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  1. Woodenhead

    Aug 18th food list

    How do you cook it? Pork belly has become a favorite snackitizer for campfire cookouts at my place. Even make the odd main dish from it. Sometimes we just slice it, salt and pepper and grill it till it’s crispy over an open fire. Good stuff.
  2. Woodenhead

    Aug 18th roll call

    Have a great weekend fellas! Hopefully you don’t get any of these smoke we’ve been gagging on over here.
  3. Woodenhead

    Video: which break-free works best

    I keep a few cans in the shop for checking parts once in a while. Never thought to use it for penetrating fluid but darn that makes sense. That stuff is like Molly paste, you just have to get close and you’re covered.
  4. Woodenhead

    Hand Calculated

    That's interesting Paul, for some reason I figured you'd be seeing better mileage in a more modern rig. Sounds about the same as my old 12V. I'll typically see 15 if I'm cruising 75 ish on I90. I can squeeze 17 out of it if I'm doing 60-65 on some flat desert land, that doesn't happen too often. I'm sure if I ditched the DDP4's it'd do better. I know which rig I'd rather be burning fuel in though.
  5. Woodenhead

    Our new grocery getter

    Nice ride! Congrats Gary and Mrs.Gary!
  6. Woodenhead

    Seattle city loud exhaust fines

    I’ll pay the $136 if you try to get a ticket with the rat and make a video. Yeah I know, still not worth it to wade in that deep.
  7. Woodenhead

    Sad day...bye bye our 12V

    He scored a nice truck. At least you know it'll be taken care of.
  8. Woodenhead

    Made a change to the camper

    That’s handy Bob! Like the cart I made for my camper but you can move it around outside! That’ll be nice to not have to tie up the truck with the camper until you need to.
  9. Woodenhead

    WTB bricks, lots of bricks

    Turns out a friend of my wife’s has about 2500 of these that are still new. He’ll sell them to me for 1/2 price of new bricks. Won’t have the same look but it’s pretty hard to say no to that. Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing. Holland 4 in. x 8 in. Red Charcoal Concrete Paver https://www.homedepot.com/p/100542463
  10. Woodenhead

    WTB bricks, lots of bricks

    Thanks Bob, I’ll look at that. When i I get home Friday I’m going to look at a pile someone has in Soap Lake, along with a brick walkway I can have if I remove it.
  11. Now that just looks like fun! So much fun I’d probably wash my truck more than once a year.
  12. Woodenhead

    WTB bricks, lots of bricks

    I’ll look into that. Thanks!
  13. Woodenhead

    WTB bricks, lots of bricks

    Because I’m tired of building stuff out of rocks lol. I want to use something flat for once. The plan is to replace the grass around my fire pit with about a 20’ diameter brick patio. Without breaking the bank. I might use boulders for the perimeter of it though, they’d double as seats, sort of like my other patio. Ill gladly trade boulders for bricks.
  14. Woodenhead

    WTB bricks, lots of bricks

    I’m looking for about 2500-3000 reclaimed bricks, or more. Got a project I can’t get out of my head till I find a way to get it done. I’m willing to pay a reasonable price and can haul them easy enough. Missed out on the deal I needed because I was out of the country but maybe someone here knows of a pile somewhere. Not the $5 “historical” ones I see for sale in Seattle though.
  15. Woodenhead

    Vehicle Storage Bags, experience?

    I don’t k ow a darn thing about them but I definitely like the idea.