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  1. jcasper

    Fifth wheel damage

    Well, they have had it for almost 5 weeks and they are still waiting for some parts. Doesn't look good for having it back for my August travel plans. I'm looking now at renting a Fifth wheel or Toy Hauler for the 3 weeks in August we need it. The bill to the insurance keeps climbing.
  2. And so it begins.
  3. I only run the raptor, no filters. Last time it failed it would pull fuel still and I could drive as long as the load was very light. With the factory LP on the filter housing it wouldnt suck through that. This is the 2nd or 3rd airdog for me. The truck will will get parked until after fair. I’ll call them tomorrow and get another headed this way. Im with Hoss. I honestly think though that replacing the one in the back of the filter housing isn’t bad. Not a lot of pressure but I’m not competing for lots of power. Those replacements aren’t that expensive at Genos. This truck really needs to get sold. I have too many vehicles at this point. I only use it because it’s available to me. I’d rather pay the insurance guy less
  4. Luckily I’m close to home. I am hauling a tractor home and the fuel pump quit again. My wife is on her way with another truck to haul the trailer home. I think I can drive the truck without a load the 4 miles. Sure can’t pull the hills loaded though.
  5. jcasper

    Baby's getting new shoes!

    It is if you're not talking metric sizing.
  6. jcasper

    Baby's getting new shoes!

    I have I think over 45,000 miles on those tires on my 04.5. I have Duratracs on my 2017. The Duratracs great in the snow and wet roads. They don't balance that great though.
  7. jcasper

    Fifth wheel damage

    It has square tube in places, not sure if all of it is or not. This front corner is square tube for the structure.
  8. jcasper

    Fifth wheel damage

    I’d say at best my fifth wheel is worth $30,000. $13,500 in repairs, plus $3,000 for the rental. I’d say we are over 50%
  9. jcasper

    Fifth wheel damage

    Thanks guys. I’ll do some looking later this weekend when I can sit in front of the computer.
  10. jcasper

    Fifth wheel damage

    At what point do they total a rig? The repair air shop is hoping to have parts in 2 weeks but can not guarantee that. Being a 2012 like you say the parts are not on the shelf. They said the frame was fine. We used it the weekend it got hit and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary anywhere. Maybe I’ll call Monday and ask him some of those questions.
  11. jcasper

    Fifth wheel damage

    $13,500 was the estimate.
  12. jcasper

    Fifth wheel damage

    So anyone want to guess the Estimate to fix that damage? I was shocked.
  13. jcasper

    Fifth wheel damage

    Yeah, I rarely ever fill up with the fifth wheel hooked up. I hold 82 gallons of diesel fuel.
  14. jcasper

    Fifth wheel damage

    My daughter and I both saw him start moving. I pulled to the left and that is why my truck just barely got scratched. That tank blowing would of been a show for sure. Sure glad it didn't. No one was hurt, the guy was older and kind of shook up. I was nice and just got his insurance info, made sure he was ok and proceeded on.
  15. jcasper

    Fifth wheel damage

    Oh, I should of added. When I got out the first thing I noticed was the propane smell. Broke the hose off that goes to the regulator. Tank was on, running the fridge. I guess that is why people say it should be turned off.