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  1. I will mark it sold. What is PDX ? I do not have a PayPal account. A personal check would be fine. I can pm you my address. Do you have anybody here in the Seattle area who could pick it up for you. Thanks. Jon
  2. dersu

    Custom aluminium lock box

    Gary: To ship the lockbox UPS says I need a zip code to get an an accurate cost. They also informed me I will need to bring in the box with an open top so they can make sure it is not explosive. I guess that is because of the man who sent all those explosive packages fedex to DC. I do not have a PayPal account, but when I get a total cost, a personal check would be fine. Thanks. Talk soon. Jon
  3. Yes, they are on the left/passenger side. Thanks. Jon
  4. dersu

    Custom aluminium lock box

    Gary: I would be happy to ship it to you. I will check with UPS and see what they say. I will let you know. Thanks. Jon
  5. Sold to Mark Smith. Thanks. Jon
  6. dersu

    Custom aluminium lock box

    Here are the dimensions. Tall 12 1/2 " Wide. 15 1/2 " Long 22 1/4 " Thanks. Jon
  7. dersu

    Custom aluminium lock box

    How about $ 25.00 Thanks Jon 360-348-6611
  8. FS: Fifth wheel all season trailer cover. I purchased it from Camping World The cover fits a 34 to 37 foot trailer. The cover is very easy to tie tight for shorter fifth wheels or travel trailer. The cover has reinforced corners for the roof drain spouts. Grommets all along the bottom of the cover so it can be tied under the trailer to keep it in place on windy days. I would wash the trailer in fall and put thr cover on for the winter. When I would take the cover off, the trailer was still clean. It really helped keep the trailer in good shape. I paid $400.00 plus new. $ 50.00 360-348-6611 Thanks for looking Jon
  9. FS: B & W 18K companion fifth wheel hitch. In new condition. I paid $800.00 plus shipping new $ 250.00 360-348-6611 Thanks for looking Jon.
  10. I talked with Mike this morning. He;s going to get them picked up this afternoon. Thanks Jon
  11. Talked with Ron this morning. Looks like he's taking them Jon