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  1. Transfer switches are the best, I've had one connected to the house and gen set for years plug and play.
  2. I put the same toyo tire on my truck back in 2015, still running on them. 285/75/17 but I have 6 of them.
  3. I'm running Don's Flux 1's in my truck I like them.
  4. She's a beaut Clark!
  5. Looks more like a 04, my 04.5 's tps is under the battery not under the intake horn, air box is different. Nice truck.
  6. You have full disclosure on the truck, I think that anyone wants to buy it from you I say sell it. They know what they are buying especially from this site watching you build that truck. I really don't think being a branded title will have anything to do with selling it, you may not get top dollar but you'll get a good price.
  7. Being they grouped everyone in the 18 year old age group not being of mature mind, you then must repeal the 26th amendment on the same basis.
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