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  1. Clear blue sky and nothing but open range. Not much to see there that's for sure.
  2. I hope your trip is going well. I see some storms moving through Iowa.
  3. Sorry Hoss. This whole summer has kind of been a crap shoot as to what we can and cannot do.
  4. What time? If it's later in the day I'll buy you a burger at Helveita Tavern.
  5. Yeah my pastures still have grass for the horses to eat. That is always nice.
  6. So I have determined it's a short in the trailer. At least that is one issue. I hooked this trailer to my 04.5 this morning to haul it into work and the less smart brake controller in it identifies a short in the trailer. Now for my maintenance guy at work to start tracing wires.
  7. With my 2017 I've been having trouble with intermittent trailer brakes. 2 weeks ago I got a warning saying trailer brake disconnected, check trailer wiring. Drove home the last 120 miles without brakes. Next day they worked. We looked over the entire trailer and coolant' find a problem. 2 weeks later I hook to it and have brakes. I drive over the mountain Friday I had times I had brakes and times I didn't. I understand there is a TSB out about this and was told I should check the plug behind the dash. I tore the dash oaprt yesterday and all the wires seem tight. I loaded up the trailer last night and had brakes. When I pulled out this morning I had brakes. Some time on the way home today they stopped working again, but the truck never lit up and said I didn't have brakes. This is very frustrating. I'llc all the dealer tomorrow and see if I can get it in next week. When I'm at 28,000+ I'd like to have trailer brakes.
  8. This truck sits for months at a time. I can't justify the locking hubs for this one.
  9. It's original. 230,000 miles on it. It sounds like this noise is at the wheel.
  10. Seems to be when I'm in 4x4 with a lot of strain on it. These loads were heavy. Might just need both, hard to justify repairs when I don't hardly drive the thing.
  11. I'm pretty sure I have a front axle u-joint bad in the 04.5 again. It's been a while since they've been replaced, I'll look later to see how long. We are digging out our paddocks and putting down new paddock footing this weekend so there have been about 6 loads yesterday in our dump trailer. The dump trailer has a down side to it, it's 8'x16' so taking a partial load never seems to happen. I always want to fill it, it gets crazy heavy. I bet somewhere around 25-30,000lbs loaded. I have it hooked to the 04.5 truck this weekend and where I dump it needs 4x4 to get up the hill. I guess I'll have to park it after I'm done today until I have time to tear into it. I should probably see how many miles are on the wheel unit bearings as well. Off to work again. 15 hours yesterday, hoping to be done in time to enjoy the evening tonight.
  12. It's a 3/4 ton Hemi. I will for sure have her watch the temps.
  13. Yes it should be. I wish I could haul my fifth wheel down so I didn't have to motel it for 2 weeks.
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