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  1. does it cost the same to put in 400 amp service vs 200?
  2. anytime, i am full of useless imfo
  3. you are wrong lol, there are lots of 12valve 53 blocks around
  4. well no one will go hungry, man i sure wish i could come and help
  5. yup no need to do it twice if done correctly the first time
  6. pcm power or ground issue, no ecm on this engine
  7. did you just tighten all the injectors or pull them and replace the washers under the injectors?
  8. very sad to see this, sure miss he old days at Mission watching you race. and the look on the guys faces when you jump in and start wrenching on something Good luck Ronda
  9. remember to get a injector install kit, and replace the washers under the injector
  10. https://www.agkits.com/cummins-fuel-manifold-3909696.aspx#.YQvyMxRKipo give these guys a call
  11. some one snugged up the injectors but did not torque them to 44 ft/lb, did you not have one bubbling before?
  12. yes the washington state governor has let point roberts down. he should have had boat service in to meet his peoples needs.
  13. no iron in the fire on Ivan's truck, you got a got truck
  14. according to the news it does not look good for any border opening, they say maybe September
  15. step one check the timing if out of time, correct the timing and try to start. if it starts grab a cold one, if it does not, time to pull the head
  16. that is the one i saw as well, he broke a bunch of rockers, as well as bent valves. i would not worry about piston protrusion you have softer stuff to break than bending connecting rods
  17. did some reading that is really a goofy failure
  18. good luck Mike, is it a v6 or 4 cylinder?
  19. looks amazing, thanks Kelly
  20. 6.7 turbo's work great with a standalone controller, i have done 3 of them
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