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  1. accordivan

    Water pump advice

    I hope you are not suggesting that I have "lumpy" paint.😁
  2. I know it 's looks a straight forward job to change the water pump but I have never actually doen one before. Does anyone have any tips or advice before I start? Do I need to put anything on the rubber seal?
  3. accordivan

    Ben's Party

    Of course, that would all change with a suitable bribe🍺
  4. accordivan

    Ben's Party

    Nope, definitly not. The Smith family has just been relegated to third place on our favourite family friends list after the Harris family and the Sappington family. They could drop lower if we get to know any more families.🤣
  5. accordivan

    Ben's Party

    I think Liz took some pictures. I'll post later if she did.
  6. accordivan

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    Just got home after 1981kms. It was great to see the guys and spend time with Ben and Kim. You guys that didn't make it, thank you for all the extra excellent food that we had to eat. Thanks to Hoss for delivering my goodies and to Dave for fixing my truck. It was a very technical problem but he aced it!
  7. accordivan

    Annual August bomb party! Aug 18th

    No can come, gonna be in NW BC photographing whales and grizzly bears
  8. accordivan

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    When the neighbors get a good look at us lot they will probably do that for him
  9. accordivan

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    Gonna try to make it toooooo might even bring Liz?
  10. accordivan

    Went to see Stroketec Dave yesterday

    I'm not sure how you got across the border Ben, I guess I didn't pay Canada Customs a big enough bribe?
  11. accordivan

    Canadian sighting yesterday

    Apparently, a warm moist Spring produced a great deal of ground cover growth which, in the subsequent spell of very high temperatures dried out creating a great deal of "kindling". Thanks to pressure from tree huggers and environmentalist controlled burning to reduce this problem has been virtually eliminated in BC Consequently, when we get dry lightning strikes there is plenty of fuel available.
  12. accordivan

    Canadian sighting yesterday

    Thank for your good wishes Guys, so far all here are safe. Piers is working with the fire crews. Sadly I'm too old (they say) so I just sit here and wait. The truck and 5th wheel are ready to go if they open a road and force us out. I'll keep you updated but in this case no news is good news. Ivan
  13. accordivan

    Canadian sighting yesterday

    You wouldn't enjoy it now Hoss. Fires everywhere and most roads closed. Vern and I have the "boat"in the lake ready to evacuate to if the order comes through. Williams Lake is on evacuation alert and all roads out of Horsefly are currently closed by fires. WE ARE SAFE here in Horsefly at the moment. Cache Creek and 100 Mile House have been evacuated with both Highway 1 and Highway 97 closed. Hoping for rain but there is none forecast. Keep you fingers crossed guys. Ben, with the air here so filled with smoke I confess i would be VERY happy to be with you just now but, of course, I would never admit that in public.
  14. accordivan

    16th annual Bombers party

    Liz and I will be driving up to the Arctic Circle then on a photographic trip so we will miss this one.
  15. If the unit I buy has a camera input then I will fit a camera. It's just not a priority. Paul, what do you mean by "issues" with the Infinity amp? Hoss, sound like a good excuse to visit you guys!