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  1. I recently "upgraded" my '11 and can't believe I waited. Mine has been through 4 O2 sensors, 1 overlay harness and 1 O2 module. When I got the last O2 code I started shopping, asking myself the whole time "Are you sure you want to?" . I have been tuned for a little over a month and couldn't be happier.
  2. You sir are a pusher and I will give you exactly one hour to stop!
  3. So I am working a trade for a 99 Coleman Niagara. Does anybody have experience with one of these?
  4. Hoss if you haven't made a move on the box I will put my $.02 in. I went to Source and got the Borgeson box/pump and replacement line kit. I loved the box and pump, made turning the 33's feel like driving a Honda and handled great (even aired down a little). I also installed my DSS box stabilizer and adjustable track bar at the same time and it drove like a new truck.
  5. Are you speaking of the fixinrams kit with the new bushing for the column? I believe it is fixinrams.com for that.
  6. Paul, while my truck was no where near as nice I had the same thing happen after trade in. The guy tracked me down at work and started complaining about things he didn't like. I kindly told him he didn't buy the truck from me but I would help him out, I gave him all the maintenance records/receipts for the truck and wished him a good day, a week later he showed up with a bad attitude complaining about something else and I not so kindly asked him to leave and not come back. Enjoy the new ride, sad to hear you had to let your old truck go.
  7. When I traded my 2000 in I got nothing extra for all the stereo equipment, cb etc. I just knew that none of it was going to fit the 2011 and the equipment was older. The only thing I pulled was the tool boxes, sub box, sub amp and all my personal stuff because I didn't want to mess with trying to sell it all.
  8. Flash completed, same issue so the dealer is ordering a O2 module. I will keep this updated.
  9. If the truck was an original California emmisions truck (I thought all the new ones were) then it gets a 5/100 emission warranty. Because mine wasn't it is 3/50. Thank god I bought the extended warranty because it has almost paid for itself just replacing the harnesses' that the gooseneck installer the original owner used tore up. I think I am going to get it to the dealer and get them to perform the TSB flash and cross my fingers.
  10. Paul the emmisions warranty is only 3/50 on the 4th gen, my extended warranty does not cover sensors. I was shocked to find out they dropped factory coverage from 5/100 on the factory. So far my dealer has been good to deal with on most of this but I am getting a little frustrated that you can't just change the failed sensor and continue on.
  11. Stock 2011 CCLB. I was having an issue with O2 sensor code P22** bank 1 sensor 2 stuck rich, extended warranty paid for the harness upgrade and all seemed good. Fast forward one week, took a road trip and got the same code. I called the dealer the following day, they said I needed to replace the sensor and quoted me something ungodly for parts and labor. I ordered the sensor from Napa and installed it, now I get P2BAC and a P241A code, dealer stated "that's why we always Change both" I told them I would change the other and try it. Got the other sensor changed today and drove it about 5 miles and both codes came back. There is a TSB for erroneous codes relating to emmisions, the dealer said they would not charge for. Other than the flash is there another fix? If you had the flash done did it fix the codes? I know about deleting but I don't want to lose what warranty I have left yet.
  12. I really liked the Borgeson I put on the 2000.
  13. Yeah he is a pusher, may be selling the quads Adam so the funds may come soon
  14. So back from the dealer, new O2 sensor harness and they checked the noise again. Dealer states turbo tests fine and nothing found beyond normal noise, they have it noted so if anything does happen they can get factory coverage. Basically run it until something develops.
  15. Since I have purchased my '11 I have noticed a moan, only under throttle from about 15 mph until it disappears under road noise at about 40-45 mph. I have had it to the dealer (warranty) and they stated it was the turbo. I let them change the turbo and the noise is still there (surprise). So I take it back to the dealer for an O2 sensor code and mention the noise once again, they state that now they think it is exhaust drone and possibly the down pipe out of alignment,they will check it out while they are replacing the O2 harness. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I have to admit I heard almost no noises like this in the 2000 but that was because it had the 4" straight pipe in it. Maybe it is just road noise but why only under throttle?
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