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  1. Hoss, if it works out I'll get in touch with you. I'm assuming you'll be working the hours I drive by. Dave, thanks for the offer. I think I have that covered. You Seattle guys. If I leave Hillsboro at 6:00 am to head North should I go right through Seattle or around on 405?
  2. I'm putting this on my calendar as well. This is a long ways out with 3 kids and 10 horses here, but I hope I can make it.
  3. Fairly certain these dates will stick. I'm headed up to Surrey BC to have a meeting with our old business partners. Headed up next Wednesday early and back on Thursday. Not a lot of time on the way up and not real certain how much time on the way back yet. I may have to venture out to Snoqualmie pass and back to visit the DOT guys out there.
  4. I got soaked all but the last time. The last time I worked slower, let it drip longer and tried staying out of the way. I’ve thrown 2 shirts away on that filter.
  5. Wow, I had never heard that. I guess that may be why Bill left? So did the value of my old 04.5 just go down a bunch. It's just a driveway place holder anymore.
  6. I don’t know they guy, but which camera is that?
  7. Wow. I’m no mechanic but my dad was a diesel mechanic for many years and I did learn a few things from him. More then those kids.
  8. I buy mine from Genos. Where a shirt you are OK to throw away when you are done. I always seem to soak up 1/2 a filter full of diesel when changing the rear filter. I hate that one.
  9. I know. I just don't know that they can pay me enough to drive through Seattle twice. We will see
  10. Have a safe trip. I know someone with a Horse up by Marks that needs to come to my place but I don't think it will fit in the back seat.
  11. I drained all the water out of my fifth wheel and ran the pump until it was empty, but I have not blown the lines out like I normally do. I might still get one weekend of tailgating in. I hope nothing is frozen. Been down to the low 20's here.
  12. That's a long day. When I'm hauling heavy I like to stop around 600 miles.
  13. Looks like a great trip with lots of good stops. I’d live to visit some of those towns in Colorado you have been to. have a safe drive home.
  14. Let me know when. I won't be able to make it but it can be another commitment on my calendar I ignore.
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