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  1. jcasper

    Heated vest/jackeet

    So Milwaukee is getting the votes here. I am thinking she would like a vest more so that she can wear her barn coat over the top of it. Milwaukee doesn't make a vest version. I'll do some looking and see what I can find.
  2. jcasper

    Heated vest/jackeet

    Has anyone hear ever used a heated vest or jacket? I was thinking about getting one for my wife for her to use when she is standing around at all my daughters horse shows in February, March and April when it's raining and cold. If you have, what did you like and not like about them? Any particular brand better then the other?
  3. jcasper

    I'm ordering a new 3500

    Gary, Tank I have is rated at 50 gallons and factory tank on the 2017 I believe is 32 gallons. The gauge on the Transfer flow doesn't show gallons on the new version, it shows a percentage of full.
  4. jcasper

    I'm ordering a new 3500

    Fuel tank sat for a while but finally installed it a couple of weeks ago. Sure is nice having 82 gallons of fuel on board. Factory Firestone tires are shot. Just ordered a set of 285/75R18 Goodyear Duratracs for it. I'll put those on in January. These will be about 2" taller then stock. Hopefully in the spring I will put some Thuren springs and new shocks on it.
  5. The XRF are absolute Garbage.
  6. jcasper

    Going hunting again

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. I too am fighting an insurance nightmare right now and it could cost me big. Fortunately for me though I am not dealing with the other parts you are dealing with. I hope your lawyers and Judge make this all right in the end. Insurance companies are only in it to make big $$$ for themselves.
  7. jcasper

    Count Your lucky stars

    Wow, someone was watching over you. That's scary stuff right there.
  8. jcasper

    Question on brakes

    I'm a little late to this party. My new truck gets bad brake dust also. I'm thinking about throwing a set of Napa fleet service pads on the front. I have those on my 3rd gen and they are virtually dust free and stop great.
  9. What time of year are you thinking?
  10. I'd be up for that. My weekends are all dependent on my kids events.
  11. I also wish that was the case. I keep telling myself that I'm done with big projects and it's time to have some me time. I hope this arena was the last one. Dealing with some issues around here and hope to have 3-4 boarders in by the early part of the year to help get this thing paid for. Next year should be horse events with the kids, camping and no major projects around the house.
  12. jcasper

    Odd wiper issue...

    My last couple sets of Costco batteries got warrantied. Not sure if there are batteries out there that would last longer and I wouldn't have to warranty, but they don't ask any questions if I do.
  13. jcasper

    Odd wiper issue...

    Yup, this happens on my Father in laws 05. Wipers and heater motor will run with ignition off.
  14. Crazy that I happened to be right past there. If I only knew before we left I could of brought the trailer.
  15. It was like a mini bomb Party at the campsite. I wish I could of helped in some way.