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  1. Greg

    Starting problems

    Another one on drivers side front inside fender well.
  2. Greg

    Starting problems

    4, two on top to the body and two to the motor on each side.
  3. Greg

    Starting problems

    So after taking it to the dealer and having a new SKIM reader and key made, it was still happening. Then I started to get APPS p 2121 code and dead peddle along with brake switch fault and turbo over boost. I set the truck back to stock and replaced the brake switch and the APPS and was still getting codes and the SKIM reader not working right. I read that grounds are very important for the ECM. I cleaned all grounds reset the throttle peddle so far so good. I put the smarty back on and it's been a week and no codes and the truck seem to be running great. I did a 100 mile tow with my trailer and no problems.
  4. Greg

    Well, I did it.

    I just got a 7x14 a month ago, love it.
  5. Wow, I just got back from Vegas and read this. Good to see things worked out and congrats on the new to you truck.
  6. I'm looking for two stock dodge black dually rims.
  7. Greg

    Starting problems

    It seems my truck has a mind of it's own, I put the key in and it starts most of the time. Sometimes it starts and shuts off after a couple of seconds. I try to restart an it cranks and cranks no start. I wait a couple of minutes it starts. So I spoke to some people and they thought it may be the chip in the key or the skim reader module. So when I got a no start I would pull the key out and reset it in the ignition and it would start. I took it to the dealer and had the skim module and key replaced, everything was good until yesterday I got a start couple of seconds die, no start, pull the key reinstall it start. Any suggestions?
  8. My aluminum wheels for the dually had a 60psi max stamped on the inside of the rim.
  9. Greg

    Bomb party roll call

    Not going to make it, painting the house, got to finish it by next weekend.
  10. Greg

    16th annual Bombers party

    I might make it up for the weekend if there's room for me and my trailer, if not I'll try to make it for a afternoon.
  11. Greg

    LAST ONE! I promise... lol

    nice, I still have that white fat butt.
  12. Greg

    better ball joints!!!

    I'm going to get Dynatrac HD Balljoints next time.