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  1. Dang that is quite the road trip right there.
  2. What about heading south through Denver down into Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Clayton, NM and Amarillo? That's another option that is a short route. I think just getting around Denver would be the hard part. Or is that the route Carl said had bad roads?
  3. Burleson is another town they are looking at right now. They are looking at a couple of different houses right now trying to get one bought.
  4. I’m there pending my Texas trip which doesn’t have set dates yet.
  5. Thank you. That is great to know.
  6. I'd be good with Eisenhower. I have no doubt I can pull it without issue. It's our trainers truck that's a bit older and a gas engine. The route is really up to her and we will let her pick.
  7. I'm leaning towards the more northern route, but that will also depend on where she can find to overnight with the horses along the way. I honestly prefer to stay out of California whenever possible.
  8. Thanks for the input on the NM roads. That's good to know. When we head back empty I'd like to come back through Utah, maybe stop in Moab for a couple of days. I've been to Dallas once before. Our rental car got totaled from a thunderstorm. It was very impressive. The tornadoes are a big concern down there. I'm not worried about the truck, it's replaceable. Just need to keep everyone safe. I'm starting to look for commercial property down there. Not real serious, but browsing. I might do some looking when I'm there if time allows.
  9. What's so great about Tehachapi pass?
  10. October isn't an option, but would be nice. I may consider I-5 to Sac, I have to map that and get the mileage that would be. I don't want to add tons of miles to skip a few hills.
  11. Thanks for the tip. Getting around Denver will be a big help.
  12. I won't drive I-5 in California with a trailer. That freeway is in such bad shape it beats the crap out of everything. Last time I went south I moved over to 99 and it was a bit better I thought, but still bad. My northern route won't be as hot as the south, will it?
  13. What kind of storms? That was the route I was leaning towards, or close to that. Trying to stay away from Denver would be a better idea though.
  14. It looks like sometime in August or September I will be taking a trip to the Dallas area. Our horse trainer who we have used for many years and known for many more is moving there. We have offered to help get her live in horse trailer and 2 of her horses down there. I am not concerned about hills and mountains quite as much, but she would like to avoid big long climbs as she will be pulling her small horse trailer with a 2003 Dodge with a Hemi in it. I'm trying to avoid the south like Arizona and Southern Nevada to stay away from the scorching temps. These are the routes shown. Does anyone have some input on routes for us? We will need to let the horses out ever 4-5 hours to stretch out and will probably drive two 4-5 hour stretches each day. We will then need to find places to overnight with them. https://www.bing.com/maps?osid=cc2b7d14-dbd2-460c-bce5-90e9b2692293&cp=40.240929~-115.949004&lvl=5&v=2&sV=2&form=S00027
  15. It kind of sounds like this isn't a good rig for someone not needing to spend a ton in maintenance. I think we will keep looking. I just happened to see this and thought it would be a nice little rig. Thanks all for the input.
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