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  1. jcasper

    Winter weather

    I’d love to have that much snow.
  2. jcasper

    Winter weather

    It’s been pouring hard rain for 12 hours here. We never got snow in hillsboro. My creek I’m sure is up to it’s banks. I’ll see when I go out and feed horses here in an hour.
  3. jcasper

    Winter weather

    Only day to beat today was snowstorm of 2008. Im beat.
  4. jcasper

    Winter weather

    Bring it. The more the merrier. Going to to be a crazy busy week for me. On top of the snow I have my factory managers visiting this week.
  5. jcasper

    Winter weather

    This storm didn't bring near the amounts to Portland that they forecast. I wish it did, other then the fact that my wife and daughter and entire district are at their Equestrian meet. I have to haul the fifth wheel and the 5 horse trailer home tomorrow so if there is snow or ice it will be a slow go.
  6. jcasper

    Winter weather

    All the threat of snow here and I woke up to nothing. Great for business though.
  7. jcasper

    Another recall

    That could be why my steering wheel is off a bit
  8. jcasper

    Winter weather

    I'm loving it. Sure wish we got that much down here. They are saying we could get some this weekend and next week. Great timing as I'll be traveling in it daily.
  9. jcasper

    Bought 2018 dodge 2500, need

    I haven't bought any from them recently but my seat covers in my 04.5 are from them and I have been real happy with them. https://www.genosgarage.com/category/seat-covers
  10. jcasper

    Bought 2018 dodge 2500, need

    Not sure on seat covers. Check with Genos. I really like weather tech in all my other vehicles. I have the ram rubber mats in my 2017 and they don’t cover as well.
  11. I’ll be at wallowa lake camping
  12. jcasper

    Thinking of Selling 97 Dodge CTD

    This is where I"m at. I keep thinking of selling the 04.5 but the crazy thing is it's my wife who keeps saying don't sell. I now have 3 trucks I'm insuring, her van and a Grand Cherokee my daughter drives. My insurance guy likes me.
  13. jcasper

    Diesel filler cap on new CTD.

    Thanks for the reminder mark. I need to put mine on. It's sitting on the bench in the garage.
  14. jcasper

    Diesel filler cap on new CTD.

    Not sure if this is the exact one, but I bought these https://www.amazon.com/JDMCAR-Replacement-2013-2017-Magnetic-Aluminum-x/dp/B07CJKD662/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1547221246&sr=8-9&keywords=dodge+ram+fill+cap
  15. jcasper

    I acquired another truck

    This truck won't go far from home without two trucks going. The only time this truck will go more then 50 miles from home I will be following it with my truck and the fifth wheel. I don't intend to dump a bunch of money in to a transmission on a truck I didn't really intend to buy. It just kind of happened. Engine is bone stock. I'll service the transmission and just see how it goes. It has no exhaust brake and I won't be adding one to it. My other two trucks have one and they do all the really heavy lifting around here.