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  1. jcasper

    Fire pit patio project

    That is awesome. I really need one of those in my yard.
  2. jcasper

    Fire pit patio project

    Looking great.
  3. jcasper

    Fire pit patio project

    I'll be watching this. I want to build a fire pit next year in my backyard.
  4. I’ve seen a couple driving down the road. Very cool looking rigs
  5. I dropped the first oil at 2,500. Second change was 10,000. Now at 19,500. Probably change it this weekend socme my 04.5 needs one too
  6. I’m at 9,500 on this change and it says I have 40% to go. I plan to change it real soon. I didn’t intend to go this long but I’ve been really busy at home and work.
  7. jcasper

    I'm ordering a new 3500

    Truck is a year old and I finally ordered a fuel tank. Got one of these ordered up today. Hopefully I can find some time in the next month or so to install it and be ready for horse shows next spring. https://www.transferflow.com/shop/product/0800116187
  8. jcasper

    Fall is here

    It’s making freight very expensive and hard to get space. No tariffs on first two rounds. Third round will hit us, but it sounds like that could be delayed until China and the US meet again.
  9. jcasper

    Fall is here

    I would go for another 2008-09, but I'm in the tire chain business so it's a little self serving.
  10. jcasper

    Fall is here

    I can't wait for the snow. We need it this year.
  11. jcasper

    Fall is here

    I'm loving it. I am so tired of everything being brown and dead this year. I still have some things to accomplish on the outside, but I'll get it done between rain showers.
  12. Haha. My wife is ok with 700’miles a day
  13. Mine has them. Special ordered it this way
  14. jcasper

    A few smallies today

    Looks like a great afternoon.
  15. jcasper

    Annual August bomb party! Aug 18th

    I am really bummed I didn't make it. I got a lot done on my arena and barn though.