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  1. There is always good deals on a used 8274s on Craigslist. Even a used 8274 is better than most of the winches out there, new.
  2. Humm.. maybe he is a member of your fan club?
  3. Heading North out of Smokey Point this afternoon, seen a Semi pulling a tanker. On the drivers door was "Tanker Yanker" I can only assume they are one of the same.
  4. I picked up a Blackhawk Serpa holster with my 92FS. Not a concealed holster by any means, but it carries the Beretta very nice.
  5. One year over by Curlew, I hiked up the hill above camp. I could see everything just fine. I'm about 250yds up the hill, when a truck pulls up and starts looking at our spotting scope sitting there on a tripod. The driver starts to get out to grab it, and I put a .270 round right thru the license plate. The guy about crapped himself. Grabs a gear and speeds off. I got the plate number and turned it into the cops. I told them to look for the plate number with a hole in the middle of it.
  6. Talked to Dad last night, he was in the middle of loading up some 150gr Nosler Ballistic Silver tips with 58gr of Hodgon 4831. Those should be a "Kick in the pants" to fire.
  7. Last weekend, my Dad, Wife, 2 daughters and I went out for a handload testing session. We tested some 130gr Hornady's, 130gr Nosler, and 150gr Barns TSX with various powder loads. Dad got to try out his new Chrony. The kids peppered targets all day with the .22 My 7yr old hit the pig at 110yds quite a few times.
  8. I have always loved the fly overs with planes of different era's. The one of the Mustang and F-15 is awesome. This one is one of my all time favorites.
  9. I wonder why they dont have any current pics from Bud and Ross Granley? They put on a good show.
  10. DirecTV subscriber since 1998. Vonage phone. Every available HD channel (even local ones) And yes, I get Speed.
  11. 1.Vacuum operated 2.Setting Dwell 3.Left handed threads 4."on the tree" 5.License plate, tail lights, fins 6.polarize it 7.Edsel 8.AMC, before that it was Kaiser 9.Ford 10."F" script on the bolt heads, some early 41-42's had the Script on the left rear of the body tub. Jeeps didn't have tail gates until 1945 with the CJ2A. The front cross member was an inverted "U" instead of round on the Willys. Engines came with a serial number starting with GPW for Ford, MB for Willys. The tool box lids are different. The front body tub mounts are different. Ford engines were grey from
  12. Give it time, I'm sure they will.
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