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  1. Looks great over there. Long day, but always fun with an old friend.
  2. No, further south by Mt. St. Helens. They closed after too many fines due to not following the governors orders. At least that is the story I got.
  3. Last time I went to California I went for 2 nights to see my employees. Filled up at home and filled up once back in Oregon. That state takes enough money from me.
  4. I heard the highway is closed up by Susanville. Also heard 5o may be closing and telling people from south lake tahoe to get out. Where on the coast are you? If you need a place to hang out for a few days I'm in Hillsboro.
  5. Exactly, among many other things going on in our world right now. It's all about Money and control, nothing else.
  6. That's what I thought. I only had a hiccup one time after changing the filters
  7. How do you prime it? I just hit the start button.
  8. This sucks. Doesn't our government have something better to do with their time. Maybe they could go after some crooked politicians instead.
  9. This is all just a test. It's a test to see how far they can go and what the response is. No response, so guess what, there will be more. This is just a type of war and the USA is now the laughing stock of the world. I am so sad to see our great country fall apart so darn fast.
  10. I love my B&W. Putting another 3,000 towing miles on it this week.
  11. I want to move more production here to the states so bad, but with the current administration and how things are going I've put a halt on my plans. I just don't trust this guy. Good for Torklift. They make a great product.
  12. I don't burn for heat. Only for making Smores. I'm just logging to make sure I have enough toilet paper next year. LOL
  13. Nice work on that. I have a logger clearing 5 acres at my place right now. Amazing watching guys do this who do it every day.
  14. I’d love to be there for a race.
  15. I heard that years ago as well. The cats seem to work for us. I really don't like them either, but it's better then rodent damage.
  16. I guess I am just lucky then. We have 5-6 outdoor cats and luckily I don't have rodent issues
  17. I like those. My 04.5 could use that upgrade.
  18. Finally someone who backs me up on this thought. I love the idea, but looking at it from an engineers perspective it isn't a good idea to use those adapters.
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