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  1. Called XRF they found my stuff and are sending new ball joints free, bottoms were knurled so I guess I'll stay with XRF the price is right.
  2. 212500 on original unit bearings and 45k on XRF's
  3. The XRF's I installed back when I remembered that the upper or the lower ball joint was knurled. Do I have to reinstall knurled ball joints, I see from the AAM parts they are not knurled.
  4. EMF is never in stock, I've looked at them before.
  5. Mark can I get the part No. for the AAM ball joints. is it 74100001
  6. Went with the Bilstien 5100 front and rear, Timkin unit bearings and still up in the air on the ball joints, my XRF's didn't make it 50k. I'm thinking Moog factory replacement this go around last factory ball joints went over 150k.
  7. Rancho 9000 the ones mike had off of his old truck. I got the springs shocks and air bags, you put them on for me at The outfitters.
  8. Hey guys looking for part # for ball joints and unit bearings and what front shocks are guys running? I'm still running the shocks I got from Ben (Mike) when I got the truck in 2012.
  9. Greg

    Juice??? Or....

    I know my truck is different, I use a smarty So6 on 3 for everything, towing it keeps me cooler than stock. I sold my Edge.
  10. Greg

    Starting problems

    Another one on drivers side front inside fender well.
  11. Greg

    Starting problems

    4, two on top to the body and two to the motor on each side.
  12. Greg

    Starting problems

    So after taking it to the dealer and having a new SKIM reader and key made, it was still happening. Then I started to get APPS p 2121 code and dead peddle along with brake switch fault and turbo over boost. I set the truck back to stock and replaced the brake switch and the APPS and was still getting codes and the SKIM reader not working right. I read that grounds are very important for the ECM. I cleaned all grounds reset the throttle peddle so far so good. I put the smarty back on and it's been a week and no codes and the truck seem to be running great. I did a 100 mile tow with my trailer and no problems.
  13. Greg

    Well, I did it.

    I just got a 7x14 a month ago, love it.
  14. Wow, I just got back from Vegas and read this. Good to see things worked out and congrats on the new to you truck.