. i have seen steering shaft u joints make strange sounds
  2. for what it is worth i have never heard a unit bearing knock or clunk
  3. those tools are great for that kind a job
  4. sounds like a winner, i can see the fun times coming this summer
  5. great news Russ, but what is up with the bow tie wing nut? that will slow her down
  6. i talked to my plywood supplier, he told me tongue and groove floor sheeting has the same glues as marine but has a few more voids in the plys
  7. "git rot" is a cool penetrating epoxy
  8. that is a great project, i might have some parts kicking around for that engine
  9. i use a banjo fitting to -6 jic. i think, i can check if need be
  10. i sold one to Dan aka rubtstargoats , i think his number is in the contact 911 section
  11. that looks like the pump on my 8.1 marine power,
  12. didn't say it needed to be something you did not make!!!!
  13. or a small toyhauler for the harley
  14. that is not quite the correct tool, that is meant to grease through the rubber lip of a u joint https://www.homedepot.com/p/Steelman-Grease-Gun-Needle-Nozzle-Adapter-06132/205638037 this is the correct tool
  15. with the paperwork you have, it is a very short fight for them
  16. out of curiosity how many miles to a tank of def do you get?
  17. who said it does not make full rpm?
  18. with a jet boat i have not felt the difference from upgrading heads and cams, i did this for the guy that bought my old jet boat, was a waste of money in my opinion
  19. pull the heads clean and lap the valves and put it back together.
  20. looks like a great time, with good friends
  21. i had a redline 351 engine in my jet sled, efi will be nice
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