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  1. Most of these guys go empty one way. In 2013 I paid a little over $3,000 for my fifth wheel to get pulled out here from Michigan.
  2. My Keystone front cap was that way when I bought it. Warranty covered it and the local RV shop repainted it with automotive grade paint and we left the decals off of it so it was easy to wax. That and we park under cover now which really helps Do you cover it when not in use?
  3. If I was closer I’d do it. But with my truck as I am no truck driver but can put any trailer where it needs to go with my truck.
  4. On what truck? Honestly below 65 there is no issue, but unloaded on the interests we don't drive that slow.
  5. I do know a guy that had crazy run out in his front hubs, but that was on a 1st gen many years ago.
  6. Rims were checked when they tried finding the vibration before.
  7. I've been fighting this since about 27,000 miles. Seemed to start when the first new set of tires went on. i have not tried coasting in Neutral, I'll have to try that, along with Mark Smiths thought.
  8. I'm not sure if one is better then another, but I have only used Blue DEF in my truck. I bought 4 before this trip to be sure I had enough. Buying at Costco for $10 is a good deal.
  9. I'm out of Texas now and speeds will be lower so I'll let it be, but I think when I get home I'll have to take a look at the driveline. I'll also have Les Schwab Road force balance the tires just to be sure. In reading online it seems there are a lot of issues with this. Some are pointing it to the very stiff frame and springs making it all resonate at higher speeds.
  10. Not yet. I need to do this though.
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