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  1. I’d love to be there for a race.
  2. I heard that years ago as well. The cats seem to work for us. I really don't like them either, but it's better then rodent damage.
  3. I guess I am just lucky then. We have 5-6 outdoor cats and luckily I don't have rodent issues
  4. I like those. My 04.5 could use that upgrade.
  5. Finally someone who backs me up on this thought. I love the idea, but looking at it from an engineers perspective it isn't a good idea to use those adapters.
  6. I've seen that video before. I was just thinking that I'm in the wrong business and should sell fuel pumps instead. then I could have a boat.
  7. Most of these guys go empty one way. In 2013 I paid a little over $3,000 for my fifth wheel to get pulled out here from Michigan.
  8. My Keystone front cap was that way when I bought it. Warranty covered it and the local RV shop repainted it with automotive grade paint and we left the decals off of it so it was easy to wax. That and we park under cover now which really helps Do you cover it when not in use?
  9. If I was closer I’d do it. But with my truck as I am no truck driver but can put any trailer where it needs to go with my truck.
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