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  1. stroketeck

    Sockeye opening

    good luck out there
  2. stroketeck

    Aug 18th roll call

    not sure why you are still posting if this is how you feel?
  3. stroketeck

    Sockeye opening

    got one soc today at sandheads
  4. stroketeck

    Dave and Donna's, summer trip 2018

    i have one but i am in canada
  5. tailgate from what i herd on the news
  6. stroketeck

    Doin outside work

    for the win, LOL
  7. stroketeck

    my new ice cream cruiser

    craigslist, looked at it on the way to the bomb party in lacey. bought it a week later
  8. stroketeck

    my new ice cream cruiser

    yes a bed cover is in order and a bed rug
  9. stroketeck

    my new ice cream cruiser

    nothing really to be done but mayby a aurburn tru-trac in the diff and a gear vendor
  10. stroketeck

    my new ice cream cruiser

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  11. after many year as a diesel owner, i really missed the roar of a gas powered v8, and wanted a collector truck so i bought a 1967 f100
  12. stroketeck

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    you were probably burning there ankles
  13. stroketeck

    Jesse /Profinish Kent WA

    my 67 needs some tlc
  14. stroketeck

    Jesse /Profinish Kent WA

    how long was the the turnaround?